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    Worst remote in the history of remotes

    Things I hate about the Apple remote:

    1) you can turn your tv off with it but you can’t turn on the tv. Therefore I always have two remotes.
    2) my tv faces my bed and the remote is sooo small and sensitive it falls into the crevices of either me my dogs or boyfriend. Because it’s so sensitive inevitably someone starts to rewind or fast forward. But we can’t find the tiny thing but it’s slide under someone. We always scramble to find it but it takes a good 10 minutes to search for.
    3) you breath on it and it hits a key


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    New Remote is an Embarrassment

    I am a long time Apple TV user, I have one for each TV in our house and have since the first gen, but I finally hit my breaking point with the new Apple TV remote this morning. The track pad is ridiculously sensitive and is constantly pausing shows, changing channels, or failing to pull up the content desired when using Siri. This is a perfect example of form over function. While I remain an ardent user of Macs and iPhones, I'll get my TV elsewhere and would highly encourage anyone reading this that hasn't already bought one to stay away - particularly when you consider the premium you pay for this vs the competition. Pathetic.

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    Not Impressed

    Doesn't pair with any Retina computer. Wish that had been in the description. Oops.

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    Any remote that will start/stop the program, pause it, fast forward or rewind it or send you back to the main menu just by picking it up is a horrible, horrible remote control. I understand what they were thinking, "hey, we are apple, everything we make has touch input, let's give this tiny remote touch input!" The problem is the remote is too small, too slick and it is impossible from a glance a few feet away to determined which emd offers touch input and which end is not.

    Hurry up and design a replacement apple, you owe it to your consumers to replace this POS immediately.

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    Wish I did not have to give it one star.

    I agree with the criticism of the slick design that makes this technology a rip-off. You see this too often: The design is clever by half, but no one (apparently) tested it out on real people. The surface of the track pad needs to be slowed down. A bumpy surface or a slightly abrasive surface would have made it useful. Instead, it is junk. To use it is to hate it.

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    I've been through 4 of these... any warrant I am not aware of?

    Cool design? Yes. Funcitonal? Yes. But after having to purchase 4+ of these units because of aone failure or another... My patience with Apple is wearing thin in so many ways. Feeling taken advantage of. And with other quirks from Apple TV (over $8,000 of movies over years.) I am starting to transition to Amazon and other similar providers. The new Apple TV versions are so bad... I returned them. All I want is a functional remote... is this possible? Why is this so difficult?

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    "Remote" is a good description

    Come one, Apple. This is what you have after 100 years or so of bashing Microsoft? Cavemen had sticks that were more user-friendly than this 'beautiful, award winning design' or whatever?

    I can find a stick. I can't find the 2,000 or so of these things I purchased that must be in the couch somewhere? Seriously, I NEVER lose any other remotes: Blue Ray, DTV, Trump controlers (I only have Orange), Universal, Robot secretary, ... This thing is smaller than a cell from an itty-bitty piece of bacteria.

    Let's have two categories for you Apple artysy fartsy folks:

    1. you can win some Junior Varsity design award than might look good on a resume but serves no other purpose, and
    2. is something users can enjoy and, at the very least, not fight with.

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    Hate it

    I don't know why a remote has to be so small. We can never find it!!!

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    Why does a remote control have to be so small when used in a home? You cannot just grab it off the table, it is such a low profile your fingers slip off of it when trying to pick it up. It also finds any crack in the sofa and slides right in never to be found until you get on your knees and lift up the sofa. All of my other remote controls are three times thicker, three inches longer and a half inch wider. I can find all of them anytime. Please come out with a snap in holder for this remote, so all the challenges mentioned above can be solved.
    Thanks for listening:)

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    proof that the devil is alive

    This tiny sliver of h*ll has torn apart my living room and my family. I'm not sure why it needs to be so small unless I am actually a giant and nobody has told me for my entire life. So maybe I should thank Apple for dropping some truth on me.

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    So bad

    S bad. Barely functions. Hard to search, nearly impossible to fast-forward or rewind. Is now broken after only 3 months. Please fix this horrible product, Apple!! I recommend waiting until they improve the remote to purchase an AppleTV.

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    Absolute junk

    I got this remote less than a week ago and it didn't work right out of the package. The buttons are not even moving when I press them. I checked out support and just went in circles. I don't and can't talk to anyone on the phone for my own reasons. I just wanted to send it in for a repair or replacement and they made that impossible for me. I'm an hour away from the nearest Apple store so that's just not an option. The remote is junk, I can't use it, and now I'm stuck with it and if I want to use my Apple TV I will have to buy a new one. I don't have the resources to buy one every time it doesn't work. The app they have is unreliable so can't go that way either. I'm going to miss my Apple TV.

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    Apple TV is great, but please oh please listen to the customer service cries and change the remote when you get the opportunity. The scroll function was a horrible addition and Siri functionality is nice, but limited.

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    Handy tip

    Apple TV? Awesome! Apple TV Remote? Sexy design, but terribly impractical.
    Here's a tip: Next time you need to purchase a sofa, take your remote with you. Drop it on the sofa, either near the arm or the back edge of the cushion. Buy the sofa that has easiest access to the secret TV remote hiding places. You're welcome.

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    My son dropped it down the vent

    This thing is so small and easy to lose. It works terribly. And it fits perfectly through the slots of the heating vents in my house, as we learned from my one-year old son.

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    Find my Apple remote

    If only there was a way to use the Find Phone app for this remote. Sure you can use the remote app on your phone to operate Apple TV when you misplace your remote but it does not always work. Sometimes I have to pair it again, it randomly doesn't show up as a device. It is annoying. Apple can make a better remote, it is impossible not to lose this remote, not only because of the small size and color, but it is also slippery. It is also annoyingly inefficient to use when you need to type in a search. Considering how often we need to replace it, $19 seems overpriced, it is 1/5th the price of our Apple TV, it doesn't even make sense. I wish there were more options for the remote because I love my Apple TV.

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    Was anyone who approved this infernal device fired?

    Over the years, I have learned to eliminate anger from my Life. People tell me I am the most 'Zen' person they know! I have met my nemesis!
    Using this remote to enter passwords or to search on youtube, netflix or the like, is an exercise in frustration that would have even Jesus or Buddha in a murderous rage. Press the button to go up? It doesn't move. Press it again, it moves twice. Press it to go back down, it moves twice. Up? it selects the wrong letter. Hit the back button to get back to the search, it goes back past the search and out of the application. This thing just does not function accurately. This has to be a post-Steve Jobs design! ..... Serenity Now!!!! .... Aaaaah, Oooommmm. ... better now.
    Yes, it is easy to lose in the cushions, but think of all the exercise you will get from lifting and moving the recliner sofa?
    Yes, it is inaccurate and slow in searches, but think of it as a thumb exercise, or a 'frustration tolerance' building exercise.
    Yes, it's few buttons make every task take many more button pushes than necessary- (another feature of the Apple thumb exerciser), but where else can you get the enjoyment of holding a cool, smooth, curved piece of metal when you are not buttering toast!
    Alas! Maybe this is the price Apple had to pay to achieve the exquisite functionality of the iphone. They had to bring balance back into the universe!

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    Apple remote... What do I say... May the force be with you for every click. -10 ⭐️

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    Apple TV 4 Remote Deficiencies

    I would give the Apple TV 4 remote a minus 5 if I could. There was no clue how to operate it and when we finally figured out you have to "swipe" the top half to navigate, I was ready to sent it back. Trying to use Siri to enter a password is a true lesson in frustration. Trying to swipe in a password is not much better. Apple needs to stop trying to be cool and create items that are truly useful and functional. A real disappointment. Give me Roku for Direct TV Now any day!

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    this is my fourth one..

    These remotes are so bad!! in less then a year, three of these have already failed and are acting out..I am glad I had warranty for 1 year so I had to buy only one out of the four. This is shameful for Apple. I rather use the app remote now although my wife is somewhat reluctant to keep using this annoying remote.

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