• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Initially Great but . . . .

    • Written by Amena W from Las Vegas

    Purchased my headphones last March (2017) as a gift to myself and they were initially great. I loved them and the sound quality was great, but they were a little difficult when I would have intense training/workouts. They made it through the year mark, and then year and a half, but after that it was just down hill. The piece that goes around your ear literally snapped off one side as I tried to place then on before a workout. My brother figured out a way to put that earpiece back together, but then the other side ended up snapping off. I never handled my headphones aggressively and ALWAYS put them back in my case after use, so I honestly DO NOT understand why any of this happened. Oh and I just checked my cord today and there is now a small slit in it. I have had other Bluetooth headphones last a lot longer than this but their sound quality wasn't as good as my Beats. This pair just wasn't for me.

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