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    Caution. Apple, I suggest you bring out a new mouse.

    The Magic Mouse - Apple's supposed game-changing mouse. Only, its not. First off, the ergonomics of the mouse are awful, the human hand is not one perfect curve, using this thing with no support under your palm is super tiring after a short period of time, and you cant 'lay' your palm on this thing, because then none of the gestures work, and you cant click. The second awful thing, are the gestures. Apple, your trackpads are amazing, I adore the new magic trackpad 2, and macOS is absolutely phenomenal with all the trackpad gestures, but your mouse doesn't seem to support any of them. Sure we have things like double tap with two fingers for Mission Control or Exposé, but thats not nearly as intuitive as swiping up. On the trackpads we've got the scrunching gestures that can launch Launchpad, or show our desktops. On the mouse? none of those 'shortcuts' are present. If theres no space for gestures on this thing, give us buttons on the side! or give us sliding gestures we could do on the body of the mouse on either side (Kind of like the 'squeeze' buttons on the old, and much better, Mighty Mouse) The last thing i want to talk about is the 20$ price increase when you want the mouse in a different colour. I think its absolutely ridiculous that you have to pay an extra 20$ to get another colour just because you guys think "more people will want the black one, so lets jack up the price by 20$" Apple doesn't do this. Dell and HP do this. You don't charge extra for a space grey finish on a MacBook or on an iPhone so why the price increase on the mouse and keyboard? Please fix your mouse, I cant stand having to connect an adapter to my MacBook pro just so i can use your previous gen. USB Mighty Mouse.

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    Unusable while charging?!?

    What kind of idiotic design is it to put the charging port on the bottom of the mouse?? It's unusable while charging. That's so terrible.

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    Horrible Product

    This product doesn't work as it should. It can hardly move from one side of the screen to the other without stalling in some way (while completely charged. The store's only recommendation was charging it). I ended up buying a SECOND Magic Mouse thinking the first was a faulty product. Both have the same frustrating issues. Huge waste of time and money, would NOT recommend.

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    Sitting here waiting for my mouse to charge...

    I came the Apple site to look for a wired Magic Mouse option to buy while I sit here and wait for my current Magic Mouse to charge, because it’s unusable while charging. Unbelievable that there’s no wired option AND the current version is unusable while charging. One or the other would be super.

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    With trying to create a better product Apple have created a poor product. Please bring back usb mouse! It keeps on flickering and jumping around, light keeps on flashing and battery is on and off even though batteries are charged. Please bring back usb mouse!

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    THIS Mouse has Died

    This Magic Mouse 2 lasted less than a year. Very Unhandy to charge it, since the port is on the bottom of the mouse. It is not possible to use when charging. (The original mouse which had batteries was a MUCH better design. You could just change batteries and keep going.)
    When the MM2 didn't work anymore, I took it back to Best Buy where i bought it, I was told that I needed to go online to talk to Apple. You need a MOUSE to go online.....I did NOT buy another MM2. I bought an off brand mouse... it worked well with my iMac in less than 10 seconds, and cost a LOT less.
    Apple has always been my choice of computers, phones, etc. They are VERY well designed. The MM2 is a failure! It doesn't live up to the Apple standard. Disappointing!

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    Charging position makes it unusable which is terrible.
    Gestures are too sensitive so it is terrible to use.
    Ergonomic is too low which make my wrist feels terrible.
    Got this for free from work and now I have to buy my own mouse for work, that is terrible.

    Terrible is not my first choice of word.

    It is a mouse, not that hard to make a good one.

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    Bring AA’s back!!

    Just bring the throw away batteries back! THANKS:)

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    Can't use it while it is charging

    You cannot use the mouse while it is charging, and there is not much warning before it gets very low. An unbelievable design decision.

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    loses connection constantly

    and it's not because it's out of charge. I have to wiggle it, wait 15 seconds, then it's usable again for another few minutes. This is awful.

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    Yes, it is horrible

    After years of perfectly polished products, me as others, have come to expect the very best from Apple.
    Devices that can always be used with perfect design and functionality.
    We've used to fall in love with all the Apple products.
    This is probably the best mouse on the market and I should normally rate it 4 stars.
    However, it looks like a cheap Apple rip off.
    Yes, because of the charghig method.
    And yes, it is a big deal if you're loving Apple and you're expecting the very best from.
    In a world where Steve Jobs is still alive, mouses will never charge like this and iPhones will never have outside the body cameras.
    They will look, feel and work perfectly or not at all.

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    worse mouse ever for RSI

    This is the worst mouse I've ever had as far as comfort goes. My hand is turning into a claw, and I have daily pain. The only good feature this mouse has is the trackpad/touch feature that makes it useful for editing files in my DAW/audio recording software. I have searched and searched for an ergonomic alternative thats mac compatible to no avail. I've added third party silicone accessories to help make it more a little more comfortable, but they don't fix the problem. Also, the mouse seems to drag on the mouse pad, making difficult to move, thereby taking extra effort to move the mouse and causing more hand pain. Stupid!!! Apple used to be known for innovation but they haven't cared to come up with anything for a comfortable mouse?!! What is up here folks?!


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    Poor Design

    Ridiculous that you can't use the mouse while charging. Not a professional product. Made for children.

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    Ergonomic design? Try UN-ergonomic!

    I don't have this mouse, but why does Mac think that a nearly flat mouse is an ergonomic design? Laying your hand flat is the most UN-ergonomic position possible. I'm sure this mouse has awesome features, but who cares if you have to wear a wrist brace just to use it? I am desperately looking for a mouse that does not require a nano receiver because, well, my new mac doesn't have a standard USC port and using an adapter is just clunky and gets in the way. I love that Mac is innovative, but I hate that it takes everyone else years to catch up to the technology.

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    Apple - Give me the old Magic Mouse back!

    It's been said, but I feel compelled to repeat it... as I sit here unable to use my mouse... that putting the charging port on the bottom of this mouse and disabling use while charging is one of the stupidest things Apple has done.

    I would gladly exchange this for the previous generation of magic mouse where I could just swap the freaking batteries when they die.

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    Mine does not charge as promised, and loses connection.

    No two-minute charging cycle for me.
    No one-month battery life for me.
    My Magic Mouse came with my new iMac27. I started getting "Recharge Mouse" notifications one WEEK after opening the box. I charged for an hour and it was still dead. I had to charge overnight before it started working. I am going back to my Logitech wireless mouse/dongle/AA batteries. Once this Magic Mouse dies, you can't do anything while it is charging due to placement of the charging cord, which is just insane. Next, the connection failed and I had to reboot with the power button to get it back. If it were true that two minutes of charge were sufficient this would not be an issue, but if you get one that does not want to take a charge... I prefer Logitech, whose batteries last several months, and mice several years. How much logical sense does it make that a Magic Mouse charges faster when powered on?
    Not impressed. Have been on a Mac since 1985, 512K.

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    Steve jobs would poke you...

    Whoever signed off on the approval of the latest magic mouse 2 iteration would've been poked in the eye with a pair of scissors by Steve Jobs. Hey, "apple genius" — why in the world isn't the charge port on side of the mouse, so we can continue to use this essential tool while charging? Or simply rather, a magnetic charge port like apple watch, using a more innovative technology. What happened to innovation, Apple? I work with a large portrait of Steve Jobs behind my desk to remind me to "Think Different." Final note, the body design of the magic mouse is as if it was made for a muppet hand... last time I checked, humans had deep pockets within their palms (palmar / dorsal). Logitech mouse all day! Apple should acquire some of the team from Logitech to relearn how hands function.

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    Please allow zoom feature to be turned off.

    I am going crazy with the zoom feature. Many mapping web sites I work with automatically zoom in and out with the slightest movement of my fingers on the surface of the mouse. I don't understand why Apple won't allow this "feature" to be disabled. Boo.

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    Will not work with 3D

    Since magicprefs no longer works you cannot use this in any application that requires a center click. P.S. Where am I supposed to store all my dongles HAHAHAHA

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    worst mouse I have ever had

    Seriously, I have never had as much trouble with this Apple mouse than all the other ones i have had. I came here to maybe buy another one that might be better but after seeing all the reviews from ppl having the same problems as I have had, I changed my mind...I am going to look for my old mouse to use.

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