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    iPad SD card reader

    I got the SD card reader from Apple. I can read all the photos on my iPad Pro, but cannot see the videos.... I am using Sony A7. Is there a way to see them? I would like to use the iPad Pro to edit the video. I hope that Apple can fix the problem

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    Worked with my previous iPad - but not with iPad Pro 10.5

    I just don't get it - how hard can it be for Apple to get it's own products to work with their own products??? With my previous iPad (Air 2), I purchased several 3rd party SD card readers that would work for a bit then quit/die. I finally broke down and spent the $30 for the Apple version - and on my iPad Air2, it worked, and worked fairly well.

    But since upgrading to the iPad Pro 10.5- this thing is a worthless piece of junk. It simply isn't recognized at all by my iPad Pro 10.5 I've tried rebooting the device, I've tried different brands of cards, tried in different cameras - tried renaming files - I've tried everything - and it just doesn't work.

    I believe it is something to do with iOS 11 (and beyond) - as that seems to be a common denominator in posts that are consistently bad here.

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    Update to iOS 11.3

    Just updated to iOS 11.3 and tried using my lightening to 30 pin sd card reader adaptor and it works. Must have been fixes because would not work previously.

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    I have the new adapter. Still doesn’t work!!

    I bought one of the new lightning to sd card dongles and still get no access to my photos but it works just fine on my iPhone 7. Both are on the same iOS version.

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    New ones work great, some folks with older dongles may need to upgrade

    I just (re)bought this, and the new hardware works fine with an iPhone 6s, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Pro 10.5"

    Based on some of the one-star reviews, I think people are using this listing to complain about older, similar products. Bottom line, some of them (namely, the old 30-pin SD card reader combined with a Lightning-to-30-pin converter) no longer work after upgrading to iOS 11. I'm with you, folks -- the obsolescence of the old "Camera Kit" hardware is a sad thing. But, it's time for us all to get over it and upgrade to the new hardware -- you'll be so glad once you have.

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    Accessory not compatible

    I have always used my Apple lightning to 30 pin adapter for saving pics while on vacation and to view and share. I tried it with new iPad Pro and error message of “accessory not compatible” appeared. I discovered if I plug in the lightning adapter in alone first and the connect the 30 pin card reader with the card already inserted into the already connected lightning connector I am able to perform the usual photo import as always.

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    Apple should be ashamed

    I have been an apple iPad user for years and the attraction to apple was due to the fact that all of their accessories worked well with all apple devices. I was very disappointed on my trip to Antarctica to find that I couldn’t transfer my photos from my SD card to my iPad because I received an error message stating accessory not supported by this iPad. When I investigated this error message online, I saw a plethora of posts dating back to October of 2017 that the update to ios11 has made this accessory useless. Apple has had 5 months since the update to rectify this issue but has chosen not to. Are they going to introduce a new SD card reader so that everyone can rush to the store and buy it so that it is compatible with ios11? Shame on you, Apple.

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    I can’t rate it 0

    I have been a semi-professional photographer for many years now, when I travel one of the things I love to do is load my images onto my iPad and share on social media. That hasn’t been a problem until the version 11 update, now all I get is “this accessory is not supported by this iPad”
    I have been scouring the net for months for a solution with no luck. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson “HOW HARD COULD IT BE”
    Seriously Apple fix it. Lots of disappointed people, not good for sales or don’t you care

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    A useless product, not worth the money of Apple

    I use the Ricoh GR2 to transfer photos using the camera's wifi very slowly, so I bought the Lightning SD cable. It is so disappointing that the image from the card copied to the iPhone or iPad can not be used, they are compressed to burst the image blur and sharp. I'd rather spend some time messing with wifi than using this cable.

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    Lightning SD card reader

    Bought a apple lightning sd card reader for my iPad mini and It want work. Tried different cards with photos from taken from my iPad.
    Tried every thing I can think off but nothing works. Very Very disappointing. Trying to put DJI Mavic videos onto my iPad.
    As I have windows pc iTunes does not like to put videos to my iPad

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    SD Card Reader

    Starts loading and goes black after update. Custumer service said to reset DID NOT work. Will by another brand to load pictures and will not buy another IPhone or IPad. I know my few little bucks may not hurt apple BUT if enough people make the a customer statement we can.

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    Buyer Beware

    If you are a professional photographer and you were drawn to the reader because of all the "unbiased" reviews you saw online; think again. I bought this a few months ago and it has never worked completely. JPEGs will usually all get transferred to the iPad. However, if you are shooting RAW and hoping to import them to your iPad, and sync them with Lightroom mobile so you have a raw back up. It would be better to pass on the iPad and adapter and just get a laptop. Sometimes my RAW files never show up on the iPad and sometimes some of them show up. It is NOT A RELIABLE BACKUP. I have been on the phone with Apple support numerous times and I keep getting sent to "higher up" tech that can not offer a solution other than wipe your iPad clean and reinstall everything and see it that works... if not, we will address it in a future update. I will like I wasted $1000 on the iPad pro and another $29 for the adapter since I bought it specifically to backup and edit in the field.... Currently using a 2017 12inch iPad Pro with the 11.2.5 firmware update

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    Apple SD card reader

    Well, I received this for Christmas and expected this reader to work. My buddy bought an off brad from Walmart that worked great last fall. He downloaded an app and was rolling in about three minutes. This lightening adapter SD reader looked nearly identical.

    Actual performance was horrible. You couldn’t scan the pictures before uploading. Thumbnails you can’t enlarge just don’t cut it. Once uploaded, the pictures are cropped randomly and distorted. This was a huge disappointment. Seriously, SD card readers have been around for years and Apple couldn’t get such a simple thing right?

    In short, not convenient, effective, functional or recommended.

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    Reader is not recognized any more after IOS 11 update

    Please fix this bug asap Apple!

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    Doesn’t work

    Loaded my RAWs onto the SD card, won’t recognize in photos app. Waste of my time.

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    Just bought and it Stopped working with my sandisk sd, keep working only with the Kingston. Tried everything then I looked inside the reader and I noticed a pin that was lower than the others, bended.

    I raised the pin with a small metal object and then it started working again!!

    I must have inserted the sd on the wrong side and that bended the pin so there was no contact with the sandisk sd because they were thinner than Kingston!

    I wonder if all the problems here are really caused by iOS or if they are caused by my same error!

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    SD reader no longer compatible

    I have used this product for at least 3 years with no problem. Then, all of the sudden, it’s not compatible to this iPad? My camera is the same, my SD card is the same, I haven’t done anything different. Clearly, this is a fail on Apple’s side

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    Just got it and has not worked once. Even though I have pictures and videos on my SD card, The IPad pops up with “no photos available”. Tried on two different iPads and an iPhone. Very disappointed. Will be returning.

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    So disappointed

    So I bought this as because I am a traveler and I like to vlog. I take pictures and videos of the many places I go and this worked for the first few times I used it. All of the sudden it would load an image all the way until I saw a green check them say "This accessory is not supported by this iPhone/iPad". How so apple? I am using an apple product to an apple device. this is very upsetting.

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