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    WAY too tight!

    Both the Apple Store genius and I tried 2 different thumb drives and could not connect them. I also tried an external drive to no avail. Ended up returning it and buying a Belkin, which fit easily and perfectly.

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    Apple has lost its quality

    I have a new MacBook Pro. All of the negative reviews are the same for me, plus, I bought apple care for nearly $400 and the hardware helper knew absolutely nothing about the products. She googled information about the ports, yikes! The software person MAY have resolved my issue, but it sure seemed like it was his first time ever.

    The port change on the newer MacBooks is a real bummer. It makes the computers far less than they once were. sad

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    USB too tight

    USB side too tight. Spoiled my pen drive while trying to take it out. Should have better quality for the price.

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    So Much Extra Stuff to keep track of

    Unlike the older versions of MacBook Pro, the late 2016 version, sleek, and lightweight, and neat looking, has sacrificed practicality for superficial appearance. Instead of having the multiple ports that made the older versions of MBP so useful, you now have to carry around extra paraphernalia like this to be able to interface with all the other stuff that most people use - flash drives, and phones in need of charging and a super drive to back up your files. You need that more often now, because the higher price tag on the MBP means less storage space. So in order to have even half the practicality of previous MBP's, you have to keep track of this adapter, and the lightning cords, and the non-mag-safe power adapter, and now I have to find the means of uploading photos from memory cards, because there isn't any kind of adapter for that, yet.

    So buy this piece of junk, and make sure you don't lose track of it and the dozen other pieces you need in the name of sleekness of design, and maximizing profits.

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    Works when I plug in my USB receiver for an external mouse. Will not read a USB flash drive so pretty worthless for any type of data transfer.

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    Speed & Reliability

    The adapter is fine for transferring small data amounts to external device. I believe after doing some test, it is not USB 3.0 or higher capable. I found speeds to be a lot higher with a USB 3.0 adapter.

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