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    USB Audio

    • Written by Manider S

    I use this adapter to stream my audio through an external DAC

    this adapter allows me to connect the Fiio E18 Portable Amp/DAC and listen to music through the Fiio device

    another great, albeit bulky, way to add a headphone jack to your iPhone 7

    however, the adapter ripped after a few months of use

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    USED to work

    • Written by Mallory M

    This used to work perfectly fine with my camera (Canon Rebel EOS t5i) but now it doesn’t. Ever since one of the recent updates on my iPhone 8, it doesn’t work directly from my camera to my phone. I’m pretty sure it has to do with a recent update (I forgot which one) because my cords and camera are fine. I’m disappointed and unimpressed.

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    Finally iPhone support and digital audio OUT support but...

    • Written by Brian L from SUNNYSIDE

    The latest release of iOS (9.2) adds support to the iPhone, I've tried it with various devices there are a few restrictions. There is a power restriction if the device connected to the camera adapter draws to much power you'll need a powered USB hub.

    I was only able to get the following device to work with a USB powered hub attached
    - USB memory stick with indicator light
    - USB basic keyboard
    - USB digital audio out to a head phone amp.
    Without the USB powered hub I get a power usage warning.

    Digital audio from your iPhone is not line level out meaning you still control the volume from your iPhone.

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    There is hope!

    • Written by Martin L from Los Altos

    After purchasing this product and experiencing the same frustration expressed in most reviews, I discovered that in the case of my camera at least... sony a7iii... all I had to do to make this product work was to go to the Setup4 menu fourth item down and turn USB power supply off. How I figured this out I don't know. Thank you to all of you out there who provided clues that a cell phone doesn't want to provide power to a power hungry camera.

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