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    First off...This charge is just terrible! It disconnects constantly, don't get me wrong the magnet is a great idea.. However, it just disconnects way to easy. The slightest movement will make the fall off. Talk about annoying. Second... The cord is so thin that it kinks so easily and destroys the cord. I was charging mine today and it randomly stopped charging. Turns out the cord got too destroyed from all the kinks in it and it broke. Third... THE PRICE IS OUTRAGEOUS! WHY $80 FOR A CHARGER!!!??? Especially one that doesn't last or even works properly!!??

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    Awful charger, as bad as the first model, don't buy a Macbook.

    Terrible charger, rubber perished next to the magnetic connector in just over a year, apple are refusing to design a better charger and would rather keep the charger money flowing in along with sticking with their aesthetics.

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    Design & Functionality - ok / Durability - worst

    I actually like the design and functionality of the charger. Unfortunately, I already had to buy my 3rd charger just at the end the 3rd year of having my Macbook. The cables constantly break, always at both ends and the wires come out, which doesn't´look good and most certainly also isn´t safe. So consider these "service costs" probably for each year.

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    Quality has significantly went down, and keeps going down...

    It's really sad when you know the quality of products have gone down. I have a 2013 13in mac with the same charger I received at purchase. With this 15in retna macbook, I have gone through 2 chargers already. This is insane, as these chargers are not cheap!

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    Worst charger design

    This is the worst charger design i've ever seen. One tiny movement or bump and the charger is ripped out. This contributes to the charger wearing out even quicker than previous models (if that's even possible). I previously had the charger from the 2011 Macbook pro and that was 10 times better than this one. APPLE, please go back and design another charger to replace this one. Since these chargers don't last long, i'm sure I will be replacing this one soon enough (p.s. wrap your charger in white electrical tape near the places it wears right when you get the new one)

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    This is the FOURTH charger I'm buying for this macbook at the ridiculous price of ~100 CAD.

    Congrats, idiots - this $100 is going to ensure I don't spend 3k+ on another macbook or mac product again.

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    I'm on my 3rd charger in almost 3 years and once again I have to cough up $85 (tax included). For such a wealthy company, they sure are quite greedy to feed on our desperation for a charger that doesn't promise you a year.

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    doesn't last long enough

    The power cords for all Apple products wear out way too quickly... it is such a disappointment. I love my Apple devices and expect much more from the Apple accessories

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    Overpiriced items

    Stop being so abusive.
    Overpriced computer and now overpriced and low quality power adapter.
    You're creating nice looking but lousy items.
    You should be loyal and committed to your customers

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    Junk Product

    Out of all the technology and design efforts put into Apple products, this has to be one of the worst. No thought was put into the cable material, the connection port and or the use of transporting this to be able to use your portable laptop for its intended purpose. Very sad that you buy a 2k computer, to get a piece of junk charger that breaks quickly. In addition, the cost of replacement for this product is ridiculous. For that price, you would expect a product that would last. Very disappointed and a continued display that Apple is losing its touch on quality.

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    Breaks so easily one would think it's made out of paper

    The title says it all. It breaks so easily it's ridiculous. This is for a laptop that many want to bring with them every day. Try doing this and bringing this magsafe with you. I dare you. Count how many days it lasts. If it's over 100 days, you're as lucky as no other man or woman has ever been throughout the history of this earth.

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    Truly Terrible Product Design

    Sure, the connector sticks out way too far and frequently disconnects under ordinary use, for example, when you place the laptop on your lap. But the absolute worst design failure here is the cord itself.

    I have never worn out a cord on any device I have ever owned... except this one. I've gone through at least seven of them. They just disintegrate, no matter how delicately you treat them.

    In fact, with the one I got just four months ago, I made a point to (almost) never take the cord with me. But despite being nearly stationary for its entire existence, it's actually starting to turn YELLOW and deteriorate.

    Seriously, Apple! Why do you stick with this fragile cord plastic? Especially when it's so high-friction that it seems to tangle itself. That's another big design fail but self-tangling seems trivial compared to self-destructing.

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    There's another 266 reviews I can see, and this product averages a rating of 1 star. That should tell you something.

    I have a 2015 MacBook Pro (11,5). This is my 3rd charger. First one melted the plastic inside the magnet AND the cord itself, the second one developed burned contacts inside the magnet and has damaged my MagSafe charging port on my machine (it eventually stopped working after only 4 months), and the third one - which is brand new - is sparking like mad every time I connect it to the MagSafe 2 port.

    Apple really needs to solve this problem badly. Really disappointed about this - after all, it's a Eur3100 piece of hardware.

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    Would give this zero stars. Major fail. This accessory is rotten to the core Apple. To charge my laptop while you charge an arm and a leg ... for what? If Jobs saw these reviews he'd be all over this, and several heads would roll. Fix it, and then ship FREE replacements to every owner.

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    I have been a user of Apple products since the 1990s. The design of this cable is FLAWED. As with almost all other reviews written by customers, I found the insulation substandard. I keep the cord in the SAME place and do not even disengage it very often and yet it's frayed and just stopped working (I assume because of the risk of electric shock!).

    I have no issue with the magnet and the ease with which it disengages, if pulled. That's good. BUT why is the sheath around the wires so substandard? I never had problems with the previous cable durability. What is going on with Apple? It's not as if the company is fiscally strapped and can't afford to design and manufacture a descent product. FIX THIS PROBLEM! And give loyal Apple customers a good deal on a better cable when it becomes available.

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    One of the worst Apple products

    I do not actually understand why is so BAD. They can make it much more repairable by letting all two cables be detachable. Praise Jesus for USB type C charging on newer macs!

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    I have now gone through two cords in the past 3 years! For some reason if it gets nudged, but DOESN'T disconnect, the wire grounds into the laptop and the cord starts MELTING!!!!! Buying my third cord now, but I am so over it! Why doesn't Apple come up with a replacement cord that isn't a piece of dog ****?

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    Bad design

    The connection to the computer, called a T-shape, is worse than the old L-shape style. It sticks out too far. My wife and I have the same computer, and for both of us, where we charge the computer is limited in width. The T-shape adds several inches to that width, and the less width one has, the more the cord has to be bent to accommodate it, thereby increasing the chance for cord damage.

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    Terrible adapter

    I'm on my fifth power for a 2011 Mac Book Pro. The previous four had the famous shredded coating and wires... you know, from "pulling on it too hard." As every CSR explained to me what I was clearly doing wrong. (For the record, my lap top stays home, in the same place. I don't even move it except to pull it on my lap).

    My latest adapter died after 3 months after purchase and it's not even got the scary loose wires. it's in perfect condition - looks brand new, and the plastic is even still on it. SURELY Apple will replace this one right?


    Apple has failed customers so badly in this arena, from power for phone or peripherals or computers. Such a terrible design and AWFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR THEIR FAILED DESIGN.

    FIVE times I have shown my battered power cords to Apple, and five times they have denied that they have a problem.

    i think the one star rating tells the story. I wouldn't even give a star if I could.

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    Cord Frays - Apples way to get you to buy more

    Every Apple computer cord I have Frays by the power adaptor.
    With all of the available material on the market to make cords why do you keep choosing a cheap plastic that frays. I have 3 different computers and each one has a frayed cord. Always by the adaptor.

    For laptops people travel, they pack and use the cords daily. Pick a stronger material!

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