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    I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews about the charging cable being on the bottom of the mouse. Yes, it's kinda weird, but there's really no excuse for letting the mouse die to the point that you need to use it while it charges. You can see the percentage of the charge in your preferences. When it gets low plug it in overnight??? It's not that difficult??

    I had the original magic mouse- having to buy batteries constantly for it was waaaaay more annoying! I've had my mouse for 3 weeks, charged it fully right out of the box, have used it every day and it's only at 83%. I turn it off when I'm not using it. At this rate I'll only have to charge it every few months. I'd say that's a VAST improvement to the batteries.

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    Best mouse I've ever used

    Apple mice have typically been pretty bad. I've used them off and on since the 1998, and they all suffered from pointlessly quirky design and lack of features. I would always replace them with a cheap windows mouse. This mouse is actually a step forward in every area, the multi-touch surface actually make this better than a standard mouse. Hands down the best.

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    Love it

    I am considered the go to person in town I live when it comes to technology. In the past 7 years I have converted heaps of windows users to mac os and will confidently continue to do so.

    Today I installed and configured a new 21" mac for a guy down the road or should I say I plugged it in and it configured itself. All I had to do was create dock items of his favourite sites and enter the account details

    I was delighted to see the rechargeable mouse and keyboard what a winner compared to the Logitech clumsy potato with batteries he had on his old PC.

    Well done Apple

    Thats why we will support You guys.

    ps we don't need to pirate software as it is all there for us.

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    Wonderful Product

    I have used the Magic Mouse I for years and I love it, and I am very much looking forward to a rechargeable Magic Mouse II !!! Regarding bad comments by others: there apparently is no mechanism to identify fraudulent reviews and I would not be surprised if Apple's competition contracts this job out. The competition would of course deny it, and it would be difficult to prove. We can only speculate at this point. But regardless of the other reviews, this is a great product.

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    Yes, who are these people!

    Please, refer to Jeff F from Phoenix's review as I feel the EXACT same way. Great product -- just need it in space gray now.

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    Was a little strange when I first used it but the touch technology becomes irreplaceable. All other mice are so restricted and one dimensional.

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    The best mouse ever

    I was so in doubt to purchase this mouse because of all negative feedback, but I decided to try. I must say this is the best mouse I have ever used! It is so simple to use, and battery life is incredible! I just love all the gestures I can perform with this mouse. I really don't know what people expect a mouse to be, but this one definitely exceeded my expectations. It looks just perfect and I cannot find any flaw at all.

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    The best mouse from Apple yet, EXCEPT for the location of the charing plug.

    But I can live with that. Coz I only need to charge it for a few hours over night once every fifth week. Great product, feels well in the hand and easily beats any copy "mouses". Very stable BT connection too, opposite the Chinese copy products that basically are useless, this just works. 5 stars and gladly a sixth if I could.

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    Love this mouse

    I wanted the bluetooth mouse since I have limited usb ports on my mini mac. When I first saw that there was no roller on the top and it wasn't split for right click left click I was concerned. Then I read the instructions and learned that you can program for right/left click in the settings. Also the material the mouse is made of recognizes when I slide my finger as though there was a roller and scrolls the page. Works like a dream. Very happy I bought it!

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    Magic Mouse 2 IS AWESOME.

    Magic Mouse 2 IS BY far the best mouse that I have ever used.

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    I like it. Works just like the old one.

    I like that it recharges. Just remember to plug it in when you go home for the day / leave for work in the morning / go to bed at night. I have no idea why people are confused by this workflow. It's not like a daily thing, the charge lasts for weeks. I don't think it's too much to plug the thing in when you walk away once a month.

    This mouse works great, I like the touch gestures. It's an improvement over the last version with recharging and as some have noted, it is a little lighter if that's important to you.

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    Best mouse I have ever owned

    I absolutely loved the original Magic Mouse, but the Magic Mouse 2 makes something great even greater. The fit, feel, and functionality of the Magic Mouse 2 makes it the best mouse I have ever owned. I have read numerous reviews of people complaining that you can't charge while using it at the same time. Either these individuals don't realize how much it would mess up the shape by having a port at the top, or these individuals have the worst time management skills known to man that they can't charge a mouse overnight or when not using their desktop.

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    Great Product

    I'm coming off a PC-based system to a Mac and I love it all, including my Magic Mouse. What's not to love? Scrolling between programs or apps and scrolling within a page without all that annoying clicking. It's comfortable in my hand and has a substantial feel. It moves easily on a standard mouse pad. Great product.

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    A bit pricy but a nice product

    Purchased this as a replacement for my original Magic Mouse just because. Typical Apple build quality. Can't specifically say why, but the mouse "feels" smoother and more responsive. Not having to change batteries will be nice. Setup is a no brainer. Plug it into your computer and it pairs automatically. If you had a previous Magic Mouse, all your settings are carried over. Regarding the charging port being on the bottom of the mouse, yes, not a great design (misguided form over function). But, the mouse fits quite nicely on an Apple iPhone dock (mouse facing forward towards the cable) so at the end of the day, place it on the dock and there won't be an issue with battery level. And yes, you'd have to buy one of those too. So far, very pleased.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Ignore the misleading reviews, people are idiots, this thing is awesome!

    For goodness sake, do you charge your phone overnight? Then do the same this this you knuckleheads!! You can't tell me you don't sleep so let's be honest, many of you forget to charge this, then it dies and then you complain that the port should be in the front to compensate of your idiocy. Just take a break if you must allow it to charge while working, then create better habits, it's not difficult.

    I switched from the first version to this one and it was seamless! Works exactly as it always has (perfectly), have had zero issues and the best part? It charges super fast and no more batteries ever!!!!

    Buy it, and use it as its intended, charge it overnight, unlike the masses minus the M, ha ha

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    I just love the magic mouse 2. It's so beautiful, it doesen't need a scrool whee, it does need some time to charg but it last's for a month. The lightning connecter is on the bottom so it's unuseable for iMac users but it's fine for MacBook users. Hope apple puts the connecter on the side or front.

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    Sleek Design

    I just bought my Magic Mouse 2 yesterday for my MacBook Pro w/ retina laptop. It works fine. It glides smoothly and very operational. I found nothing wrong with it. Moreover,I like that it is rechargeable and wireless. It will help me to preserve my laptop's trackpad from always using it. The constant usage of the trackpad and the force touch is not good. I mean it will damage in the long run so it's better that I have an option - the Magic Mouse 2.

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    Better than the last one!

    I have the original magic mouse at home and I hate dealing with the batteries! When I started my new job, they had that really old corded one which was even worse because I didn't have the gestures like the one at home! So I asked for a magic mouse. Ask and you shall receive (at my work at least). Anyway, I got it and was totally amazed that it doesn't require batteries! I didn't even know that existed! As other reviews have pointed out, yes it sometimes is inconvenient when your mouse dies because the charging port is on the bottom. But... Your computer keeps alerting you that your mouse is dying before it does. Be sure to just plug it in when you're done for the day and you'll be set. I have had it die twice at work because I forgot to charge it the night before. I just plugged it in for 5-10 mins and that gave me enough juice to make it until lunch when I was able to really charge it up. One thing I love is that it uses the same cable as the iPhone which I always already have on my desk for my phone! I so want one of these at home, but I'm just going to keep using rechargeable batteries for now. If I ever have to replace it, I'll for sure get the new one! I haven't noticed a difference besides the charging bit. If you put the new one and the old one in my hand, I wouldn't be able to tell you which was which unless I checked the bottom.

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    Works Great.

    Not really sure what all the fuss is about. This mouse works very well and the multi-touch gestures really set it apart from third part accessories. As far as charging goes, I have used it very extensively and have yet to charge it because it keeps a charge for 6-8 weeks, while only requiring 2 hours of charge for that performance. So, not gonna be a huge deal. If you're considering buying it, I doubt you'll regret it.

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    I have just returned to college from the workforce and as such I needed to create an office to work out of online etc. I already owned a Macbook Air with i7 processor and decided to set it up with an external monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse. The Magic Mouse 2 works perfectly. There was no work at all in installing it, just turn on bluetooth and bam, it works. The battery life has been amazing. wether I am working, during homework or gaming it works flawlessly. I'm not sure why there have been such bad reviews because it will glide across any surface perfectly, even leather. I guess if you don't know how to set the sensitivity that would be a problem. I like that you can scroll, zoom in and out, and go forward or backward in web pages just by swiping your finger. The fit is perfectly fine and you will forget your holding it. The problem with charging it I don't understand. You can see how much battery it has left by looking it up so not really a problem, and unless you absolutely stay awake 24 hours a day, 365 days a year I guess having to set it down for a few minutes to charge would be horrendous, but I just set mine to charge with the included cord when I'm not using it. Ignore the negative reviews on here, it works perfectly, charges perfectly, fits your hand without putting it in a weird position, and has outstanding battery life. If your used to apple products being amazing then you won't find a thing wrong with it.

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