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    This may not be a problem for others, but I could not get the earbuds to fit. Tried all three sizes and none of them worked. As a result, they are uncomfortable and the sound quality is terrible.

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    Earphones Cause Pain - Smallest Tips Too Big

    I wanted to love these. The build quality is great, and I am impressed with the size of the earphones, and their battery power, however I am not impressed with the rubber ear tip sizes provided with the product. Other earphone brands - such as JAYS, for instance, provide more sizes to customers. The smallest size ear tips are still too big for me. After 10-15 mins I started to feel pain in my ear canal, and after 40 mins I had to take them out because the pain was just too much. The pain in my ears continued for a further hour after I had taken the earphones out. SO disappointed! I will have to return these earphones. I spoke to Apple Support, and I was told that I may have to purchase 3rd party tips from Amazon. These earphones cost AUD$199 - which is pretty expensive - why should I have to pay a lot extra (it ends up costing AUD$30++ after currency conversions, tax, and shipping to AUS) for 3rd party wing tips that may not even fit the earphones or my ears properly.

    I have looked everywhere to find out where I could leave product feedback for the Beats X, however am unable to find it. I was directed to the Apple website to leave feedback, however there isn't a section for leaving feedback for Beats products. I just wish they offered more sizes with the earphones - particularly for people with smaller ears!

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    They're not well made

    I've only had these for a month and they're already not turning on, and they also can't be reset. They constantly show red when charging but they don't turn on even after being charged for hours. I didn't expect this product to be perfect but it doesn't work at all.

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    stay away until the Dr improves them

    Needs work on sound quality lacks bass, but I love the tech W1 chip is awesome. So until then i"ll stick with the Apple Airods

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    Freezes My Phone

    When I first got it I immediately tried to connect to my phone due to how easy it seemed to be but, to my surprise it froze my phone. I got home thinking it was a bug and tried again. After waiting a few minutes to unfreeze itself my phone restarted so I decided to turn off the Beats X and my phone magically unfroze. It only freezes when it is connected to the Beats. I don't know if the problem is my phone or the Beats.

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    I really wanted to like these

    Ever the gadget freak, the demo set instantly connected in the Apple Store, great sound. I was sold. Took them home, read the instructions, charged them up, and… zilch. Would not connect. Period. I'm not new to Bluetooth headphones. I have the AirPods, Jaybird X2 and SoundBlaster cans. Although the last two aren't instantaneous like the AirPods with the W1 chip, I've never had any issues connecting. These? Nope. Tried six ways to Sunday. Probably a defective pair. Returned, did not want to take another chance. Going with the X3 instead.

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    Loved Them Before They Started Malfunctioning

    I bought these about 2 weeks ago. I absolutely loved them. Huge improvement over my old power beats which I had to replace because a wire started to poke out the earpiece. I never did think the power beats were very comfortable or fit very well and I thought the sound was pretty bad too. I was so happy with the Beats X because both the sound and comfort had been improved. The noise cancellation on the Beats X is amazing.. I can't hear anything around me when I'm using them. Unfortunately, my volume started to turn all the way down by itself and shortly after that songs were skipping back and forth. I tried to reset my headphones by holding the power button and the volume down button. I thought that had worked, then Siri started to come on my phone every 10 seconds or so. Tried to reset headphones again, now I can't turn them on. Will be returning these.

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    Purchased this with my new iPhone 7 and the package came with two packs of ear clips and no ear bud covers. What am I supposed to do with no ear bud covers to adjust to my ears? Anyway exchanged this for a another set of beats x headphones and now it doesn't sync with my phone. I've tried every possible way to troubleshoot with no success. I'll be returning these for my money back. This was a case of bad first and second impressions!

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    horrible quality

    i was soooooo excited to get these headphones. I noticed that no one on the commercials or advertisements have on a collared shirt or hoodie because they make so much noise. if they brush up against your shirt you hear it. People are saying that i sound muffled or far away. i'm sending these back immediately. I could've just bought some 20.00 earbuds.10 more bucks and i couldve got airpods. ridiculous.

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    Returning them

    Got this last week, first day working alright. By the next day's will wear them and put my phone it the pocket. The connection was horrible!!!!! Have to have my phone out all the time. And it's winter to be having my phone out. Returning them back! Disappointed

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    This is my SECOND pair, and neither one would connect. I have an iphone 6s plus, a new macbook, and an Air 2, so I'm not being a 'hater', but these wouldn't connect to a FREAKING thing. Best of luck to everyone else who has had success, but in my opinion, they should have done more testing before selling a product with deal-breaking faults.

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    Beats X

    I have to say when I bought my Beats X and put them on the sound quality on them are really, really, really bad, I try to give them a chance playing around with the setting on both my phones and I couldn't stay with the for the life of me. when I say it's really bad, I mean it. I myself am a d.j. I was looking forward to the great sounds out of them. I had a pair Powerbeats 2 and they sounded great but not the Beats X. Don't waste your money on them, wait for the second version they might them sound much better than the 1st version. Sorry, Apple you missed the ball with this one. And for those of you say they sound great and giving it 5 stars you must have a hearing problem because they are really, really, really, really bad. When I returned my pair one of them associate told me, four other people before me had returned theirs

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    Do not wast your money on these. This is the worst product I have ever purchased from Apple. The pair I received would not stay paired for more than a few minutes. So much for the miracle W-1 chip. Try and make a call....nothing but distortion after 3-4 minutes. The buds do not fit well. I called AppleCare and they think something is wrong with the Bluetooth circuit. Well they can't replace them for over a week. Sound is okay at best. Hardly any volume too.

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    Dont Bother

    I've had the wired Bose in ear headphones for a couple years now. I wanted to try bluetooth and went with these BeatsX. I couldn't return them fast enough. The music (compared to Bose) sounded like I was listening through a tin can. Please heed my warning....

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    Not okay!!!

    I received my beats in the mail today, opened them up, tried them on, then decided to try on the wings. BIG MISTAKE. Once they were on, I decided I didn't like the feel of them and took them off, and with the wings came the top half of the earpiece. As it was dangling by two wires I thought to myself, "how could apple create a product with this low of craftsmanship?" I'm working with them on replacing them and they do not seem apologetic. The best thing they can do for me is send me a box, to then send my beats in, for them to look at them and then replace them when I JUST opened them up an hour ago. Absolutely ridiculous. I suggest you buy a different brand. These might be tempting, but they're not worth the price tag for the quality. Very upset with both Apple and Beats.

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    Sound quality is a disappointment, how did this pass quality control??

    BeatsX just arrived, connecting to my iphone was smooth and I listened to several genres. Sadly the sound is distorted and not clear once you raise the sound to mid-level. The sound quality when compared to the standard earbuds is a disappointment. I will be returning them immediately.

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