• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic but MASIVLY flawed

    • Written by Jack P from Chichester

    I absolutely love my Apple Pencil BUT ITS TOO SHARP I have used my Apple Pencil for literally five minutes and I have an admittedly tiny but to me noticeable scratch on my iPad screen which for a 700 pound tablet designed for a 100 pound add on literally designed for each other you would have thought I possible for the most profitable company on the planet to make it so they don’t damage one another.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good, not sure if it was worth the money for the time.

    • Written by Lucille B from Panama City beach

    I loved this thing, I really did. I wouldn't recommend it if you're a realism artist cause you can make the stroked small and defined enough for that kind of art. But if you are a pop artist than it is a must(???) buy. But for 100 dollars I would expect this thing to last years to come, but it sadly only lasted me about... a year?? It's a good chunk a money for such a... small amount of time. I have to buy a new one and I honestly don't have the money. But I make a good living off my art and I would not want to keep spending 100 dollars every years on this thing.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Robert R from Branford

    Who invented this miraculous achievement. The little parts! The fragility!
    Invent a pencil with less moving parts as the Great little part vacuum finds them...

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for note taking, unexpectedly low life-span.

    • Written by Nawat J from Bangkhen

    I have been using an apple pencil for about a year. Mostly for note taking and it works great for many classes which give you slides handout and you can annotate on those and avoid carrying around many books and papers. But sometimes you need to print annotated notes out to use it in open book exams which still result in paper usage. It take lot of time to get used to the apple pencil workflow in my case I haven't use it much for the first 6-8 month and starting to utilize it more in the following 4-5 months.

    But the apple pencil start to have problem with connectivity one month after it's out of warranty. I tried to pair it and it came back about 15 minutes later. So I thought it might be a glitch so I wasn't worried much about it and after that the apple pencil become unusable, it doesn't want to connect and if it did it will show that it has 3% battery and charged to full then it disconnected. So, I mostly use it for about 5-6 months with less than 100 hours of continuous use (if you use it in lecture class you mostly listen to the lecturer and don't use the pencil all the time like artist do). And for me this pencil is not really worth the price ($99). In fact, I really doubt myself if I gonna buy things fom apple again due to low-life span of the apple pencil.

    TLDR: Pros: good for note taking, good responsive, less books and papers to carry around but still needed in case of open book exams. Cons: slippery, easy to roll, low life-span, charging it can be a trouble if you only have one charger.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    A good first try, but needs some refinement

    • Written by Justin R from Brooklyn Park

    As a pencil, this works great. Response is instantaneous. But there are some minor details that could use some work to make this truly great.

    First, it needs to come in more colors than just white. Black would be nice, and maybe other colors to match the various iPad colors. Second, the finish is too smooth, so it can be a bit slippery. A matte finish with some texture would help here. Third, the cap over the Lightning connector is not attached, so when you take it off, it's easy to lose. There are third-party solutions for this, but they look out of place on something that's otherwise so sleek. Apple should be able to come up with a clever way to have the connector but keep it hidden and protected when it's not in use. This applies to the adapter to connect it to a Lightning cord, too.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Concept- not executed properly

    • Written by Aliza E from brooklyn

    The concept is great, a much needed update in digital art though the apps available to use with the pencil I wouldn't recommend much for professional use. It seems like they are mainly for personal/ leisure use or to work on your skills when on the go. The pencil can't be used with anything BUT the iPad pro which is annoying as it's pretty costly and i would think I can use it on my other Apple devices as well. It's not comfortable to hold in hand for a long time which is a con for people who like to start and finish their projects in one sitting. It's also so small and easy to lose- happened to lose mine on the plane and it's not trackable. Wish it was more comfortable, easy to store with your iPad & trackable when lost- too much to ask for in a $100 pencil?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple pen(cil)

    • Written by James F from San Marcos

    It is a slick device but why do the iWork apps not have an option to use it that seems kind of odd. PDF apps can use it photo apps as wel but it would be incredibly useful if pages, numbers, and keynote had options to use it.....it is a pen/pencil correct?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Does what I want, design could be better

    • Written by Lindsay H from Boxford

    The pencil's actual sensitivity to pressure and angle are great and it's very responsive, not any lag between using it and seeing the line you're drawing. I haven't had any troubles with the tip so far as some other reviews discuss (it does come with one replacement tip). The sleek body is not that easy to hold, but my biggest peeve about the design is the charger. I understand the pencil was made male so you can plug it into your iPad to charge, but I often find myself wanting to use my iPad when the pencil is charging so I have to use the little female adapter it comes with to charge it with the apple USB charger. It just seems unnecessary to have to use this tiny adapter (which I know I'm bound to lose). Also, it would be great to be able to use it while it's charging.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but could be better

    • Written by David H from Carbost

    I purchased the pencil at the same time as an IpadPro and on taking it home, charged it over night but could not get it to pair or even be recognised. It is impossible to trouble shoot the pencil as there is no way to check if the battery is charged unless it pairs with an iPad! I have 2 Pros and neither would recognise the pencil. I could not determine if the battery was faulty, the bluetooth on the pencil wasn't working, but was able to identify the unit on the About screen in settings - so the lightning connection was ok. After spending 4 hours with Apple Helpdesk doing all the things I had already done, Reboot, update, hard and soft resets etc. etc I was unable to prove what was wrong. In the end I took the pen back to the retailer (a 5 hour round journey) to be told the pencil was faulty - which I had thought immediately but could not prove. The pencil needs an indicator that a. it is charging and b that it is charged without having to connect it to the iPad/phone etc. The new one paired straight away on both units. Had there been indicators it would have saved a lot of time and a long car journey.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    So many problems in design, lost parts, etc..

    • Written by Ron D from Murrieta

    What happened to Apple? Oh yea, Steve Jobs Died, SADLY.

    It's clear to see the trend downward that Apple is taking in the aftermath of Jobs' having passed away.

    The design is amazingly BAD for an Apple Product.
    Magnetic Cover? Mine fell off within 2 days of purchase, and I cannot find it anywhere.
    ONE HUNDRED dollars and no clip for shirt pockets.
    The Pencil itself is WAY too long, and not easily stored anywhere, forget shirt pockets.

    Charging adapter? Another joke, another something to quickly LOSE.
    Plus, it's more likely that users would want to charge the unit with wall charger and not the iPad itself.

    On a positive note, it seems to pair easily and charges very quickly. Accuracy is great, and overall a must-have for iPad Pro.

    Like I said, it works great, costs TOO much and has too many flaws preventing one to truly love it.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Balance, Weight, and Tilt are drawbacks

    • Written by Christopher H from Pflugerville

    Look, if you have an ipad pro, you need this if you are going to sketch with it, period.

    That being said, I'd like to see the next iteration of this device at about 2/3 the weight, and 4/5 the length - this is balanced more like a paint brush than a pen or pencil and drawing with it is a real chore when you're used to a super light tipped mechanical pencil. I have pondered dremeling off the shell to reduce weight but the balance issue would still be there.

    Regarding the tilt, using procreate (the only really fully featured painting application out there, an awesome buy at $5, it seems like the curve is REALLY weighted toward the middle, either it's fully tilting or not tilting much at all. This doesn't feel much like the real thing. Great for quick shading but if you want to play with the weight of the stroke as you make it, you're going to have to use pressure instead, and that's iffy.

    This thing charges super fast, and has a few hours of drawing in it for each charge, I would happily take 2/3 battery life for a lighter pencil.

    I know this is going to sound picky, but if you're trying to draw on this thing with minute detail you'll notice the struggle in your line quality, it just doesn't feel like my stroke. I have considered doing pencil drawing and then using this to paint after doing a pic but it just... it's so close .

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Neat, but NOT designed with southpaws in mind.

    • Written by Jacob D from Carrollton

    Pros: Absolutely flawless accuracy. Works well with even a thick gel screen protector, and glides easily over the screen. The pencil itself is simple and intuitive to use and gains a useful charge in about five seconds. It would be nice to have a setting to adjust pressure sensitivity; it responds very well, it just doesn't adapt to those who may be a little heavy/light-handed. The poor neglected Chinese workers (yeah, I said it, do something, Apple) did a fantastic job constructing these things, and it feels very durable and of very high quality. With that said, it is a tad long (a little shorter than your average wooden pencil, I think), which makes it a little ungainly to put in a pocket or something. But an overall fantastic product, and well worth the money, I think.

    Cons: The pencil seems to be capable of much more than it is actually allowed to do in iOS. For instance, you'd think I'd be able to (natively) write this paragraph with my pencil: I cannot. You'd also think Notes would make writing with a pencil more natural, but you essentially have to open up an image in Notes to sketch on, and any words you type would fall before or after the image: you can't simply write over and in between your typed words while note-taking - lame. Lastly, this was obviously not designed for us lefties. All of the convenient buttons and options are still on the right side of the screen, and there's no accessibility option in the settings menu (ie, there are more accessibility settings for blind and deaf (and I mean blind AND deaf, Helen Keller-style) people than for lefties.) And iOS sometimes recognizes a lefty palm as a button-click or stroke of the pencil.

    This product is perfect for those of you, like myself, received your brand new iPad Pro and said, "Well, now what?" Adding the pencil definitely brings the iPad up to pace with its own market price, and makes it an invaluable tool for those looking to make their iPad a part of their daily work/school/home life. Solid 5 out of 7.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Just OK...perhaps 2.0 will be better...

    • Written by Earl H from Woodstock

    After several months with this device and an iPad Pro it seems like this device could have been a whole lot better. It does have good battery life which is a nice perk. The biggest problem I have faced is it is very expensive for what you get and does not even have a way to fasten it to a shirt pocket or anything else for that matter. It is almost like they were planning for it to be lost quickly. The cap on the top is totally non functional and again a good item to get lost in a hurry. The components seem well designed but the overall function of it as far as day to day use seems to have escaped its engineers. I had to go to a third party to get something to attach it to my iPad Pro. Ridiculous that a almost 100 bucks there is no decent way to keep the iPad Pro and this item together. Seems like for the cost the iPad Pro should have some dock built in for charging and storage in my opinion. Perhaps 2.0 will get it right. My advice to Apple put a clip on it first of all so it does not want to roll off the desk.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Feels Like Plastic on Plastic

    • Written by Jessica F from Palm Coast

    I was very excited to try the Apple Pencil. Sure, it responds well to pressure, and provides a more realistic output. Sure, it has a reasonable battery life, and an excellent way to recharge on the go. Unfortunately, these are the only things Apple seemed to pay attention to. I never expected that the pencil would just feel "bad" to use. It slides across the iPad Pro screen. Slides. It feels like plastic on plastic. No tactile response, no give at all like graphite against paper or even most styli against a screen. This unpleasant sensation of using the Apple Pencil has been more than enough to keep me from preferring it over pen and paper or mouse and MacBook Pro when all things are equal.

    Other issues: The Apple Pencil is too long and too heavy. It has a smooth plastic case that feels hard and uninteresting; there are no gel grips, no color options, and no consideration of tactile enjoyment at all, it seems. There's also no clip, as many have discussed, which means this loves to roll. And there's no casing or cover for the tip, which I discovered was a huge problem the moment I stuck it in a bag with my other pens and pencils. It came out stained with graphite left behind by the pencils. Very attractive. And, of course, the charging port in the back is covered by a tiny cover that would just love to get lost.

    Overall, some of the power of this device is truly incredible: It creates output very similar to a variety of pens, pencils, etc., when paired with proper apps and the iPad Pro. So, three stars for doing these central things and doing them impressively well.

    Minus 2 stars, though, for (1) just being unpleasant and uncomfortable to use, (2) design flaws having to do with weight, length, no cap for the tip, easy-lose cap on the other end, (3) general fragility, (4) aesthetic blahness, and (5) no available replacement tips.

    Save your money until Mac makes a better Apple Pencil.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good idea poorly executed

    • Written by Martin H from Greenlawn

    Works well, but not properly thought out. Why change the charge method for this one device? Especially since it is so easily damaged. Leave the pencil with the standard lightning connector and supply a male-male adapter. That way, at least when you lose the adapter you can still use any Apple USB cord to charge it fully. And that way you could make the adapter flexible so you don't trash your pencil AND your iPad when it slips off your lap while it's plugged in.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Has Potential

    • Written by Steven V from Riverside

    My opinion is a bit biased. However, this is only due to the fact that I've owned a surface pro before and I liked how they made their pen a part of thir experience instead of an option.

    Because this leaves out true integration of the both the Apple iPAD Pro and the pencil. Apple has separated the two and they truly do feel separated.

    Now. The Apple Pencil is amazing. Great for drawing, writing and stylus. Although, if you're getting this pencil and you only plan on using it as a stylus then you're wasting your money. Thats beneath its true potential. Again, the pencil is amazing but I would love to have a spot to put it. Clipped or any variation of getting it to stay with my iPad Pro would be a huge plus.
    The fact that it has to be charged doesn't bug me too much considering the tech it uses. However, the fact that I have to plug it in to get it to pair each time is silly to me. I do turn off my Bluetooth to save power at certain times but having to plug it in each time seems awkward.
    I am excited to see how many other apps I will be able to use with the pencil. It is definitely different so it might just take some getting used to.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Love The Pencil But....

    • Written by David O from New Castle

    I love the pencil but it is definitely a bit pricy and I can't believe there isn't some sort of compatible case/carrying device. No attachment feature to the Apple case and not use friendly case.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Best bluetooth stylus, needs design updates

    • Written by Austin Z from Tucson

    Works as said, writing has been the best experience on an iPad so far.

    As for the design, like everything else Apple makes, high quality and feels great in the hands.

    Two suggestions, the F/F charging adapter should be built in to the pencil. Second, there should be a removable clip to help secure the pencil, if for any reason, so it doesn't roll off flat surfaces all the time. It should be a multi-piece, modular system that would allow the user to add or take away based on their needs or desire to not lose so many small pieces. Please Apple, if you're going to make the pencil a huge part of the experience, you should think about a case that incorporates storage for a $100 accessory.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great pencil but with major flow

    • Written by Marcin B from NEW YORK

    This pencil is really great - it works just as advertised and I like it a lot....but I end up constantly looking for it and misplacing it. I wish it was magnetized to stick to the side of the iPad. My brother got Surface and was braging to me how pen for surface sticks to the side of the tablet. I wish apple pencil would do the same. That's why I'm giving it only 3 out of 5 stars.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good, but only for a few Apps

    • Written by Stewart S from Dunboyne

    Works well for some apps e.g. Apple Notes, but unfortunately until more apps are able to reduce the latency issue, it's pretty much just a very expensive stylus.

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