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    I hate this mouse

    This mouse is infuriating. It's a massive pain to recharge. You essentially need to have a spare mouse handy for when this one dies. I come into work this morning and immediately get the first message that my mouse was low on battery. Thirty minutes later it's dead, and now I'm on a vintage dell mouse until the Magic Mouse 2 recharges. I desperately miss being able to swap out batteries. Enough that I'm now shopping for a new / different mouse. I'm ready to throw this horrible piece of junk in the trash. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS.

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    Whose bright idea was it to put the charging port at the bottom of the mouse!?!?!?!?!? You literally cannot use it when the mouse is re-charing. All you had to do was put it on the front of the mouse (as other reviewers have suggested. I never remember to charge it until I get the notification that it is low. Thus begins a endless circle where I charge it for as long as I can stand to be working and not use the mouse, then unplug to use, then low battery notification, then charge for a few more minutes, on and on and on. When charged the mouse is great, no problems, but the port being on the bottom of the mouse is idiotic. Someone should have realized this.

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    Poor ergonomics. Really hurts

    My mouse came with my first Mac. The mouse looks decent and perfectly matched the design of Mac.
    However, it hurts. As a long time computer user, I haven't really developed any serious healthy issue with mouse/keyboard use. After one week of using the magic mouse 2, about 1-2 hours every day, I developed a serious repetitive strain injury on my left shoulder/arm/hand. It's because the super flat design of the mouse is so unnatural to human hands. Also, the fancy touch design is not accurate. Some gestures, like two finger slide, just don't work randomly.
    Now I am using an ugly old Logitech mouse with my left hand (My right one still suffers). It is not good-looking, but more comfortable and reliable, and more functional.

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    Poor design

    The recharge system in this mouse is very poorly designed. If it runs out of charge you get to "plug it in" which is good. The port for the recharge on the mouse is on the bottom and it is totally inoperable while it is charging, which is awful. In the middle of important work your mouse becomes completely inoperable until it is charged. Very funky. Apple also made a mistake by no longer offering the wired keyboard and mouse and then also discontinuing the battery operated mouse. They just assumed one would like their so called improvements.

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    Nice Pet

    Magic Mouse, Indeed!
    It comes in a nice box, a very nice box. The mouse looks wonderfull, and has a strange surface that responds to sweeping moves as you stroke its loverly little back! As a pet it is brilliant, as it makes no mess to clean up. Alas the mouse needs a connection through it belly button, so has to spend an hour on its back.
    I purchased this loverly mouse when I upgraded to the new MacBook Pro, with its tiny USB ports. This meant I could not use a conventional mouse, so eagerly looked forward to using the new Magic Mouse.
    What a disappointment, intermittent time outs, and erratic movement, despite trying many different surfaces.
    I now Have a USB converter, and use my old trusted pet mouse with its permanent tail.
    The Magic Mouse is now nothing more than an ornament on a glass shelf.

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    Design failure

    I am baffled by the redesign of the original magic mouse. I have a seven year old magic mouse that works great. Just replace the batteries every few months. With magic mouse 2 you don't have that option because when the battery is low you have to plug it in to charge for an hour, and during that time you can't use the mouse.

    Every time I have to do this I curse the engineers at Apple for an entire hour while I can't use my computer because it doesn't have a usable mouse. Maybe this was a ploy by Apple to get everyone to buy a second mouse while the other is charging?

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    Unreliable connectivity

    This particular iProduct is reliably unreliable. With constant disconnections, it fails to provide a dependable human interface with the computer. The lack of any substantive improvement or solution to the problem by Apple only exacerbates the dissatisfaction.

    Seeking alternatives.

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    Apple's most poorly-designed product

    There is no way to use the mouse and charge it at the same time. Swapping a pair of rechargeable batteries every couple months set me back about 2 minutes a year. It was not a problem that needed to be solved.

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    Nice Looking, But Horrid Stutter

    This is the prettiest of all mice, but it stutters so badly it's virtually unusable.

    It's as if it were an old-fashioned roller mouse with a dirty ball. But there IS no ball! It stutters; the curser stops moving even as I move the mouse frantically; it makes life difficult.

    I couldn't find any threads with the problem newer than 2015. So I called Apple. The technician runs me through some things and then tells me he's going to send me a new one. "YAY! Problem solved!" I say.

    The new mouse gets here, works well. For about 4 minutes. Back to the internet. I find something that says to go through all of my USB ports and remove them one at a time to see if there's a difference. Well, its the Belkin hub I got from Apple.com! So I remove it. That solved it. For 2 days.

    I try the USB route again. It's now my Time Machine that makes things better when I remove it from the port.

    Oh, come the heck on!

    So I now have the pretty mouse on my desk and I'm back to using my old wired Kensington roller ball mouse. Ugly as heck, but it absolutely works!

    I have never given one star to any product, and I absolutely hate to give one to an Apple product, but aside from "nice looking," there is nothing good. It doesn't even make a good doorstop!


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    Magic Mouse 2 is not charging

    despite several attempts, the magic mouse 2 is not charging, though it is being detected by the system.

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    Poor excuse for a mouse

    I bought this mouse to go along with my Macbook pro. The mouse bearly even connects, and when it does, it won't move the curser or click on anything! Plus... why put the port for the charger on the bottom of the mouse! That's just simple bad design. Taking it back and looking for a wired mouse.

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    Crazy bad mouse

    1. It accidentally scrolls everything but especially maps.
    2. Right click sometimes doesn't work.
    3. It loose connection once per week.
    4. You must use Terminal to set correct speed because it's still too slow on the maximum available setting.
    5. You can't use it while charging. (For example, you can use Apple Trackpad while charging.)
    6. It covers by scratches in few days of use.

    I changed mouse but it didn't help to resolve any of the described issues. I'm sure that nobody at Apple use it because it's almost impossible to use it.

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    Apple! Can't you see it is nowhere near good enough?

    Lots of customers have politely mentioned the inconvenience of having a mouse that is unusable while it is recharged.
    This is not just poor design it is unforgivably bad design. It is rediculous. It is bad enough that they have to be recharged. I have had Macs since 1987 and never given the mice, or their leads, a second thought. They all outlasted the Macs they came with and worked perfectly throughout. Now in 2017 I have to wait while this waste of expensive materials charges itself up. On it's back with the lightning lead sticking up stupidly. Really, really stupidly. Apple has started making toys. Not even good ones, just pretty ones. I am sitting here looking at it now, unable to use my very expensive Mac and feeling unbelievably angry and frustrated. It is pretentious and unnecessary overdesign, masquerading as simplicity and ending up beyond inadequacy.

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    Don't buy this

    I love the interface with the Magic Mouse, most of all being able to swipe sideways (no wheel or button). But honestly this thing was wonky almost right out of the box -- within one or two days, left click wouldn't work, mouse wouldn't connect with my computer. Who has time to futz around with this all morning? Not me. Please come up with a corded Magic Mouse that actually works day in, day out. Very disappointed.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Stupid Design

    The mouse is unusable while charging and there is very little warning when it's about go dead. Supposedly it will get a day's charge in 2 minutes and this is flatly not true. Basically you have to have a back-up mouse and use while it's charging. Remember when apple designed things well?

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    Died Completely after One Year

    Looks good, feels good, dies good. For the money spent, this may be the WORST product Apple ever produced. Oh well, my Microsoft mini-mouse uses one AA battery and runs for about a year. It's always been my travel mouse, now it will be my new "home" mouse.

    Form over function for this worthless device.

    Did no one ever tell Tim about this thing?

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    lasted just months

    worst product Apple has made. I have had this slick little mouse for only 6 months. Changed batteries several times, not it does not work at all. Don't buy waste of good money,

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    Poor design

    My mouse battery must have died over the weekend. At first I thought, cool, no problem, it's rechargeable! Sadly I discovered like all those before me that the charging port is on the bottom. Not a mistake I would expect from Apple.

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    Magic Mouse 2 - Poor Design and Doesn't Hold Charge

    The mouse had issues holding a charge after one month. Because the re-charging location is on the bottom, you are unable to charge the mouse when it is dead... so you are stuck. It was poorly designed and doesn't work well.

    Tried to return it after 2 months and was not able to...

    VERY DISAPPOINTED--would not recommend.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Connects Intermittently

    This mouse connects then is not connected back and forth several times a day. While I use my new iMac I have to pause what I am doing frequently to wait for the "magic" mouse to be found again. Today it stopped connecting completely. $80? Looks nice, doesn't work.

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