• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    $100 is a bit much for these

    • Written by Brandon B from Wildomar

    These headphones sound pretty great, but they are far from the best. That being said, the sound quality is still the best thing about these headphones as when I first got them I could not wear them for more than thirty minutes without hurting my ears. They did slightly break in after a while and they have become more comfortable since then, but it took quite some time before they got to that point. The blue color is also somewhat dull in person and not a very pleasant color in my opinion, but that's up to the individual person to decide. The leakage is pretty significant so if you plan on playing them loud, other people will be able to hear it easily. Overall they are pretty good headphones, but not for $100. You can easily find them for $80 on other places (I believe Best Buy sells them at that price) and I think that's more than a fair price for them. If you get these headphones for $80 I believe you will be very satisfied with what you get.

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