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    Luv it !

    I was skeptical of this white band for fear of dirt and stains. I purchased the band an wore all summer, without any issue. The band may stain blue if it comes on contact with denim. Use caution when wearing it with your favorite jeans or denim jacket. If you experience color transfer use the magic eraser and life is good again.

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    Great Color

    Love the white! I have had it for a couple months and part of the band turned pink after resting against my red shirt. The Magic Erasure takes it right off! I would definitely recommend it!

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    Don't buy if you intend to sweat at all!

    Bought this band for summer, within 3 weeks it turned grey. Went back to the store to see what could be done. I was told, "Well you shouldn't wear it to work out, or with dark jeans." The "greying" was normal wear and tear and there wasn't anything they could do about it. If I had known this band would pick up other colors so easily I would have never bought it.

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    I have the lavender that came with my Apple Watch. Thought it would get dirty but it is amazingly still
    clean & the best part is how comfortable & easy to put on!! Just love this band! So now I just purchased the Midnight
    Blue band. Can't wait to get as I love these. Thanks Apple for a comfortable yet useful watch band.!!!!

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    I originally bought the silver Apple Watch with the blue band because I was worried that the white would get super dirty, super quickly. I decided later on to just go for it and be extra careful with cleaning it, but surprisingly it has stayed white and vibrant. I have only seen slight discoloration by where the band goes into itself, but it's super easy to clean (it's silicon). I have worn this band almost every day for the past two months, and it's still perfectly white.

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    Stains easily, not able to clean

    My band turned blue within one week. The blue stain fades a bit but is not able to be cleaned, even with soap and water. I would avoid buying white because it doesn't maintain it's bright, attractive look.

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