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    Very disappointed with quality of this power adapter

    My wife and I bought two brand new iPhone 6 devices in October 2015. Each came with a 5W USB Power Adapter. Since then we have gone through 3 of these adapters. They just don't seem to last more than a couple of weeks. I use a surge protector power bar when I am charging my phones to protect from power spikes. I don't want to use the cheaper clone adapters advertised on the Internet, as I always prefer to use the actual adapter made for the device, but the quality of these Apple plugs is pathetic. I have had a 12 W USB Power Adapter which came with my iPad 3 for over three years now and never had a problem with it. Apple please do something about this. I am getting fed up with having to go to the store to exchange the defective plug for a new one over and over. (Thank God I bought the extended warranty with the phones - although that was to cover the phones themselves and I never expected to have to keep on using it for adapter replacements!!!) Does anyone have any ideas as to why this keeps happening?

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    Apple 5W USB Power Adapter

    Poor quality for an apple product. I’m on my third charger now. Apple charges a high price for their small accessories like chargers and cords. They need to up their quality or give some kind of warranty on their small accessories!!! I started to buy aftermarket accessories and am finding them to be of higher quality.

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    Not a happy xamper

    My 2nd charger in just over a year's time has died. You would think a product as expensive as this would be of better quality. But.....

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    Poor quality

    This is my third adapter from Apple Store which is damaged in an year. I got twice replacement twice but bought third time out of warranty. I need to check another reliable adapter at different stores until Apple produce a good quality reliable adapters

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    Hi Apple,

    I bought a new Apple just one month back. Now my mobile is not charging with the Apple charger thought it is a brand new. In the review I found most of the users are having the same problem.

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