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    Really bad

    Always gets broken.

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    These are garbage.

    Please lower the price of these cords to less than $5 each and/or make them FAR more durable. I haven't owned a single one of these official Apple Lightning to USB Cables that hasn't worn out in less than 6 months... Only a few months after regular usage and I have to buy a new one because the exterior of the cord is worn to shreds. Everyone I know also has the same experience with these cords. These cords are definitely NOT worth the price. They are nowhere near worth $19 each... This is one of many reasons why I'm contemplating ridding myself of all Apple products soon.

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    The best cable for Apple devices is made by Apple

    Original Apple cables are the only ones that NEVER broke for me (and I have half a dozen of them around the house – in every room, in my car, etc.) – they look terrible after couple of years, so I guess that's why everybody is complaining – some people might wrap duct tape around one to avoid touching the metal pieces, but guess what – THEY KEEP CHARGING. Unlike all cheaper 3rdParty cables that I had, which use tougher insulation, and keep their perfect look forever, but then just stop working after a month or two – they're not worth the money.
    So, when it comes to picking a lightning cable – it's always Apple, the only ones that work, and work good.

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    They’re rubbish, Apple! What on earth? We’ve been complaining for SO many years. You’ve got a team of clever people, figure it out. The new iPhones you release are hardly any different from the old ones and that’s fine. BUT FIX YOUR CHARGERS!!!! I’m embarrassed for you.

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    Broke within 2 months of purchase.

    My first iphone purchase--this broke within 2 months. The end bent and I don't know how. I had a samsung for 8 years and this never happened. The only bad thing about iphone x so far.

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    These cables are garbage.

    I have 4 of them and they are all covered in duct tape. Will never by again.

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    Breaks Easy!

    This is the only charger that supposedly wont break your phone.This charger breaks too easy! Apple either needs to lower the price or change the design

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    I have 5 iphone in my house. We are always buying a new charger because Apple doesn't make them to last. I'm begging Apple to please start making better chargers.

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    Apple makes the WORST chargers/cables I have ever had to deal with. They are expensive and don't last. I find myself buying more and more electrical tape to hold these garbage cables together. I've purchased several through Apple's website, two of which no longer charge my device even though I have taken meticulous care of them making an effort to not pull them by the cord or bend them. The charger on my wife's MacBook is nearly ripped in half.

    These cables are almost enough to make me leave Apple all together. If they are making such cheap quality garbage like this, at least they could lower the price. Over the life of your iPhone, expect to go through at least 5-10 of these.

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    Grays, not sturdy

    These Apple cables fray and fall apart within a year, and must be treated carefully, without much flexing. It’s far better to buy a sturdy, and cheaper, third party cable. If you’re using it for travel and other situations where the cable is moved or flexed, go third party. If you do buy their cables it’s best to leave them positioned so they aren’t moved much. Mind you I generally like the Apple gear I have, but the cables? No.

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    Poor quality

    The cable frays so easily. I'm on my 3rd wire for my same device. It needs to be replaced about every year.

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    Holy Power Batman!

    I've been using off-brand charging cables. I picked this up from a friend. In the time it took me to brush my teeth, it had gone up 8%. The cord does feel a little stiff and breakable, but as long as nobody plays with their phone while charging, it will be fine. I see a bunch of bad reviews, but I'm guessing its because no one can put their phones down.

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    Be satisfied with the total purchase

    Excellent product arrives sealed in its box of very good quality is that it has a lot of use this accessory and it has to be renewed and this is one of the best options, an excellent product guaranteed by Apple.Inc.

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    Unbelievably under-engineered

    I went through at least 4 of these in a year, and probably closer to 6. I have since gone through several more in the few months I've had my iPhone 6s. There seems to always be one pin contact on the cable that darkens, which is the kiss of death. Looking this up online, it's an enormously common issue, with no response from Apple. Supposedly it is corrosion and the fragility of the metal coating on the pins allows a near instantaneous destruction, apparently just from air humidity. I live in Seattle, and suspect we have a worse time with these as a result of moist air. I went to an Apple store a couple weeks ago to ask about the new cords I brought that self destructed in a month (x3 cords) and was rebuffed with a snarky response about getting it wet and allowing it to corrode. I assure you, I have done nothing odd with these cables. They did swap the cord, implying they would do it once and making a grand show of it, and that cable lasted...drumroll...ONE WEEK. I now have a pile of dead cables...again. This is ludicrous. I've spent at least $250 on cables in two years. My next phone is a Samsung, unfortunately, because the stress of traveling with a phone I can't charge and the cost associated is too much.

    Apple, do yourself a favor and show the slightest hint of accountability publicly on this. It's like having a supercar that nobody makes usable tires for.

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    Waste of money

    I got one with my devices iPad, iPad Pro and two iPhones and actually they broke after so long. Come on apple fix so it lasts longer. I think cheap ones lasts longer

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    Self Destruction Cable

    I rarely write a comment in the review. This product which must be of high-quality due to its importance, but this is the worst product of a reputable company as apple. The rubber outside around the metal inside starts to self-tear apart although I don't touch it. all the rubber along the cable tore apart by itself !!!!!!! I couldn't believe what was happening till it is all on the metal inside and no white rubber at all... so I get a rope and wrapped the metal inside as not to be cut off. and I tried as much as I can, not to take it out of the house and never bend it... actually I cared too much as I know it is easily broken.. but after all of that... no the metal is not broken but it is NOT RESPONDING and NOT CHARGING my iphone !!!!!!!!!!! I am so shocked and tooo frustrated after all of that care !!!!

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    This is pathetic

    Incredibly short-lived and unreliable USB cable. (Even less reliable and stable then their cloud services, which is a little hard to imagine but actually true...) I definitely recommend using a good 3rd party cable if you don't want to replace it in a couple months.

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    I have been through so many oem Apple chargers it’s insane!! They never last Apple should be ashamed! After going through countless chargers , then I came across Anker. They have the best chargers for Apple products.

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    Simply the Worst

    My iPhone 7 Plus is so far the best smart phone I've ever own. However, its cable is simply the worst, even compared to less-sophisticated and cheap Chinese smart phone!

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    Poor quality

    I love everything about Apple except chargers, they keep breaking. Please consider improving the quality since thay are not cheap.

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