• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    A pile of junk

    For £65, I could build a much better charger/PSU in a one-off prototype, let alone the millions apple churn out. Very obviously deliberate low build quality to keep you buying this trash. In the first few months of use, grommet near where the Mac power cable leaves the charger body started splitting open, then within the year it completely severed, so onto my second charger. This time, the same cable broke down mid-length, so had to snap it, repair and insulate. I'd have used crimp connectors, but it would make the cable impossible to wind, so the repair kept severing. Finally, it gave up the ghost completely, and went up with a bang and smoke from inside the charger (literally) - I have it in pieces on my test bench to do forensics on and trumpet the undoubtedly nasty results and root cause analysis. I have to now go and purchase yet another one, so cost of ownership in chargers alone over two years is the best part of £200. Bah Humbug Apple!! what a con and fraud!!.

    Too bad there's no ZERO stars rating.

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    Top Notch - Zero Issues

    Totally blown away at the negative reviews on here. I'm looking to buy a second charger for my wife so she can leave one at the office and one at home. We own 4 macbooks... 15" 2015 MacBook Pro Retina, 13" 2015 MacBook Pro Retina, 13" 2013 MacBook Air and my old 2011 15" MacBook Pro. All still use the original magsafe chargers that came with them at purchase... All work perfectly with zero issues.I have never experienced fraying, dry-rotting, or any mechanical or electrical issues. Clearly the majority of users are ABusers.

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    Terrible - It Frays and Rips in Four Places

    I've had this charger for nearly two years and it has rips in the rubber coating in four places. I mean - completely torn where there are large sections of the wires exposed. I have it wrapped in electrical tape but it looks terrible and god only knows when it will completely go out. I'm not paying $80 for a replacement of the same thing - so until Apple changes to a better quality charger, I will buy third party replacements.

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    Joining the bandwagon--magsafe cord poor quality

    I was searching the cost of replacing my Magsafe 2 (60 watt) Power Adapter because the rubber coating on the cord had a tear in it and found these reviews that mostly rate this cord as 1 star. I too would rate this cord as a 1 because my power adapter has been treated with normal wear, and yet, I found a split in the cord. Since it's for a laptop--as opposed to a desktop, which remains in one place, I would expect that it would hold up to being transported with the laptop. I've always carried mine in a padded laptop case, and when I pulled it out the other day, I discovered the tear in the cord. Yes--I agree, very disappointing. This cord does not hold up to normal wear.

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    Smaller cord tore in less than 1 year

    Title says it all - smaller cord tore in less than 1 year. Best of all the replacement is $80, its sad that this thing is that expensive after shelling out so much for the laptop.

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    Why are these so poor quality when they're so expensive.

    After a little over 2 years my charger is fraying, I've never had any other cord with this type of problem regardless of how i abused it, which in the case of my magsafe charger i haven't. In fact for a significant amount of time it just sat on my desk. For an $80 power brick to a $2000 laptop i expect a lot better. I'm just hoping it stays together long enough since I don't have the money to replace it at the moment.

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    Very poor quality..

    When i buy apple products after paying such a hefty amount, i expect it to last long.. While the macbook has given me little or no issues but the MagSafe charger has really been a pain.. 13 months later, it doesn't work half the time.. i have to try unplugging and plugging it again to get it work.. Such a disappointment after paying so much! really frustrated.

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    MAG safe is not good

    the 60w mag safe which I own is not good the golden contacts get stuck and the mac won't charge I need to buy an another mag safe for this reason

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    3rd charger - buying one per year

    This is my 3rd adapter in three years. It yellows and breaks at the connector. Expect more from Apple. Bad product. Terrible value.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Why the negative comments?

    This Magsafe 2 charger which originally came with my Macbook Pro 2014 is still in 100% working order. It has not yellowed, chipped, frayed, or disassembles in any way possible. The magnet after over 3 years of snapping on and off, mainly due to my huge german shephard, is still just as reliable as when we first purchased it. My expectations were exceeded and I recommend this product who has a computer with a Magsafe 2. This may only be comparable with the 13 inch macbook pro. Check your Macbook to see if this is the right charger for yours. Click the apple in the upper left hand corner and click "About this Mac". It will show you your computer info if you hit the more information button. I hope this helps everyone who needs it!

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    Beyond Disappointed

    I have heard from some that this charger will not break if you are very careful with it, but when I want a laptop, I expect from Apple a durable and portable laptop, which they deliver on. However, I expect the charger to be just as durable, which it is very, very far from. The second of my chargers has broken. I have had this computer for less than 4 years, and to me, it doesn't make any sense for a charger to break within 2 years of use, and cost $80 to replace. I get it, things break, but if its going to break that often, I don't want to pay $80. Not only is it frustrating, its unreasonable. Nobody I know (that owns a PC laptop) has had charging cables break this often, or cost this much, most have never had this problem at all. Many of my friends with Macs have had this exact problem, as frequently as I have. To me, these chargers aren't worth the money, I will be getting a new computer as soon as I can, not a Mac for sure.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Only Charger You'll Ever Need

    Most of the reviews on this charger are negative, but I promise, if you treat this charger well, don't chew on it, and don't throw it places, it will last you a long time. I've had the charger that came with my MacBook Air for almost 2 years now and there is not a scratch. It's actually still really white. Treat your stuff well and it will last you for a very long time.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    These cheap chargers break. When will Apple make more resilient cords?

    After just a year of regular use, this charger is practically worthless. Why does apple continue to make these cords so cheap?! So frustrated.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    They keep fraying

    I have owned 3 Mac laptops and 6 adapters so far. I sincerely should know better than to re-purchase their product as I am constantly disappointed by their lack of durability. The last adapter I bought lasted me a big two years, and I consider myself to have been extremely careful with it. This is a problem that I have been waiting for years for the company to address. I don't care to have access to Siri from my computer, just make the adapters longer lasting please.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I don't understand why apple makes a disposable charger. My computer was two years old when the charger began to be faulty and it is not fair to customers, as the charger is $80.00.
    Terrible deal.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Weak sauce

    It's interesting to have an issue (cord fraying after just a year or so of use), do a quick search and find out that you're not even close to the only one with the issue. Bad execution on the MagSafe 2 Power adaptor Apple - something is definitely not up to par and it with the replacement at a premium price I believe this is an issue that deserves looking into and some sort of customer support provided since this is quite obviously not an isolated issue. And to provide additional background, I've had 2 prior MacBook Pros that haven't had anything like this and it's quite disappointing to experience shoddy execution by a company that I've come to expect much better from.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product indeed

    You take care of it and it will last for many years , I Hadd 3 make so far and I never had any issues with the MagSafe cord ..

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    If zero was an option

    Terrible quality. The plastic rips open causing the charger to stop working. I've gone through three chargers and I've had the computer for four years....Apple has terrible quality products that are way too expensive.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Same problem as everyone. I've had this macbook charger for almost 1,5 years and the rubber on the cord started ripping open.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Low Quality

    Apple's MagSafe power adapters consistently rip, break, and wear out no matter how gently you treat them. Their life is consistently shorter than their PC counterparts. This is the weakest and most frustrating link in their product line. Disappointed.

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