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    $80 and it doesn't include the wall plug????

    Its a very nice charger and designed very nicely, just like all apple products. I just can't believe it doesn't include the wall charger. Now i have to go back and by the part that plugs into the wall. Seems like this is perfect for next to the bed, but then they don't include something to plug it into the wall????

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    Apple Watch Dock Review

    First off, let me say that this dock is a MUST if you don't want your watch getting scratched when trying to charge it on a hard surface. For the first couple of weeks when charging without this, I had to put it on a blanket. Even after that though, I was skeptical about buying this stand, because it was ridiculously expensive. Anyways, after I bought it, I was absolutely delighted. The material used feels really nice, it looks beautiful on my dresser, and the weight inside it means it won't slide unless I pick it up. Quality was much better than any 3rd party stand, which is exactly what I needed. Now, there were a couple of problems with this dock.

    1. If you have a case, make sure it's a thin one (otherwise nightstand mode won't work/it won't charge)

    2. Overpriced. It's nice and all, but 80 bucks seriously? I bet it didn't cost more than 15 to make.

    3. It didn't come with a USB adapter. The long cord is awesome, but I had to plug the USB into my old iHome, which really defeats the purpose of nightstand mode.

    Overall though, it was worth it. A great buy, especially compared to the other cheap ones out there.

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    Nice stand but expensive.

    The stand is nice. But it should include a wall plug for the price. I guess they expect you to use the one that came with the watch.

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    Great charging dock.

    I was looking for a simple charging dock/cradle for days. I really wanted a dock that charged and enabled nightstand mode without scuffing/damaging my Apple Watch or table.

    This seemed to fit the bill, but I was a bit turned off by the price. Got it anyways, and am overwhelming satisfied with the purchase. I like that the actual charger allows the watch to either lay flat or up in night stand mode. It looks and feels more substantial in person and the soft-like bottom of the dock ensures that the watch will not get scuffed. If you can get over the price, you'll be pleased with this dock.

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