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    I ordered two of these cables for my new iPad Pro, since the cable that comes in the box of this $1500 device is criminally short. Well, these cables work fine and are a bit thicker than that one, but wow do they STINK. Both of these cables smell STRONGLY of mold/mildew. I don't mean to say that they have a light, bad smell. The stench of these cables is overpowering.

    I honestly can't believe Apple would sell something like this.

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    everyone is right this cable and standard is actually a disappointment

    You can basically only use this cable to charge, and you HAVE to use the apple cable to charge at full speed. aftermarket cables in my experience take twice as long to charge. So the "wireless future" that apple has described is actually double the cables you carry around with you all th time. Apple is expecting the aftermarket to plug all the gaps between accessories and macbooks, but its not graceful and its not carefully enough thought through. If I pull this cable our of my macbook 1st gen touchbar laptop even 1mm, I loos connection. it looks like its connected but its not. Also, my drives eject constantly. Thats a macbook problem more than a cable problem, but the two sides were ill conceived together. Lot of potential for USB-c, but its not helping me in my day to day life as a person who makes a lot of video and photo. Its just a lot of dongles and adapters and a heaping bag of cables. I now carry at least double the cables I used to.

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    Bad cable after 1 month already wrinkled

    This is a stiff cable that when wrapped around the MacBookPro charger it startes to wrinkle after only one month ☹️ looking for other brand cable less stiff.

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    Cracked and kinked after only 5 months

    Very disappointed with the power cable for my new MacBook. After just 5 months it has kinks and one part is actually cracked with the wires exposed. My MacBook spends most of it's time plugged in at a desk or my bedside table - not traveling a lot. The cable for my previous MacBook Pro was great for over 4 years and is still going strong. The quality of this cable is poor (read the other reviews!) and unacceptable considering the cost of a MacBook.

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    I have used about 3 of these charges since I got my MacBook...with all three charges, charging is a hassle, I have to unplug and replug the charger several times, in several ports before it works. Sometimes I give up and just leave my laptop dead for the whole day. It is really really stressful and inconvenient.

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    no magsafe, no charge indicator light, doesn't transfer data at high speed

    It's like the charge cable apple used to supply with laptops but this one doesn't include magsafe and doesn't include a charge status light. Also, don't confuse this with a thunderbolt 3 cable or even a useful data cable, it's just a dumb charge cable.

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    Doesn't work

    I have had my 12" MacBook for less than two months and my computer is completely dead and will not charge. After reading the other reviews, I am more hopeful that it is the charger that is bad. When you pay 2100 dollars for a computer, you don't expect that you will only use it for two month before it is completely useless. I am praying it is just the charging cable and will be happy if it is, but still, that is unacceptable.

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    Good cable for Google Pixel

    I've used this cable for my Google Pixel (2016) for over a year now and I've had no troubles with it. It's well constructed, the casing hasn't broken or split yet, it stands up to lots of moving around (it's the one I use in my bedroom), and provides the rapid charge for my phone. I use it with the wall charging block I got from Google, and this is a great replacement cable to use with my phone. Good price, no complaints.

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    Excellent (and USB-C COMPLIANT) Cable

    As other INFORMED reviewers have mentioned, this is a great cable capable of 100W USB-C power delivery. I've been using mine DAILY for 7+ months with a 13" 2017 MB Pro and then 15" 2017 MB Pro with zero issues. If you're not an animal and you treat your cables with care (in other words, use them like a normal human being and not a 5 year old child) they should last many years.

    I store ALL of my cables in a circular way (a "loop" if you will), never bending them into a "bow" shape or stressing the ends of the cables excessively. I've used Apple, Belkin, Anker, Samsung, and MonoPrice cables of ALL sorts and have only ever had ONE cable failure (an Apple USB-A to Lightning cable from 5+ years ago). And I probably have 20-25 cables of various types (as a software tester with many devices to keep charged). For the past 7 months for 5 days/week I've been using:

    2x USB-C to Lightning 2M cables (Apple)
    1x USB-C to Lightning 1M cable (Apple)
    2x USB-C to USB-C 2M cables (Apple)
    4x USB-C to USB-C 10Gbps cables (Belkin)

    Zero problems. Zero fraying. Zero short circuits. Zero house fires. No roof collapses, landslides, or floods either. Amazing right?

    This is a GOOD cable, it meets the spec, it can deliver a ton of power, and as with ANYTHING well made it will last if you use it carefully and properly. If you wrap it tightly and cram it in your bag carelessly, if you unplug by yanking from the cable instead of the connector, and if you generally treat it like garbage then what do you expect lol?

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    Another Shameful Apple Product

    I've been a dedicated Apple user ever since their 1st generation iPods. But I've decided my next computer will have to be a PC. This cable is a simple example of the company going downhill. I have gone through THREE charging cables since I've had my laptop (less than 5 months). I don't put undue stress on the cable either. I simply travel a lot, and need to wrap it and put it in a backpack. Repeatedly, these cables stop charging my computer. First they alternate between charging and not charging for a while and I'll fiddle with the cable to make it work, then eventually it stops working altogether. And if you lost the charger entirely you need to buy three different parts! This is ridiculous! And brand new MacBooks don't even come with the extension. This is such a shame.

    As another reviewer mentioned, this is also a sub-par cable in terms of USB-C. It's JUST a charging cable - it won't transfer video, and it transfers data very slowly (even slower than the old USB 2.0 speeds). I'm now looking for other brands of cables. Don't bother with Apple's USB-C cable.

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    Great cable!

    Cable is great quality. Please ignore the reviews stating slow data transfer speeds. As the item’s title states it is s charging cable. The fact you can transfer data with it, albeit slowly, is purely a convenience. Power delivery is its intended purpose and it does it will.

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    That's big price for this quality!

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    This thing is so easy to break!!

    I need the magnet charger back!!!!

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    Not what you'd expect from apple. 1 star

    Did Apple really make this? It is not well thought out.

    1) For this price it should be a premium experience. Paying $100 for the cable and the adapter to power your laptop is definitely a premium price.

    2) The cable doesn't stay in my computer. My charger is plugged into the wall near my desk. That means the cord is coming from below the desk (I assume like most people). Due to gravity, it gradually slips out of my computer. I've woken up many times in the morning to a totally dead macbook pro because the cable fell out over night.

    3) Apple revamped the arms from the adapter that allow you to wrap the cord around it. Given that this cord is same thickness end to end, it would be great to wrap it.

    4) The cable is only a couple months old but it is already getting kinks and looking warn.

    5) It's a pain to untangle and plug in.

    6) Yes the reversible nature is nice and the promise of more of our devices using USB-C is nice, but it's not worth it for this terrible experience.

    7) Confusing shopping experience in store to know which one to get and why the price differences.
    29W USB‑C Power Adapter
    61W USB-C Power Adapter
    87W USB-C Power Adapter
    USB-C Charge Cable (2 m)
    Thunderbolt 3 (USB‑C) Cable (0.8 m)


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    The cable supports my "older" IMAC Monitor, and streams video.. don't know what the other guy is talking about.

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    I only use this cable for charging my MacBook and nothing else. Though, after just a few months of using it, it breaks. I have done absolutely nothing with it and the insides are all messed up. This is a cheaply made cable.

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    Cable does not fully support USB-C

    This is exclusively a charge cable and does not support USB-C monitors or USB-C data transfer levels. I mistakenly assumed that the reason they sold the cable and the power brick separately was that one could use the cable to plug into USB-C monitors for both video and charging simultaneously (or plug your MacBook Pro into other USB-C devices). Nope! You have to get a real USB-C cable from another vendor to do that.

    More cables, more dongles: the Apple way.

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    Wish it had a charge indicator LED

    First of all, I like USB-C and I believe it will be worth it in the long run, just like the transition to USB was a little annoying at first but worked out for the better.

    But unfortunately, the new change didn't just get rid of MagSafe, it also got rid of the charging LED. The new MacBooks don't have any LEDs on them, either, which means if you want to make sure your laptop is charging after plugging it in, it HAS to be open. I'm all for minimalism, but Apple is pushing it a little too far these days.

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    ive had the computer for a few months and I rarely use it since its my back up or on the go laptop. So normally the cord is stored away neatly and carefully. By no it looks dirty and beat up after a small amount of use. The one before lasted me two years and was in perfect condition. The Macbook Pro 2017 feels more like a downgrade than upgrade.

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    i have had my macbook pro for a short 11 months and this cable has already started to die just like the iphone ones. terrible design, extremely fragile. i have to hold it in a very specific place for it to charge since its breaking. i wish there were other charger options that were more durable. apple continues to fail on making durable chargers, cords, and technology. i was very content with my mac chargers before this most recent one, a huge step back on their part

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