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    Worked with 1 device, not the other

    Worked fine for my external backup hard drive to hook that to my new 5k iMac, didn't work at all to hook up my external Dell monitor.

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    Wont convert a USBC drive to a Thunderbolt 2 input

    This product seems to be meant for adapting USBC computer input to a thunderbolt 2 drive. I tried the revers with no luck. I used the sandisk extreme 900 USBC drive into my iMac 5k with a thunderbolt cable and it would not read at all. The back of the box shows how it's intended to be connected, and since usb-c is reversible, apple should publish this.

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    It Works, but it could be better

    To everyone who wrote a 1 star review because their mini display port monitor won't work - THIS IS NOT A DISPLAY PORT ADAPTER. It only works with THUNDERBOLT 2 displays.

    I have tested with an Apple Thunderbolt Cinema Display and it works perfectly fine. Ethernet, USB, etc all work as they should. I took off 2 stars because Apple should have provided a magsafe connection on this adapter so that their Thunderbolt display could provide power to the MacBook Pro.

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    works great

    I've got a fair number of USB devices running through my 27" Apple display and they're all working great, as is the display, with the adapter into a new USB-C MacBook Pro.

    To calm fears of others about all the one-star, doesn't work reviews, here's my setup. I've got a keyboard, external SuperDrive, and a 7-port (+3 charge-only) Anker USB 3.0 hub plugged into the display. Into the USB hub, I've got a printer, a scanner, my iPhone/iPad cable, and a Logitech receiver.

    Everything is working. I can't give it 5/5 because of the cost to get an Apple product that's not that old (my display) with a new Apple product, but technically the adapter is just fine so far.

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