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    It won’t work with anything

    So I bought this so i could upload my photos from my dslr to Instagram and so I was so excited it had to try it so I get my hardrive to see my photos and it’s says my hardrive uses to much power so I plug the charger and it shows import in my phone but nothing loads so I put my usb stick into which uses probably little to almost no power and again import shows up and no thing ever came up I tried it a couple times and there was stuff loaded on the stick but it just won’t work so definitely gonna be returning it.

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    Lightning port doesn't work with Apple's Lightning Headphones

    The lightning port doesn't work with Apple's own lightning headphones. It gives an error "This accessory is not supported by this device." I have a keyboard (music keyboard) that uses the USB portion just fine, but I cannot use headphones with it at all on my iPhone 7 plus. Bluetooth headphones have a significant delay and do not work with the keyboard. I'm left with having to listen to it out loud. Part of the reason I got the adapter was so I could play the keyboard without disturbing others. Very disappointed. The USB portion works, the lightning portion does not.

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    Its fast... for the first few images. Ports are too close! Terrible design

    Great for use on the 12.9 ipad with actual usb 3 speeds but its usually only for the first 30 or so photos. I'm using a lexar 2933x XQD card along with the Lexar LRWXQDU-7000 XQD reader to transfer. The photos app reads the photos really fast so there's less wait to start transferring photos. Starting out the first 30 or so photos transfer at roughly 10 photos a second. Then it bottlenecks somewhere and transfer slows down to roughly 2-3 photos a second and then 15 or so seconds later starts to pick up again slowly getting faster but never reaches the top transfer speeds like when you started out. Sometimes found transferring photos with a slower SDXC card using the lightning to sd card reader was sometimes faster for doing a lot a photos because the transfer speed is constant.

    I also found that the ports are too close together and using many memory cards readers would block the lightning port used to power the adapter. Terrible design so sometimes you have to use some kind of extension or usb3 elbow adapter.

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    Does not work

    Got this hoping to be able to connect my USB drive to my ipad, but the ipad still says that the devices needs too much power, even after i connect the lighting charger to the adapter... This is no different than the old adapter.. Just more expensive..

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