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    Apple has ruined the keyboard

    It's hard to accurately type even this simple, brief review. All these new flat keyboards are inaccurate, numb, encourage typos, make touch typing more difficult, and generally sacrifice function for visual design. Jony Ive should be ashamed of himself.

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    This thing is awful

    The way this trackpad works is in no way related to the touchpad on my computer. It doesn't select text or windows in the same way, it doesn't register clicks the same way. I have not found any way to change how it works, either. My old Magic Trackpad, the battery operated kind, worked great. This one is incredibly frustrating. It makes me wonder if the people who design Apple products even bother to use them anymore. If they do, I don't see how they could have come up with this dud. In what universe is it a good design principle to have a bluetooth trackpad work differently than the one attached to the machine's keyboard? Do they really think we want to use different clicks and gestures depending on which pointing device we are using? Amazingly bad design.

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    Do not drop

    It drop two inches and the glass shattered terribly!!! $129 plus tax down the drain! For your own safety, keep it plugged in.

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    worst product from apple

    Unbelievably unreliable. Do not buy.

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    Meant to slow you down

    I believe that any new product or an upgrade to it should deliver an enhancement. Magic Trackpad apparently does the opposite. The pointing is not accurate and the response is quite slow compared to a mouse. I'm not using apps that need that high accuracy such as final cut, the trackpad failed to deliver on Microsoft excel for a starter.

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    I wish I could give this a good review

    The Magic Trackpad 2 would be great if it behaved the way that the MacBook force touch trackpads work, but it doesn't. The touch response is considerably less consistent and the "click" more mushy. Worse though, is it's wireless performance. It disconnects frequently, and even when it is connected, will frequently lag, stutter, jitter, and in general perform strangely. Even the click will lag, which feels extremely unresponsive and ruins the illusion of a physical click. I hope to see a better version of this in the Magic Trackpad 3 whenever that comes. I can only hope that it 1) has usb c. 2) works properly wirelessly. 3) is as responsive as the MacBook version. and 4) comes in something other than white (the white finish is quite difficult to keep clean as it is a user input device)

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    I'm about to buy my third magic trackpad in 3 years

    the worst. seriously, I'm on my third one since 2015. They just stop working and take on a life off their own. it starts grabbing files and randomly copying files. it clicks on links all by itself ... just randomly. it's a nightmare---the worst apple product ever and I've been around a while. don't do it.

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    Lag issues

    This trackpad is wonderful in principle and overall a great concept, but there are latency issues where the response time is (at random) a second longer than actual clicks / moves of the cursor. Not sure if this is a hardware issue, or a software issue can correct in the future, but it still results in a frustrating experience. This is especially disappointing given the high price tag, as I was really excited to use this w/ new my MacBook Pro.

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    Worst Apple experience yet

    I've used Apple products my entire life and don't plan on stopping anytime soon, however when I got a Mac Mini I needed to get a new mouse as well, and figured since I've been using a MacBook Pro for the last few years, the trackpad would be just like the trackpad on the MacBook. It's a complete pain to deal with, trying to drag things is a nightmare at best and it feels like the gestures work at random when you try to use them. 100% plan on returning it as soon as possible and trying my luck with the Magic Mouse.

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    I'm a big fan of Apple products but this was a total miss. The sensitivity of this is great... just not how and where you need it to be. This was a waste of money, the mouse is much better. It's extremely difficult to move things around, to click and drag, and to basically have this function as a track pad. The one built into the MacBookPro is excellent but this was a total miss. I'd recommend saving your money for something else.

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    Forces Upgrade and Usless Pressure Sensitive clicks

    This is so clumsy. It has the stupid double pressure sensitivity that the iphone 6s has now. No one uses this. It makes clicking on anything mess up half the time. Also if you happen to be running Yosemite you cannot use this trackpad well. It will force you to upgrade to El Capitan and we had to do this throughout the office due to one stupid little hardware that didn't need an upgrade from the Trackpad 1. Very disappointed.

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    Useless, unconfortable rubbish

    I'm using it since 4 months, so I have some experience on OSX and Windows 10 as well. It was one of my biggest fault to buy this rubbish, low quality hardware.

    - Moving fingers on the surface is unconfortable. My fingers always stick on the surface and not going smooth. I haven't got this problem on the 2015 MacBook Pro.
    - Sometimes the single click detected as double click.
    - Drag and drop is a nightmare
    - Mouse speed is slow, even if I use the maximum cursor speed (same slow on Mac and Windows)
    - After 30 mins, it's getting very unconfortable for my wrist
    - Precision movement is very hard and you have to concentrate and focus very firmly

    Summa: Never buy this! It's a rubbish. Quality at apple is going down since few years. Don't talk about the cost, if it would be 10 Dollars, I woudn't buy this either.

    PS: My item has no factory fault. This is just such low quality peace of hardware by design. I did not believe this first time until I borrowed one from a friend of mine. Results were the same of course.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    It works great, but beware the top surface cracks easily. My empty coffee mug tipped over onto the Magic Trackpad 2 and shattered the surface. I couldn't believe that's all it took. Made me wish I still had the original trackpad which was much more rugged.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Magic Trackpad 2 - Overpriced rubbish that costs (US$100+)

    avoid Overpriced rubbish - you pay premium for apple force touch (or what ever jargon they use) and yet fails to do basics for mouse trackpad - eg when you you try to use as trackpad / mouse to point or navigate it does not work or worse activates the dictionary or some other optional feature that does not hep you navigate. Most morning I can not even get the trackpad to wake up (start) the computer by pushing or moving trackpad (it is probably composing symphony in greek numbers instead of turning on computer) - You will end up turning off the force touch feature at which point you have paid US$100 for a trackpad with forcetouch that does not work as well as the apple magic trackpad 1 that cost you US$20.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    So I saw the new trackpad come out and saw it was rechargeable which was great I thought, so I bought one. The recharge part is still great, however, the pad itself is awful, so awful that I went back to my original trackpad because it seems to be missing a few gestures that I use frequently, one being the click and drag function. It also has an odd feel too it, not as smooth as the original trackpad. As I type this review, I am using my old trackpad and will be putting the trackpad 2 on ebay.

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    Intense use of this product will show how good, or not, it is. With that this new product was a failure. Bluetooth connectivity was random. During continuous typing, words would be misspelled because of intermittent connectivity. That was somewhat annoying but what really got me was that at times, the trackpad would not register a "click". I mean nothing. No response. I could move the cursor around the screen but when I wanted to select something, nothing. Even after numerous on/off switches, it would work for a while and then the same thing would happen again. New technology does not mean reliable technology in Apples eyes apparently. I have returned and got my money back. They wanted me to get a replacement but I insisted no.

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    Does Not Work

    The unit has a very difficult time to pair with my MacBook Air. Also, some of the gestures do not work such as using two fingers to scroll or bring up the context menu. Very disappointing. Back to the store! I have to wonder if Apple may be loosing their engineering dominance. Look at the reviews for the Lightning bolt monitor, for example! Some products are the best and some are the worst.

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    I would give it negative stars if I could

    The short: This thing is atrocious. Save your money and buy ANYTHING else.

    The Long: I have been using the Apple ecosystem faithfully for the last fifteen years and I've never had an issue like this. There is no support, no gesture ability and Apple had the ugly gall to jack up the price from the already steep $69 to $129 for this piece of ish. Not only does it not do its job, there's no support for it anywhere. No one can help with the TOTAL lack of support for any advanced feature enabled in OSX. For $129, you're better off returning this garbage to the store, buying an old USB mouse from a thrift store for $3 dollars and investing the rest in Samsung, because clearly Apple doesn't care in the slightest about its product or consumers anymore. 129 dollars; what a waste.

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    Massive step backward

    This was on my wish list and I got one for Christmas. I didn't expect it because the price is so much higher than the old one.

    What a massive disappointment. First it is WHITE. Nothing else is white any more (the white MacBook was discontinued in 2011). The surface doesn't feel like a Apple touchpad; it feels like someone stuck a screen protector on it. Fingers stick to it. Pinching and swiping is no longer a joy.

    This does not feel or look like a 2015-2016 Apple product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't waste your time or money

    I've been a loyal MacUser since my very first Mac in 1984. I use a late 2013 MacBook Pro running 10.11 El Capital, with the latest Bluetooth and have used the Magic Trackpad for years and it's been great. So I "upgraded" to the Magic Trackpad 2 and it's junk. Scrolling of any kind (two finger anyone?) doesn't work, no one has answers, yet it works just fine with my older Trackpad. It looses the Bluetooth connection randomly.

    Perhaps Apple will fix it - down the road, but the huge number of one-star reviews should tell you something about this product.

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