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    Very comfortable, much better quality than 3rd party bands I tried.

    This is the band that came with my aluminum gold apple watch. Very comfortable & lightweight. I appreciated the quality of this band even more after I bought a few 3rd party sport bands. The 3rd party bands were only $13 each, but not worth the savings, because I ended up tossing all 3 of them. The material of the 3rd party bands (3 different brands) were all consistent in that they were all dust & lint magnets, to the point that they looked filthy after a day (and I work at a desk all day). The apple band feels different, not tacky feeling at all & doesn't pick up lint & dust. It's also a bit thicker.

    Bottom line is, I wasted about $40 on 3 bands that I didn't even end up keeping, which made me realize that ordering the actual band was worth it. I've since bought a stone band & also a couple of the woven nylon bands (which are great btw). I still think these should be priced around $25-$30, but you do get better quality for the money.

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