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    Works great. iPad Pro. Akai Synthstation 49.

    After being gifted an iPad Pro to replace my older iPad with 30 pin connector, the newer iPad was not compatible with my Akai Synthstation 49 keyboard.
    I ordered a cheap 3rd party adapter cable but it didn't work.
    Further research shows this adapter has technology way beyond the 3rd party cables simple wire crossings.

    Picked this up at the apple store for 29 bucks.
    Plugged right in with full audio routing and midi control with all my synth and other music applications as before. But now with much better performance of the newer iPad.
    For applications that require docking to 30 pin for audio and midi control, don't waste time on other cables.
    Buy it, try it, return it if it doesn't work for you. :)

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    I love it

    I use it with my memorex speaker and my iHome speaker and it works perfectly it charged and it plays the music.

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    This adapter is perfect. I have a "regular" Apple dock that is connected to my stereo system that wirelessly sends sound to speakers all over the house. I would plug one of my several iPods filled with music into the dock as one of the several sound sources (in addition to CDs, cassettes, videotape, reel-to-reel tape, vinyl, etc.) and have music everywhere. I also have the full line-up of SiriusXM radio (hundreds of channels) which I had gotten for the car, but when you have it, you can also get it on your computer or smartphone via WiFi and therefore I would have all those channels in the house. Unfortunately, my old iPhone 4S would only pick up the Wifi in my home office, but not out in the living room where the stereo system is. However, my new iPhone SE picks WiFi up all over my house (and even outside on the patio). With this Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, which fits in the regular Apple dock no problem, I can now plug my iPhone SE into it and now have Satellite Radio all over the house, and even while music is playing, the iPhone is being charged. So to me, the Lightening to 30-pin Adapter is A++, a total winner for me.

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    Works GREAT for me!

    I bought an adapter hoping I could use my 30 pin iRig Midi with my iPad Mini. I plugged it in and it works with no problem. I am even able to charge my iPad while in use. I am extremely satisfied.

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    Works for Nano & Bose Portable SoundDock

    I got this to continue using my Bose Portable SoundDock (2011) with a new iPod Nano (7th G). It charges the iPod, plays all audio and the dock's remote still works with this adapter to change volume, fwd/ rewind, change playlists, etc. Was the best solution in comparison to Bluetooth adapters which can't charge the iPod. I even tried an AUX cable which reduced volume to half plus the remote didn't work.

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