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    USB Audio

    I use this adapter to stream my audio through an external DAC

    this adapter allows me to connect the Fiio E18 Portable Amp/DAC and listen to music through the Fiio device

    another great, albeit bulky, way to add a headphone jack to your iPhone 7

    however, the adapter ripped after a few months of use

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    Finally iPhone support and digital audio OUT support but...

    The latest release of iOS (9.2) adds support to the iPhone, I've tried it with various devices there are a few restrictions. There is a power restriction if the device connected to the camera adapter draws to much power you'll need a powered USB hub.

    I was only able to get the following device to work with a USB powered hub attached
    - USB memory stick with indicator light
    - USB basic keyboard
    - USB digital audio out to a head phone amp.
    Without the USB powered hub I get a power usage warning.

    Digital audio from your iPhone is not line level out meaning you still control the volume from your iPhone.

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