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    Nice Improvement...Kind of

    • Written by Evan R from Las Vegas

    I just bought the Magic Mouse 2 and had a few questions/ design improvements that I thought might be useful. Let me start off by saying that the rechargeable battery is a big improvement that removes a lot of hassle with the Magic Mouse. On that note I wanted to point out the major flaw of it... why would Apple not put the lightning port at the from of the mouse? It is currently at the bottom and it makes no sense. Putting at the from of the device would allow a person to still use the mouse while it was charging and could make it so that while it was plugged in to charge it would function as a wired mouse. This would satisfy both the wired and wireless mouse demographic. I find it inconvenient to have to stop using the mouse just to charge it and frankly, it looks odd having an upside down mouse charging on my desk. Mostly positive, just one major flaw.

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