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    Here's why there are so many 1 star reviews

    This is at least a 3 star product, but I'll get to that in a minute. The reason why it has so many 1 star reviews is because unlike other stores, you don't need to purchase the mouse to review it... which means the Apple haters can create apple id's and leave bad reviews without buying anything and what that means is any company or simply just android fanboys can just get on here and hate on Apple for the fun of it and then say, "Oh look how bad it is reviewed." Apple really is just leaving themselves wide open for attack. I have a Magic Mouse 2 and I love it but I didn't buy from Apple.com and here I am leaving a review. So the reason it is at least a 3 star is because at best the only things you can attack it on is that the charging port is at the bottom, so you can't charge and use at the same time. Also, if the mouse would let you know at least 4 hours before it died, then you could recharge at lunch or make it to the end of the day before charging. Some people would rate it lower than a 5 because it doesn't feel amazing in your hand (which can be debatable). The lack of a scroll wheel also bothers others, but big deal when you can just use your finger. The other thing is that on my Mac, when turned to the highest setting the mouse seems to move just a tad slow on the screen. Also, the price point is a bit high, but that's why you hop on ebay and get it cheaper. For me though it's 5 star because it always works good without any lag, it is very smooth and easy to use, the fact that you can use your fingers to swipe or slide is genius and its rechargeable by cable. It has superior range and it also looks classy. Really what more do you want? Good job apple. However I recommend a couple things: get the space gray option going, allow us to have the mouse pointer move a little quicker and only allow people who buy the product to review it, so that people like me don't need to explain all this to everyone. Kudos everyone!!!

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    The future is here (too bad so many don't know the past)

    I've been a Mac user since the beginning of Apple and I can say this Magic Mouse 2 is a joy to use. No, it might not make your cappacino in the morning and you might have some petty complaints as I see in so many reviews but I don't see too many people going back to their 1998 model mouses. Great job Apple.

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    Great Mouse

    Love its ergonomy (before Magic Mouse 2 I've been using a $3 mouse from a Chinese store, that made what it was supposed to, but not very comfortably, and had to buy a little mousepad with a wrist-bump). My only complain is the location of the Lightning Port. It could be in the same spot the cable of the Mighty Mouse (yes, it would make the mouse taller, but I could live with that), or it could stay in the same place with the introduction of a Magic Mouse with optional Wireless Charging.

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    So good I bought a second one!

    I agree with others who are incredulous that people rate this at just one star simply because of the recharging port being on the bottom. The mouse, itself, is incredible. The charge lasts me—and I use the mouse over 8 hours each day—at least 45 days; so, SHAME ON ME if I can't remember to plug it in one night every 45 days. SHAME ON THE NAYSAYERS for trashing an incredible tool over this one design flaw—which I admit I would rather see changed, but is certainly NO DEAL-BREAKER for any reasonable person.

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    Ignore the reat

    I’m not sure why all of the other reviews are so horrible about this Product. I have Been using this guy for a month now and still haven’t had to charge it. I feel when I do charge it will be a little bit annoying however I’m a smart enough guy to know to charge it during the night when I’m not trying to use it. Other than that this mouse works great and I love the fact that it’s Bluetooth connecting!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    WOW! I seen all of the bad reviews on here, and almost didn't order this mouse because of it. I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and order it. My wrist would get so tired with having to use the track pad on my Mac. I know that everyone has their own opinion, but my goodness, this mouse is incredible. The space between the mouse and my hand allows airflow and keeps my hand from getting too hot. I absolutely love it and definitely recommend ordering it! Props to apple for making an amazing product, yet again!

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    The Best Mouse!

    It's great! I love the design!it's fast & reasonable price...The only thing would be better: The charging place... but still 5 stars

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    Works Perfectly

    The mouse itself is sleek in design and extremely minimalist. Which from the aesthetic standpoint is honestly amazing. Comfort level is pretty good though it took some getting used to switching from a normal larger more bulkier mouse. People complain about the charging but honestly, the mouse holds a charge long enough for it to not really matter that the charger port is on the bottom.

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    Great product

    This mouse is great I don’t understand all of the bad reviews about not being able to use it while it charges! Since the battery lasts for soo long I think it’s doable to let it charge for a night and then be able to use it for the next few weeks of use

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    I like it

    I previously used a prior version that required batteries. It was pretty awful -- it skipped, it frustratingly just stopped working for periods of, say, ten seconds, and it was often imprecise when I was using Photoshop (I am a complete amateur). A patterned mousepad fixed the imprecision, but the skipping continued. This new mouse does not skip. It's a pleasure to use. I tend to rest the heel of my hand on the desk and use my fingers to move the mouse, which works fine. I am surprised at the negative reviews.

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    Best Mouse I've Ever Used

    Sorry to see many are are having problems or just don't like the Magic Mouse 2. Like so many other techie products, I never quite understand how so many have such crazy issues, where I am just plain in love with the product.

    The response for the mouse (and keyboard) is so accurate, it's transparent that it's wireless. The smooth, trackpad-like top surface is crazy fun, one of my top features. I use my iMac daily and have only found the need to charge the Magic Mouse 2, once. With 72% charge remaining on my second charge done several weeks ago. And the charging is so fast, you don't even realize it. It feels good in my hand and feels and looks like a quality product. Something we expect from Apple.

    I highly recommend the Magic Mouse 2 to everyone. Of course not everyone will feel the same, so we have options. :-)

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    Love it!

    I don't understand why there are so many bad reviews about this mouse. I am using this mouse since about 8 years, the old one used a lot of batteries, but the Magic Mouse 2 is amazing! I charge it about every 4-6 weeks and use it daily for about 8 hours. Once you get used to it you just can do about everything with this mouse! I am a designer and create all sorts of vector graphics - most of the time just using the mouse.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this mouse

    isn't it just neat

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    love it

    I bought the smoke gray magic mouse.I love it!! I've had this mouse for about 3 weeks and have yet to have to charge it. I'm not understanding the negative reviews. This is a must have to go with your MacBook Pro or whichever laptop you have.

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    Haters Are Wrong

    Seriously? You haters are completely wrong. Basically everything in this is very advanced and would impress even Tony Stark. (If all the superhero mess is real) Charging is excellent. 2 minutes could give you 2 months of usage. I don't know what is up with you guys. Basically, all I'm saying is that haters are probably like, oh. This is not how I like it. It needs to be super advanced. Well guess what? Life isn't perfect.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love It. No other mouse compares.

    Sad to see the negative reviews of this mouse. The functionality of the Magic Mouse is unparalleled. I loved the 1st Gen. and love the 2nd Gen even more. I purchased my iMac over a month ago and the mouse battery still has a charge of 42% (at the time of this review). I did not charge the mouse out of the box, just simply turned it on and still haven't charged it.

    I'm sorry but turning my mouse over once every couple months to charge, when I go to bed, is simply not enough for me to even knock 1 star off. Hands down a top notch product.

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    Just a great mouse

    I do not understand the negative reviews for this great mouse. I use it with my MacBook Pro everyday and just love it. Battery life is sooo long I cannot agree with those complaining about the bottom charging port. Every few weeks or months just plug it in at night and you will never worry about running out of charge.

    Since getting used to the trackpad action on the mouse I get annoyed using the scroll wheel mouse on my wife's computer.

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    Too good

    the mouse has a good feel and the design is really good. It is a good mouse to use.

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    Really Unique Mouse

    Got this to go with my iMac Air, really like the wireless feature. Has some very unique features, like the side swipe function. Very sensitive and unbelievable battery life. Charged it with my iPhone charger while waiting for Best Buy to set up my iMac Air, used for 2 weeks, battery is at 95%. Really don't understand the complaints about the bottom charging port, charge when not in use, no issue, battery life is so long. Like the smooth easy to use shape. Suggestion for Apple, include a soft pouch to keep it in when not in use.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product! Usual excellent Apple quality.

    I have had Magic Mouse 2 for a month and really appreciate everything about it. I have rather large hands, not as facile as they used to be, but I have no problem holding and using this mouse. It's used everyday and all functions have worked as described, no glitches. I have not had to recharge it yet. It had a 94% charge when it arrived and now after a month has 84%. After reading many negative reviews on this site I have been especially alert for problems but so far no complaints. I will be interested in how long a charge takes. Since it cannot be used while charging this seems an important issue. I will keep you posted. I consider it another quality product from Apple.

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