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    Connection fails all the time. Major hassle

    I have a set of wireless earbuds from Plantronics that connect to my iPhone seamlessly. And I can switch them between my iPhone and Mac seemlessly. These Air Pods do none of that. Once I connect them to my Mac (which is not an easy thing to accomplish), I cannot get them to switch back to my iPhone, even when the Mac is shut down. In addition, I cannot tell if you have to have them in the charging case in order to get them to connect, or they have to be out of the case. The bluetooth sync button is on the case, so I guess they have to be in the case? If they were "it just works" Apple hardware, then re-connection to iPhone after use on a Mac should just happen, maybe if only by selecting which Audio output you want (on the Phone) - which I do, but they still won't connect. In order to get them to connect to what you want, when you want you basically have to put them in the case, Forget them on the device you want to connect to, and even sometimes disable and re-enable bluetooth on that device, and then go thru the whole procedure as if they were new - and even after that they do not connect. These are nothing but a huge hastle. $159 worth of junk and Apple blitzkrieg marketing.

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    Why Apple should invest in tracking systems.

    This pair of earbuds has the worst quality I have used. Also Apple should invest in a tracking system for the AirPods, when you go to find my iPhone it only gives you the location of where they are now. If you lose an AirPod you should be able to see where that particular one is on the map, now just both. In my opinion buy them if you want to lose them.

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    Don't waste your money because you will waste your time

    I've had air pods for 3-4 months now. They're cool and have many features that other headphones have not had (such as pausing music when you take one out, or skipping a song if I tap my right headphone twice) Sweet. The amount of time I have spent trying to pair these headphones with my different Apple devices is despicable. I just spent 15 minutes trying to pair the headphones with my laptop and gave up, yesterday it took me half an hour. I have never had this much difficulty pairing bluetooth headphones.

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    Not worth

    When i am listening music from my Apple Watch then for what ever reason i open my iphone x to watch somerhing then the AirPod will not work for both apple watch nor iphone X. I tried to disconnect Bluetooth for both Apple Watch and iphone x but no responce in AirPod, it shows it connected but no sound

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    I would like to give the AirPods a good review but there are too many complications in the software

    The good is I think they sound pretty good, they are comfortable in my ear and don't feel like they will fall out like during work outs etc and they are easy to set up and work good across multiple devices.

    But I have had several issues I don't think should have made it through testing before being released prime time and I'm pretty disappointed with Apple.

    Issue one, calls initiated from the Apple Watch are often not routed back to the AirPods. They end up on my iPhone SE. So basically your calling people and they are talking to nobody. I have been told by the people receiving the call that their voice is being echoed back to them leaving them totally confused.

    Issue two, the AirPods do not act as wired headphones when controlling volume on the iPhone. There seems to be two separate volume controls for system sounds and other audio like music or video. Normally these are set the same when plugged in with wired headphones. But with the AirPods system sounds like keyboard taping or alerts etc might be set very loud even though you set the volume for the music or video to low. Why Apple would not notice this is a huge problem at this point in the game is not acceptable.

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    They worked great for a while but ....

    Got these for Christmas and they worked great for about three days and then the double tap feature in the right earbud stopped working. You would think that with Apple’s reputation and for $159 one would not have these problems after just three days. I should’ve listened to the bad reviews I’ve read and Not put these on my Christmas list.

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    Terrible Software

    The software is buggy and causes connectivity issues when listening on Mac or using with Find My iPhone. Software needs major improvements for these to be as simple to use as Apple claims. When listening with Mac, these drop audio often, then start playing each ear out of sync. Settings don't transfer from iPhone to Mac via iCloud as claimed. When playing a sound to locate the devices using find my iPhone, they don't play the sound when using iCloud.com, and have no option to stop the sound when using iPhone app. Apple needs to work on the quality of their products or they'll start losing customers - last several Apple products I've used have been progressively worse.

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    You are the reason people will lose their hearing when they are older

    The lack of noise cancelling is appalling. Thankfully I got these as a gift, because they are essentially useless commuting in Chicago. You can hear everything going on when trying to listen to music or podcasts, so you have to crank the volume and then other people around you have to listen to the music/noise coming from the airpods so then I'm also the one annoying OTHER people. I'll stick with my $20 headphones, they have better quality and cancel almost all outside noise. All in all, these airpods are useless. Save your money folks.

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    Extremely poor design

    I had these things for a week and they kept falling out of my ear. I must say however, my cat cat really enjoyed them. She would bat them all over the room. I hate to think what would happen if I had them on outside. One for sure would be gone. I wonder if Apple would have replaced it. Since my cat found the last one to fall off, I was able to return both of them. I got full credit and I am going back to Apple for the ones that hang on my ear. Sorry cat, find something to play with.

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    Battery dies very fast. I wish there is color options.

    Build very quality, but it doesn’t connect really good.
    Battery is very weak for this price.
    Please make different color also special Jet black

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    Poor connectivity

    AirPods keep skipping or dropping calls Apple support says that is due to having my phone paired with a Apple Watch, I bought them because I was under the impression that they would work seemliness with Apple products.

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    I’m just received these today and my biggest complaint is they do not reduce background noise. I have to turn the volume way up not good
    For my hearing.
    Sorry Apple you missed the mark on these, also they are over priced!! I’m returning them.

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    GReat Earphone BUT...

    everything great! i love everything about it, design, sound and the battery life. BUT i always lost it. so hard to find it when its so small and compact, i lost a pair and to replace it its 69$ a piece so its almost 140$ plus tax. so I only have a box of dental floss with battery. I wish they offer more cheaper option for missing airpod.

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    It was good till it went bad

    Constant connection problems with synchronization, tried every fix. Went store and got advice, but nothing helped. Still was happening and then when pulling the headphone out of the case the plastic cracked and I cannot get a new pair based on warranty/device malfunction, lovely. I liked the product if it would just stay synced. Really bummed now because I cannot get a new pair based on warranty, should of just exchanged them there instead of trying to get a fix.

    Also, had the Wireless Beats, In ear, and the shorted out but when I went into the store to see whats wrong the employee told me that the year warranty was up by just a couple days. So this is two different products, that I have not been able to return because of device malfunction under warranty.

    Can you do anything to fix or help? I really do not want to have to purchase a third pair of headphones.

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    Bought this as a gift to my husband and what a disappointment. It lost connection, when listen music if he put the iPhone on his pocket , lost connection. Sometimes only one airpod woks. If you walk 5 feet away from the iPhone, lost connection. I tried on my iPhone but did the same thing. We have iPhone 8. I returned it today. Very disappointed.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Sound is great but they didn't stick to my (average, not ass's) ear. Always falling, maybe my 20's century born ears design was TOO old fashion?

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    Flakey at best

    I have gone through two pairs of these also resetting my phone software as new trying to get these things to work properly. I am still having the same problem and the more I use them the more problems I eventually have. I’ve had these things about three months and the problems I’m having are I am unable to activate Siri with the taps most of the time and when I answer with the headphones my phone automatically defaults to answer with the phones ear speaker so after answer I have to go in and tell it to push the sound to the AirPods. It seems like a big hassle. Now as I google it some have the same problems. Although I don’t like beats they are working much better.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    the hate i have for them

    keeps falling out or moving away from my ears even when i am not moving sorry i paid for them will be getting rid of them and looking for a difference pair from a company that have true in ear buds

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought them and as excited as a school girl who got asked to prom - followed the instructions to pair and start using. No sound out of the right earphone. It's paired correctly as the siri double tap works and when I take the headphone out the music stops but no sound. I tried a hard reset per the different boards with no luck.

    In short: Do not waste your money.

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    Doesn't live up

    I waited for these airpods and bought them in January. They advertised that you could use these for any type of activity unless in water. I am on the 3rd pair since they lose sound quality if you use them regularly when exercising. They were great at changing them out but finally we determined this would not work. I asked for a refund so we could stop the back and forth but Apple doesn't stand behind its product. They now sit in the drawer. What a waste of money.

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