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    Beautiful band..... way to short

    • Written by Mick S from Boston

    Not sure why they assumed that someone who would buy a 38MM watch would not have a wrist as large as someone who would buy at 42MM watch..... but the band is just too small... frustrating

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    What a disappointment as it really could have been great!!

    • Written by Elliott B from Harlow

    This is what it says in Apples description of the 38mm strap.

    "And several links feature a simple release button, so you can add and remove links without any special tools."

    Well what a load of bull!!! I've spent hours running around trying to buy these extra links after being told by Apple I could pick up from store to find they only sell for the 42mm watch. I now have a watch that I can't wear on my wrist that I payed a lot for and I'm furious. I don't want a sport band, I don't want a replica band. I want the stainless link strap that I payed for because I like it and i don't want the 42mm watch because I prefer the 38mm so now I will be selling the watch at a loss.

    Thanks Apple for wasting my time ��������

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