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    I have just returned to college from the workforce and as such I needed to create an office to work out of online etc. I already owned a Macbook Air with i7 processor and decided to set it up with an external monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse. The Magic Mouse 2 works perfectly. There was no work at all in installing it, just turn on bluetooth and bam, it works. The battery life has been amazing. wether I am working, during homework or gaming it works flawlessly. I'm not sure why there have been such bad reviews because it will glide across any surface perfectly, even leather. I guess if you don't know how to set the sensitivity that would be a problem. I like that you can scroll, zoom in and out, and go forward or backward in web pages just by swiping your finger. The fit is perfectly fine and you will forget your holding it. The problem with charging it I don't understand. You can see how much battery it has left by looking it up so not really a problem, and unless you absolutely stay awake 24 hours a day, 365 days a year I guess having to set it down for a few minutes to charge would be horrendous, but I just set mine to charge with the included cord when I'm not using it. Ignore the negative reviews on here, it works perfectly, charges perfectly, fits your hand without putting it in a weird position, and has outstanding battery life. If your used to apple products being amazing then you won't find a thing wrong with it.

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    Love it

    Smooth, sweet. Minimal effort. Makes an old mouse feel like it has pedals on it

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product

    Really like this product.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    GREAT product!

    Have been using this mouse for two months now and have only had to charge it one time (when I got it out of the box)! Granted, the charging port is on the bottom of the mouse. My solution to those complaining is charge it at night when you're not using the MacBook?? I understand people have different opinions of products, but I see no problems with this mouse that can't be fixed with a little common knowledge! I really dislike the mouse pad on the laptop and this mouse fits all my needs I can't get with the pad. HIGHLY recommend!

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    People, get with it!-This mouse is great.

    I can't believe some of the reviews I've read about this mouse. First, its exactly the same shape as my old Apple wireless mouse except this one has rechargeable batteries. Those writers who feel it "doesn't fit their hands" must have gorilla paws. Secondly the rechargeable battery is great. So what the charging port is on the bottom. Can't people turn it over and change overnight or are the naysayers trying to suggest they work 24 hours a day non stop. How ridiculous. The charge lasts forever. People, get a life. Find something really bad to write about. It shouldn't be this mouse.

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    Ignore the low ratings. This mouse is awesome!

    My husband owned a trackpad and I got the Magic Mouse. My husband used my mouse for a day and fell in love with it, now we are being a second one to replace the trackpad! The only criticism of the mouse is the charging is kind of awkward, but the battery life is decent so it's not a big deal at all. This is hands down the best mouse both my husband and I have every used.

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    Outstanding Product

    I bought the magic mouse2 five or six months ago and couldn't be happier - i've literally had NO problems. I work with spreadsheets a lot and this is a dream in that regard.

    I noticed there were a few complaints about having to charge it by plugging in the cord to the bottom of the mouse - while you do have to charge it that way - it's never been an issue for me and the battery life is GREAT (I use it daily for long periods). I think i've charged it 3 times in like 5 months. Plus, the computer tells you when the battery is getting low, so you can just charge it overnight when you get the notice - no big deal.

    Anyway, the hate has gone way too far - I think it's a great product. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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    Great product but no Lightning to USB-C cable

    One word: self-entitlement. Anyone who leaves a one-star review on the Magic Mouse 2 is not being honest with themselves or others.

    The main criticism is that the charging connector is at the bottom of the mouse. Which means, while the mouse is charging, you can't use it. I understand. But people! A 2 minute charge gives you 9 hours of use! A 2-3 hour charge gives you 30 days of use! That's amazing. And even if you're a heavy mouse user, rarely leaving it to idle, charging for 2 minutes will still get you at least a half day of use.

    It's just not a big deal. And I would much prefer the charge port at the bottom rather than compromise the amazing design and feel when using it, which would turn the mouse into butt-ugliness, with all kinds of usability issues by trying to place a charging port in front or on the side.

    Probably better to leave product design to those that know what they're doing.

    Now, what I would have liked to see is a Lightning to USB-C cable included instead of a Lightning to regular USB. That seems kind of stingy.

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    Terrific, Sleek and practical.

    I have to laugh at some of the negative reviews concerning this mouse. It does everything it is meant to do in rapid and accurate form. Yes, it is the best mouse available, no question. Every detail of this mouse reflects quality design and thoughtful implementation.

    Even the placement of the charging port is classic.

    I'm used to using portable devices, computer, iPad, phone and watch, so it's no big deal to recharge before "Sudden Death". As I recall, there have been complaints about having to charge the iPhone and Apple Watch. Probably the same "bleeding deacons". Yes, it may take some added organization and/or planning to charge a mouse once a week while not working. Big deal!!

    Thanks Apple, I'm enjoying the mouse!

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    Magic is the keyword

    Please. I wish Apple haters would just stay away from these product reviews and spew their vitriol somewhere else. The MM2 is the best mouse I have ever used. The charging port on the bottom is not an issue. First, the battery lasts forever (maybe every two months with average use). Second, it is so easy to pop in the charger cord at night when I leave the machine. It charges very quickly and is good for another two months. The rest is subjective. I love the ergonomics and function of the mouse. I don't work for Apple, but if you want a reliable, well-designed mouse, you should take the plunge. Easily 5 stars.

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    Why all the bad reviews??

    This mouse is great! I got it for my Mac and it works perfectly. It looks beautiful as well. It tracks well and hasn't messed up. The only downside is the changing port being on the bottom. Other than that, it is one great piece of technology and I would recommend it to anyone with a Mac!!

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    Just perfect

    it is completely innovative and nothing can beat it! And as for the charging.. with one minute of charging it lasts one hour! So go to the toilet let your mouse charge for 5 minutes ( means 5 hours of use) and stop complain about it!

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    The reinvention of the mouse.

    First of all, there's nothing out there like this mouse. There is no such thing as an USB rechargeable mouse, that has touch, tap, multi-tap and multi-touch capabilities. It is light, it looks absolutely beautiful as a design.

    At first I was a bit disappointed that it has few gestures, however I found "MagicPrefs", a tool that lets you customize and has even more features available. Like "tapping on the apple logo", or "three finger swipe" or "three finger click" (which is ctrl + click for me)

    It's amazing how much you can do by configuring it.

    It takes a while to adjust, because the way you hold it when using it, is not like a traditional mouse that has your palm rest on top of it. You have to hold it differently to feel natural and comfortable for your hand. You will understand once you use it for 4-6 hours.

    Regarding the "charging on bottom" and "inability to use while charging". I see no other place where it could have been put and not break the design. People ranting about "form over function" are wrong, because 5min charge lasts you 9 hours of usage. I had a lot of problems before with wireless mice and not having batteries in my house.

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    Best bluetooth mouse on the market

    I can't imagine using my macbook pro without this mouse. It saves me so much time and it is much better than the trackpad. There's only one other bluetooth mouse on the market that can compete with this one, which is the Logitech MX Master. I tried that one out and the bluetooth connectivity is way worse and it also has no touch features. This is hands down the best accessory! Happy I bought it.

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    What is all the fuss about?

    Being an Apple convert since the days of the very 1st iPhone, when my Magic Mouse 1 stopped working (after 8 years) I just went and bought another............ and then I read the reviews of the Magic Mouse 2. "Worst design ever" "Badly designed""Hurts my hand""Cant use whilst charging""The designer should be sacked" etc etc. I thought about cancelling. I didn't and it arrived.

    Clearly some people have nothing to do except moan. The shape is exactly the same as MM1. Yes it is different to a PC mouse but that is why you bought Apple.

    Yes it takes a little bit of time to get used to the great functionality but its worth the effort.

    No, it cannot be used whilst charging. Mine was 96% charged when I took it out of the box and, IT WILL RECHARGE IN THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME THAT IT WOULD TAKE TO CHANGE THE BATTERIES ON A CONVENTIONAL MOUSE. If you want one that has a lead attached to it whilst you use it, don't go for a bluetooth one. This will recharge in the time it takes to make a cup of tea or a visit to the bathroom which I assume we all do!.

    Yes it is overpriced/expensive but that is the price to pay for a superb piece of kit. If you want cheaper, buy a PC.

    It is a great piece of kit even if a little expensive. Don't hesitate to buy.

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    Magic Mouse 2

    Even though I've never owned the first Magic Mouse I was hesitant on buying one but I love it so far it's an amazing Mouse paired very easy with my MacBook Pro and I didn't want to buy it for 2 reasons the price and the way the charging port was on the bottom and an extra 10$ from the last one just because it's 100% rechargeable yeah no thanks but I made my self buy it. Great Mouse. Just next time make it so we can use the Mouse and charge at the same time.

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    Huge improvement from the first one. No connection issues, excellent tracking. I think the reason for people giving it a lower rating is because they couldn't be bothered to read the tech specs and had out of this word expectations.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Seamless Integration and Excellent Performanc

    my iMac came with a wireless mouse and I enjoyed it and used it a great deal. It was time to replace it due to damage, over some 4-5 years. The new one came in no time at all.

    The delivered mouse is pre-charged so no waiting for an over night charge to begin.
    I followed the very simple guide and was using the new mouse in less than a minute. what can I say. Its wonderful.

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    Truly Magical!

    I really don't know why there is so much hate about this mouse on the Internet(maybe because of the price). The moment I unboxed it, I fell in love with it. It's beautiful and yes, Apple does NOT consider aesthetics over function. Its a mouse which might take some time in adapting. Initially, I had little issues in using it and I was tempted to use the trackpad on my MacBook Air 13' but I forced myself to use this mouse and now, my muscle memory has this mouse. The way you glide your fingers is so much fun.

    Pls note I don't use mouse with my work computer(Windows laptop) and did not use mouse for years so this will give you a fair idea that how much I love it that it has made to use this beautiful device. Thanks again Apple. Price is a little steep which is for all the products made by Apple.
    Peace out.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Magic Mouse

    I love the Apple mice, they are great. I've had them for 10+ years now, starting with the mighty mouse and had the magic mouse 1 and now the magic mouse 2. There is no mouse that compares with it, the technology and ergonomics are just great.

    Two negatives about the mouse is:

    1. The lighting port is at the bottom of the mouse so you can't use it while charging it although it charges very, very quickly and the battery lasts very long. It just seems like a stupid design while they could've put the port on the side somewhere.

    2. There is no more on indicator light at the bottom next to the on switch. I am used to flipping the on switch on the magic mouse 1 and seeing the green light which indicates that it is on and has battery life. You can see it inside the macOS though so it's fine.

    Great mouse, no regrets, thank you Apple!

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