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    I’ve had my MacBook Air for 2 years now and I’m using the same adapter that the box came with. Still in great condition! I recommend it!

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    You have to use this is you have a new MacBook Air, but it is frustrating to the max. It absolutely will not stay plugged into the laptop unless you are not using it, and not breathing and there is not a fan on in the room. Only slightly exaggerating. It is the worst. Impossible to use while you are using your MacBook on your lap. The slightest move makes it come unplugged. Slightest at all. I miss my old MacBook Pro and it’s charger plug.

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    Bad. Bad. Bad.

    Ok. I own the MacBook Pro and a newer Mac air. On the MacBook Pro, I had to replace my cord 3 times in6 yers. On my Mac air, I have had to replace it 2 times in 3 yrs. Now I’ve experienced major crackling, sizzling sounds from 3 of the different cords. They all get VERY hot after a couple hours.
    These things are over priced for what you get. No Apple product should snap crackle n pop and I’ve experienced it several times with different cords. They burn out quick. Surge protector or not- it doesn’t matter. I WISH WISH WISH they would come up with a better design. I love me some �� Apple but these chargers are sh#!

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    I have a late 2013 MacBook Pro. The end near the magnetic connector started fraying about a year ago and now it is partially shorted out. I taped it up and have to jiggle it a bit and it will sometimes work and sometimes it won't work. Luckily, I have the Magsafe 1 from my old MacBook Pro with the 1 to 2 adapter. It is in good shape. I just wish they wouldn't be so proprietary about the end connector. I'd love to have a car charger and a battery charger as well. I just don't have the skills or knowledge for the hack, but might give it a shot when my magsafe 2 finally goes out for good.

    I sure hope Apple made a lot of money on these cheap things. This type of planned obsolescence is abdominal.

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    Apple this is a major disappointment, a total piece of garbage.

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    I have been an apple owner for 2 decades. other than the original mac book with the awful hinges, this is hands down the worst product. It frays and shorts out at the magnetic end of the adapter. It does not matter how gentle you are. Apple, you should fix the issue, and replace these for free. This is the kind of issue that makes you lose customers, and yet you do nothing.

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    Mine could've last longer

    I had my original charger for 3 years never had a problem until my rabbit chewed through it.

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    Designed to break

    Flimsy connector, easily ripped casing, dies quickly. Mine died the week of finals and I had to borrow friends’ because there wasn’t no where to buy one in person and they cost $80 but last for such a short time.

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    If you take care of it, it will last

    My charger lasted 7 years. I bought it and now 7 years after it got messed up and I’m honestly not even mad. Come on it’s been 7 years ! Thanks Apple :)

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    3rd charger in 7 years for Mac Air


    I have bought my Mac book Air at the end of 2011 and I still use it. But even I use it very carefully I had to renew my charger 2 times. Now its cable broke again and I will buy a new charger... I think it is a shame for Apple.

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    Worst charger ever

    Come on apple please make a new charger this is so ridiculous I been thru 3 chargers for 3 years I’m so sick and tired of paying 79$ for a charger that breaks and rubber material wiring causing it to break because of the exposure apple get it together!

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    Is apple even reading these reviews?

    These chargers are the most poorly made electronic accessory I have ever owned. I'm always careful about wrapping it it up properly before putting it away but the cord is still frayed within a year. I now buy them non-genuine from Amazon and they're way better and WAY less expensive.

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    Worst design of the Mac charger.

    Not only does this charger fray and break incredibly quickly (in a time that is ridiculous for the price of the product) and is used as fast as a disposable wipe, but the charger does not stay in the computer well. The magnet is weak and the part of the charger that plugs into the computer is so short, there is no way you could've thought this would stay in. Honestly I wonder why you even thought to release such a bad product at all, let alone at such a ridiculous price! This is outrageous. Fix this.

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    All of them breaks.

    I really like my iPhone and my Macbook air, but their accessories are horrible. The cord of my phone broke, now the cord of the Macbook's charger is falling apart. These products are very expensive as well, but it does not seem to be from the same company.

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    Overly expensive for an overly cheap product!

    I have had the original charger for 4 yrs now but, it is only because I have procrastinated, prolong the inevitable (w/good old fashion tape). It seems most Mac owners are dealing with the same issue with the wire. Mac needs to have a group meeting and come up with a better quality and design... especially with this product.

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    Worst power cord/adapter I've ever had in 20 years!

    The MacBook Air laptop is very durable, but the MagSafe adapter/cord is breaks and wears down very quickly compared to other Mac laptop adapter/cords. Both laptop and cord are transported daily to and from my workplace. They are both in a courier bag and sometimes get banged around a little. However, the laptop does NOT even have a scratch whereas the MagSafe adapter has 4 breaks in the cord and the converter (block) has several cracks and now does not operate. My older laptop (2008) and MagSafe adapter / cord does have a few problems, but still work. The laptop open/close latch does not open easily and the MagSafe adapter has cracks, but both still work. Apple: please keep the quality high with the MagSafe adapters. Thank you.

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    It works for me

    I've actually not had an issue with my Macbook Air or the charger until my puppy got ahold of the charger. I think the price is insane, but I've never had an issue with it and it goes everywhere with me. Overall, I'm satisfied.

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    0 stars!

    I have owned MacBooks for 7 years now and the chargers are the worst part of these products. I have gone through 4 chargers, which is so expensive and frustrating! If this model doesn’t change, I will definitely seek out a different brand cause this is ridiculous.

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    Falls apart and won't stay plugged in when you try to use your computer while charging. This charger is so confusing for me, what happened Apple? Did you just run out of time and thought when it came to a charger? :(

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    I love my MacBook Air but the charger is not durable. For $80 it should last longer than it has. The cord is not frayed but has stopped charging my computer. Very disappointing to see Apple is not reading the reviews and making changes.

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