• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It's sketchy...but don't DARE drop it.

    • Written by Edward a S from Los Angeles

    I love the way the pencil works as a drawing tool and it's as good if not better than any Wacom product (5 stars for that). When you bear down it can get confused and flash it's edge shading tool. I got mine in 3 weeks. The cylindrical industrial design promotes breakage as every other #2 pencil in the world is faceted so as not to roll off a desk. No eraser as on Wacom and 53. Lots of changing tools. Mine fell from my pants pocket to the ground (3 feet) and the tip bent and it would not draw properly. I changed the tip and now it works better, but still has sensing issues. Dropping a computer is a rarity, but dropping a pencil is pretty commonplace. Seems too precious for long term everyday use. How can you reinvent a 99 cent pencil into a $99. pencil and have it be this fragile? (2 star deduction.) It falls nose down with all the electronics inside so I was toast. It's also about an inch longer than the average pen so it seems awkward in a shirt pocket, thus flipping out of my side pant pocket. Be careful not to lose the chicklet sized adapter that allows it it be charged by cord. No means of attaching it to the case. Samsung buried theirs in the device. When it works I love it and the software can only get better. Great pencil, just don't drop it..

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    So many problems in design, lost parts, etc..

    • Written by Ron D from Murrieta

    What happened to Apple? Oh yea, Steve Jobs Died, SADLY.

    It's clear to see the trend downward that Apple is taking in the aftermath of Jobs' having passed away.

    The design is amazingly BAD for an Apple Product.
    Magnetic Cover? Mine fell off within 2 days of purchase, and I cannot find it anywhere.
    ONE HUNDRED dollars and no clip for shirt pockets.
    The Pencil itself is WAY too long, and not easily stored anywhere, forget shirt pockets.

    Charging adapter? Another joke, another something to quickly LOSE.
    Plus, it's more likely that users would want to charge the unit with wall charger and not the iPad itself.

    On a positive note, it seems to pair easily and charges very quickly. Accuracy is great, and overall a must-have for iPad Pro.

    Like I said, it works great, costs TOO much and has too many flaws preventing one to truly love it.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great pencil but with major flow

    • Written by Marcin B from NEW YORK

    This pencil is really great - it works just as advertised and I like it a lot....but I end up constantly looking for it and misplacing it. I wish it was magnetized to stick to the side of the iPad. My brother got Surface and was braging to me how pen for surface sticks to the side of the tablet. I wish apple pencil would do the same. That's why I'm giving it only 3 out of 5 stars.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    A good first try, but needs some refinement

    • Written by Justin R from Brooklyn Park

    As a pencil, this works great. Response is instantaneous. But there are some minor details that could use some work to make this truly great.

    First, it needs to come in more colors than just white. Black would be nice, and maybe other colors to match the various iPad colors. Second, the finish is too smooth, so it can be a bit slippery. A matte finish with some texture would help here. Third, the cap over the Lightning connector is not attached, so when you take it off, it's easy to lose. There are third-party solutions for this, but they look out of place on something that's otherwise so sleek. Apple should be able to come up with a clever way to have the connector but keep it hidden and protected when it's not in use. This applies to the adapter to connect it to a Lightning cord, too.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Wonderful idea, wonderful form. Wish it was reliable.

    • Written by Zoe M from TULSA

    The first few days I had the pencil, it was a wonder. It was the ideal stylus I needed for my academic needs. However, right off the bat I realized a few issues. I noticed that there was no efficient way to monitor the battery life of the pencil. And i want to make the note that I think the battery life itself is quite okay, unlike some other users of the pencil. But after about two weeks I noticed some changes for the worse. Suddenly it needed to be re-paired, frequently. In the middle of class every couple minutes or so I would need to plug the pencil in to have it work, and these are valuable seconds I'm losing in the middle of a lecture. And when I'm at home working on something like precalc, it's a little frustrating to have to pause and interrupt the algebraic process to re-pair the pencil, especially if I'm working with a concept I struggle with already. I really want this stylus to be all that it can, it was the perfect technological accessory at first. All in all, it would be sweet if Apple worked on refining the pencil and really making it into the ultimate tool for the ipad pro; into something that could truly enhance and progress the user's experience. It's a great idea, just pretty please make it work right? That would be awesome.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it but can use some improvements

    • Written by Vanessa S from Burbank

    Love it! Performancewise - it does the job (that’s my 3 stars) but please make it worth the price. iPad Pro users will always buy the Apple Pencil, so you guys dont need to worry about losing buyers, but please think of your customers as well. Again I really love it - and here are my BUTS ———Once you misplace it and it’s battery dies...sigh I can’t find mine since the battery is dead. And I am so angry because right now, I can’t afford to get one. Need to design it in such a way that once it’s not being used, like the iPhone, iPads, and MACBOOKS, power off so batt doesn’t die and put a beep sound and add it to the list of devices that could be found using the Find My app.. For $99, throw in more accessories to it, like a grips in different colors (or better yet, design a textured one for a better grip). Also throw in different color tips and lightning adaptors and the Belkin case with it. Also add more colors and not just white. Rose, grey, gold? Design is cool, sleek, but not practical - it is slippery, will slide on an incline, cap is easily dislodged. Why not a cap that screws on and off and is magnetic at the same time? Also add a clip to it, different colors too, just so that it can be clipped on breast pockets. Hopefully, at least some of these wishes of mine will come true.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Pencil is too smooth

    • Written by David B from Etobicoke

    I purchased the pencil when i bought the Pro because I have found all other devices to be a poor substitute for the finger but writing or doodling with a finger is awkward. I like the new pencil except for the surface of the pencil. It is responsive and a nice weight but I find my fingers slipping down on the much too smooth surface. My solution was a piece of ¼" masking tape around the pen where I grasp it with my fingers. Works but too bad the Apple designers/engineers couldn't have thought of this in the design process. It is quite an over sight on their part. Should have asked for some advice from Pen makers like Parker, Mont Blanc etc.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good, but only for a few Apps

    • Written by Stewart S from Dunboyne

    Works well for some apps e.g. Apple Notes, but unfortunately until more apps are able to reduce the latency issue, it's pretty much just a very expensive stylus.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Please give me a place to store it!

    • Written by Scott S from Newton

    I love writing and drawing with the Apple pencil. I carry my iPad Pro, with a keyboard cover and the Apple Pencil with me to most of my meetings, every day. It's the first stylus I've ever been able to use successfully to take handwritten notes in a meeting.

    The problem is where to put it? There's no slot or loop in the iPad or keyboard cover for holding the pencil, so it naturally goes in my pocket between meetings. The problem? The pencil is slick, so it occasionally falls out (once in my car and once in a conference room, so far). When it doesn't fall out, I occasionally forget and leave it in my pocket. Ever wonder if an Apple Pencil will survive a trip through the washer and drier? It won't. last night, I pulled my Apple Pencil out of the drier for the second time in two months. Broken, again. I won't be buying another until I can figure out how to keep it from happening again.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Probably the best writing instrument for an ipad, but can be better

    • Written by Sean X from Dubai

    Best writing experience on ipad compared to a few other ipad writing instruments i have used earlier.
    Writing feel and response is very close to that on a real paper even when you are writing very fast.
    However it has its flaws.
    For starters you cannot see the battery level for the pencil on the home screen unless it is about to die off.
    You have to go to notifications every time to check the battery status which is inconvenient.
    Secondly you have to replace the pencil tip quite often, may be in less than a month (even without heavy usage) to get a smooth writing.
    considering you can almost get a montblanc pen for the price at which the apple pencil is being sold, i would have expected it to last for quite some time before i need to spend on the pencil tips again.
    Thirdly i have to plug the pencil into the ipad lightening port for about 3 or 5 sec to get it paired with the ipad every time i use it(when you are using it after a brief interval, let’s say an hour or so)
    3 or 5sec may not be a long time, but imagine if you are in the middle of a meeting and want to write down an urgent note of the meeting while your client is taking and you are plugging your pencil into the I pad and waiting for it to connect. That is awkward.
    I would have liked it to connect instantly as soon as my iPad screen is on.
    Last but not the least, you are most likely going to lose the small pencil cap sooner or later.
    It has a weak magnetic connection to hold the cap in place and can come off with the slightest of pull.
    I took my iPad & pencil to a meeting. I didnt even use my iPad and pencil during the meeting, but when I came back, the pencil cap was gone and my Apple pencil looks silly without the cap.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing tool, but flawed

    • Written by Kevin L from Petawawa

    I got the pencil I must say that I love writing and drawing with it. It is by far the best stylus available on any device of any kind, but it always stays connected and if you don't use it all the time the pencil is dead because you forget to charge it and it does not turn off automatically.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Come on Apple!

    • Written by Kay O from Arlington

    Mostly everything you make is far above genius!
    So far, the Apple pen has been a disappointment in some ways.
    1) I prefer my cheapie stylus for most tasks. It fills in solidly and the pen doesn’t.
    2) The pen makes an irritating topping sound when used for keyboard tasks.
    3) My fear is that the pen will either “catch” or break both it and my iPad Pro if inadvertently it should fall while charging. Both devices would be in danger.
    4) The only way to check remaining battery life is with the iPad.

    I need an interchangeable stylus — one that is wider and more flexible.
    I need it to come with and extra charger so I can leave it plugged in to charge while using the iPad.

    You can do better.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great iPad Tool But Has Design Flaw

    • Written by Michael R from Scottsdale

    Having purchased the iPad Pro, I decided to also order the Apple Pencil to go with it so that I can handwrite information during times when I can not type.

    The overall design and concept are great, but Apple made a serious design flaw with regards to the charging system on the pencil.

    Instead of a male Lightening connector hidden under the cap, it should have had a female connector so that charging cords could be plugged directly in instead of relying on a small female to female connector which is very easy to lose and Apple does not appear to sell a replacement (which would probably be $10~$15!!).

    Overall I love the device but the charging system leaves something to be desired especially for business travelers such as myself.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Anthony B from Waxhaw

    Not worth the price and below my expectations coming from Apple. This device needs more R&D. Its sensitive to use and really does not have $100 worth of functionability. Needs improvement and more capabilities. That all said, it's a nice device for note taking, probably a $49.99 price point item.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Niche product over priced Bad design

    • Written by Rahul G from Laurel

    I normally believe that Apple makes some of the best designed products. The Apple Pencil however in my opinion has taken over the lead from the Apple keyboard. The pencils Cap be lost very easily. There is no doubt that you will have close calls with the Cap knocked off and you have to go looking for it. In order to stop the pencil from draining battery you have to turn off the Bluetooth on your iPad which causes you to not have access to other Bluetooth devices. If you listen to your headphones the Apple Pencil will link up and start draining your battery.
    The most egregious design flaw is the charger. It is a rectangular piece of plastic that costs approximately $10 (thats is a super markup) is used to make the pencil draw a charge from a cable.

    If you’re feeling brave you can take the cap off and stick the pencil into the iPad’s charging port at the botoom. This creates a very dangerous situation as any vertical movement can cause either the charging ports to get damaged on the pencils outlet to be damaged.

    Here is what I recommend
    Go to the Apple Store and holding Apple Pencil ask the store clerk to show you how the Apple Pencil is charged on the iPad. Take note of the fact there is no magnetic mount. Too big for your pocket. Using other accessories with the Apple Pencil and Bluetooth is not going to be a good idea as you start having battery drain. If you don’t charge the Apple Pencil, runs out of battery the battery might get damaged and you will be out of luck and will have a $100 probably cost $15 to manufacture. Replacement 70 to 100 bucks.

    The lesson I have learned for the day is that just because a company makes one high-quality product does not imply that the rest of the products match that scale.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple pen(cil)

    • Written by James F from San Marcos

    It is a slick device but why do the iWork apps not have an option to use it that seems kind of odd. PDF apps can use it photo apps as wel but it would be incredibly useful if pages, numbers, and keynote had options to use it.....it is a pen/pencil correct?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Neat, but NOT designed with southpaws in mind.

    • Written by Jacob D from Carrollton

    Pros: Absolutely flawless accuracy. Works well with even a thick gel screen protector, and glides easily over the screen. The pencil itself is simple and intuitive to use and gains a useful charge in about five seconds. It would be nice to have a setting to adjust pressure sensitivity; it responds very well, it just doesn't adapt to those who may be a little heavy/light-handed. The poor neglected Chinese workers (yeah, I said it, do something, Apple) did a fantastic job constructing these things, and it feels very durable and of very high quality. With that said, it is a tad long (a little shorter than your average wooden pencil, I think), which makes it a little ungainly to put in a pocket or something. But an overall fantastic product, and well worth the money, I think.

    Cons: The pencil seems to be capable of much more than it is actually allowed to do in iOS. For instance, you'd think I'd be able to (natively) write this paragraph with my pencil: I cannot. You'd also think Notes would make writing with a pencil more natural, but you essentially have to open up an image in Notes to sketch on, and any words you type would fall before or after the image: you can't simply write over and in between your typed words while note-taking - lame. Lastly, this was obviously not designed for us lefties. All of the convenient buttons and options are still on the right side of the screen, and there's no accessibility option in the settings menu (ie, there are more accessibility settings for blind and deaf (and I mean blind AND deaf, Helen Keller-style) people than for lefties.) And iOS sometimes recognizes a lefty palm as a button-click or stroke of the pencil.

    This product is perfect for those of you, like myself, received your brand new iPad Pro and said, "Well, now what?" Adding the pencil definitely brings the iPad up to pace with its own market price, and makes it an invaluable tool for those looking to make their iPad a part of their daily work/school/home life. Solid 5 out of 7.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Slippery feel of Apple Pencil

    • Written by Wai Kan Victor L from Toronto

    I would like to see two improvements to the Pencil:

    I would like to feel more friction between Apple Pencil and the screen. The current version is slippery. Doesn't feel like using a pencil on paper at all. Microsoft Surface Pen gives much more pleasant and realistic friction.

    Please make the pencil easy to carry together with the iPad.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    so close

    • Written by Scott M from Tempe

    The pencil is kinda great but I have a Wacom tablet and it includes a pen that doesn't need to be charged and that has a built in eraser. Going from never having to recharge something to having to do it regularly (and very awkwardly) is annoying.

    I find myself flipping the Pencil often trying to erase with it.

    The little plastic cap that covers the lightning port is begging to be lost.

    It's annoying because there are some things like the tracking and convenience for note taking and design work that are great but it comes up just a bit short in other areas.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for note taking, unexpectedly low life-span.

    • Written by Nawat J from Bangkhen

    I have been using an apple pencil for about a year. Mostly for note taking and it works great for many classes which give you slides handout and you can annotate on those and avoid carrying around many books and papers. But sometimes you need to print annotated notes out to use it in open book exams which still result in paper usage. It take lot of time to get used to the apple pencil workflow in my case I haven't use it much for the first 6-8 month and starting to utilize it more in the following 4-5 months.

    But the apple pencil start to have problem with connectivity one month after it's out of warranty. I tried to pair it and it came back about 15 minutes later. So I thought it might be a glitch so I wasn't worried much about it and after that the apple pencil become unusable, it doesn't want to connect and if it did it will show that it has 3% battery and charged to full then it disconnected. So, I mostly use it for about 5-6 months with less than 100 hours of continuous use (if you use it in lecture class you mostly listen to the lecturer and don't use the pencil all the time like artist do). And for me this pencil is not really worth the price ($99). In fact, I really doubt myself if I gonna buy things fom apple again due to low-life span of the apple pencil.

    TLDR: Pros: good for note taking, good responsive, less books and papers to carry around but still needed in case of open book exams. Cons: slippery, easy to roll, low life-span, charging it can be a trouble if you only have one charger.

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