• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice design but....

    Love the mouse EXCEPT it doesn't indicate when it's running low and needs to be recharged. The warning would be terrific so I could plug it in overnight. Woke up this morning and it was essentially dead. Also needs some sort of indicator when it's fully charged. Other than that, it's a vast improvement over the old one. Perhaps Apple wants us to buy two so one can be charging while the other is in use? NOT the best solution really. NOT at the price.

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    good but not great

    it was exciting to see you can recharge it,but it must have been a little much to want to use it while it was recharging ,they place the plugin port on the bottom of the mouse instead of on the side or somewhere cool like the front. they figured it would mean people would just buy an extra mouse in case it hadn't charged ,or watch a movie while it charges ,unknown, this is sort of like how they made the ear buds that can be easily lost, an ok idea from a business perspective ,cause people now need to buy more to hear their music, but a plug in would be preferable. fixing one problem just to then create a new problem is not good progress, hopefully they think of the design next time by asking a group of people who aren't just agreeing with the boss.

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    Poor weighting and shape makes it hard to use

    Most of the time I use a Windows PC for work so I have generally use two mice the most: one Logitech wireless mouse that's a bit small but quite ergonomically shaped and a Microsoft mouse that's as cheap as they come for twenty bucks. Lately I've used the Magic Mouse quite a lot with an iMac and it offers no precision at all. It's rather heavy and is it a bit too flat to feel comfortable underneath my palm. It's weight contributes to its lack of precision as it can't be moved around smoothly like other mice can. I quite like the trackpad on my Macbook Pro, but don't feel like I need it if I have a regular mouse available...and so the top surface of the Magic Mouse 2 isn't that useful at all. I love Apple, but this mouse isn't practical and it's expensive. Honestly, I'd rather just have the iMac trackpad, or whatever it is called, or a regular Microsoft or Logitech mouse with no Apple bells and whistles.

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    Your grip style is critical to your satisfaction!

    I'm told there's three kinds of grip for a mouse: Claw, palm, and something else I've forgotten and can't be bothered to look up.

    What I've found AFTER using the mouse for a week is that I use a claw grip, pinching in from the sides to move the mouse. It is at this point that I realize that the (not sharp, but) abrupt corners on the sides can be noticeable. Maybe not off-putting, but 3 weeks in I still notice it.

    If you're used to a high palm swell on the mouse you will miss it. My cheapo old Logitech M100 mouse does not have a big swell, but Apple flat takes some getting used to.

    Flat is necessary for the multitouch surface on the top of the mouse, which turns out to be more useful as I take the time to configure it to how I work.

    I haven't had connectivity issues. 1 charge lasts me... I don't know, 3 weeks later I'm sitting at 76%, and I'm a full time student.

    Worth it, but try one in a store, if you can.

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    Give a Mouse a Tail

    Why or earth would you put the charging connector on the bottom??? The magic keyboard has a thunderbolt socket on it. If you plug the lead it, it not only charges, but also acts like a wired USB keyboard, allowing you to press startup key combinations without waiting for Bluetooth to start. genius. Why not follow that lead and give the mouse a tail? Have the charging socket on the top end and allow you to operate the mouse as a wired mouse when plugged in. This is not rocket science, just good design, something Apple tends to be very good at. How did you guys miss this one?

    Other than that, the mouse is pretty good.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good functionality, terrible ergonomics

    Good functionality for OSX users but after even 30 minutes of continued use, the mouse is very uncomfortable in the hand. yes it looks great, but that was clearly the only thing that was important when designing this mouse.

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    Good mouse in theory

    The shape of the mouse fits your natural hand position and the scroll is very nice. But it disconnects CONSTANTLY which makes it near unusable.

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    Also here for the charging port. MM2 needs more magic spells.

    I was going to buy this mouse for my MacBook Pro since its trackpad isn't enough for how much I navigate on several programs/apps at once. I must say when I saw this in the store, I was very tempted to buy this along with the MacBook due to it's sleek style. I'm not a gamer so I love its minimalistic look. I'm also not one who goes in-depth on mouse functions (precision, speed, smoothness, finger/hand comfort, etc.). That being said, I did enjoy trying out the product but needed more details before purchasing.

    The charging situation is definitely concerning. It's not so much that I can't wait for an hour or two every two months to recharge. I'm sure everyone in here who's complaining have something else to do for an hour or two every two months while recharging the mouse. What concerns me is that like some have mentioned here, is that there is no light that indicates if the mouse needs to be recharged (correct me if I'm wrong). Therefore it could become suddenly useless during workflow. As someone who often works out of office and does a lot of web conference, I'd hate to suddenly get interrupted by this and lose momentum (especially if you're the one presenting to the group). Having to recharge the mouse every night before to avoid this sort of situation could become an inconvenience. I could do this for my phone but not for a device that's supposed to make my computer-use more seamless.

    Sitting this one out. Hoping the newer version's charging port isn't in the way so that it can be plugged and remain usable during such situations.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Usability - Disappointed

    Bought an iMac when my beloved 2011 17" MBP finally gave up the ghost (yes, it was an early-2011 model with the faulty logic board; had it replaced twice but the programme ran out). Was hoping to get a decent mouse along with some semblance of a track pad. Magic Mouse 2 is a decent mouse to point and click, but already the implementation of the right mouse button is dodgy at best. Worse, the lack of ergonomic features makes the thing hard to point at times. Worst of all, though, is the lack of any middle mouse button, and the implementation of the scroll wheel. Since the entire surface is sensitive to swiping/tapping, the mouse frequently mistakes simple finger movements for swiping or tapping movements, resulting in unwanted scrolling and zooming. It may work if you are using the mouse with 1 finger only, but as soon as you permanently have 2 fingers on the mouse (e.g., when using left and right mouse button functionality), chaos ensues. Popped my Logitech G9 (ancient, but trusty and working) back in and am happier, but minus the track pad functionality.
    My advice: if you need a trackpad, get one instead of the mouse, and for things you need a mouse for (and I mean not only gaming), use a real mouse.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a hater (really) but I agree with them on this one...

    Perfect, except for one huge flaw: the charging on the bottom. Makes it worthless while charging. And yes, I realize that it is not a life-or-death issue, and yes, it doesn't kill me to step away from the computer every now and then. But my iMac is a family computer, and it seems like whenever I need it, the kids have run down the mouse without charging it. I don't see why they couldn't put it in the front (or the side) like a old wired mouse.... That said, it is otherwise flawless. Love not needing to change batteries.

    Looking forward to Magic Mouse 3!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Suggestion for a new feature for Magic Mouse

    Why don't you make a left or right click surface work as a tap/double-tap (like on trackpad) instead of actually pressing to click - and then you drag it as a mouse. Cause now it takes too muck of a finger power to press for a click.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    Great mouse except for one serious design flaw, it can't be used while charging. Apple needs to address this issue!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not bad for general computing

    I've used the Magic Mouse 2 for about a month now, and for me at least, there are elements of this mouse that I like very much, but also elements of it that prevent it from being a great mouse:

    1. I do like the sleek form factor of the mouse, and the design is consistent with Apple's modern, stylish lineup of products. However, the small form factor, despite its pleasing appearance, also poses issues (below).
    2. The bluetooth connection works flawlessly, never have issues with connection, and I also like that I can click on the mouse to bring my macbook pro out of sleep.
    3. There's really no competition in this space: the mouse supports a number of gestures that are comparable to gestures you can perform on the trackpad. This makes the mouse very suitable for general mac use.
    4. Works well on a wooden table without a mousepad.
    5. Good battery life.

    1. Due to it's small, and uniform form factor, it's ergonomically awkward and uncomfortable. Having migrated from using PCs primarily, I was used to my Logitech MX master, which I could use comfortably all day long. Hence, I'll still stick with my Logitech when I'm working on applications that requires a lot of mouse use (such as Capture Pro 10, Photoshop, etc.)
    2. The right click, while it works, is very inconsistent. I think I've found a sweet spot to click to get the right click working, but it's certainly not as consistent or easy (as in requiring no additional effort) as using mice with a dedicated button for right clicking.

    My recommendation would be to still go ahead and get this mouse if being able to do gestures is important to you. But if you have large hands and/or require all day comfort and precise left & right clicks, go for a 3rd party solution.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mouse, but charging design is seriously flawed

    I haven't had any the connectivity issues reported, nor any of the tracking or precision issues reported. My mouse connects immediately, it's responsive, and if I need more precision, I just slow down the tracking for the task at hand and speed it up when I'm done. Battery life is wholly dependent on usage, and time between charges for me varies.

    However, when I do have to charge, I'm done working until the mouse is recharged - the charging port being on the bottom of the mouse is, for lack of a more suitable term, a stupid design. I used rechargeable batteries in my original Magic Mouse; when they got low, I swapped them for recharged batteries and kept working. Now I need to plug in and walk away until this is one is recharged. I wonder how many charges the internal battery is good for? How many more batteries will now end up in landfill?

    Everything about this mouse is great (for me at least) except the charging port. A very poor design decision that should never have been approved.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    This is not what I would expect from Apple

    The battery lasts just a couple of days when used intensively. The charging connector is a standard Lightning port...but positioned beneath the mouse, so it cannot be used while charging. The top surface's scrolling feature is really smart and helpful, but its design is suited for small to medium hands, those, like me, with medium-large hands, will find it uncomfortable. It is also quite heavy and that is bad for precision. I wouldn't suggest its use for CAD/CAM or gaming. At least the Magic Mouse 1 had replaceable batteries which lasted for months, this mouse forces you to put it aside while charging, every other day. Honestly I'm really disappointed, as an Apple enthusiast, this mouse is quite a disappointment. The previous version war better. It's time to design something really new and more functional.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Tricky with Excel

    The most amazing mouse ever if you're just browsing email or the web, but things get tricky if you're doing anything that requires precision (e.g. Excel). The problem is that the entire surface of the mouse is a scroll wheel, so if you're using your index finger to click on the left side any slight inadvertent touch with another finger on the right side can engage the scrolling process. The screen becomes a moving target. It gets frustrating!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    mouse returned

    After using the magic mouse2 for a week, I ended up returning it and upgraded to Track Pad 2. Problem with the mouse was that it would lose bluetooth connection for a second or so, or it wasn't fluid as there was minor stuttering. I have the iMac 27 inch screen, and the mouse created more work for my hand/risk to go from one end to the other end of the screen. Lastly, I didn't like where the charging port was located at. These may not be big issues for you, but I like to work fluidly as much as possible.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Probably great if you're new to Apple products

    Reading others' reviews, the key theme seems to be that this is a great mouse if you're new to Apple products or have suffered through the (apparently even worse?) Magic Mouse 1.

    Magic Mouse 2 is capable of so much, but the developers have severely restricted the usability. Tap to click, a standard on MacBooks for years (since perhaps 2008), is not even an option in the system preferences for this. Instead, you must download 3rd party applications that are inelegant at best, but most often seem to render the MM2 nearly unusable by overriding so many of Apple's default settings, creating unpredictable conflicts.

    Honestly, it's a bit difficult to enumerate all of the issues that I've had with the MM2. I've been using mine for nearly 2 weeks and will be returning it. I'd recommend trying it out at an Apple Store or borrowing one from a friend if you're considering one. I think that a future Magic Mouse will be well worth the price. This one, though, feels like it was pushed to market too early.

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    Questionable design decision

    I never review products, but the position of the charging port on this mouse makes no sense. What is going to happen, is it's going to die and then I'm going to need to dig out my old mouse to use while I charge this one. Just moving the port and enabling the mouse to charge and be used at the same time would make this a great product. Honestly I would prefer the rechargeable batteries to this. The day to day use of this mouse is just fine, no complaints. This design decision however, concerns me. I feel like Apple is slipping. They used to go the next step with design, and now it seems they are falling just short on a number of things.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good BUT

    It's a great mouse design. I was a little appalled however Apple but the plug perpendicular and on the bottom making the mouse impossible to use while charging?! Why? Functions quite well otherwise. Magic Mouse 3 which hopefully follows soon should also have the fingerprint reader from the latest iPhones. It would be a great improvement for the Mac line of devices.

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