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    Solved my Drobo 5D issues with iMac (2017)

    When I bought a 2017 iMac I moved my Drobo 5D from my 2013 MBP Retina (which was connected over Thunderbolt) to the iMac using the USB 3 cable that came with the Drobo. I had nothing but problems. Some Time Machine backups would occasionally and inexplicably fail to complete, my iMac would hang or shut down overnight. One time my main Volume on the Drobo even became corrupted. I reset, rebuilt and restored the Drobo from backups 3 different times over USB to no avail. Then I bought this adapter, used the Thunderbolt cable that I had been using with my MBP and reset, reformatted, rebuilt and restored my Drobo 5D from backup again and have had zero issues since. I've read that Drobo has some issues with USB with the iMac. Whatever the cause this adapter completely eliminated all problems for me and for that I think it's well worth the ridiculous price Apple wants to charge for it.

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    Allows Dell laptop to drive thunderbolt display

    I have a dell laptop with thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) and a thunderbolt display.

    While this may not be officially supported, this adapter allows the dell laptop to drive the display and sound. The FacetimeHD and ethernet do not work as windows complain not having the supported drivers.

    I am happy as I have been using my thunderbolt display with my mac. Now I can use the same display for the dell laptop as well.

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    Works for me

    I bought 2 of these to use with a new 2017 iMac and external thunderbolt 2 devices. I've got one hooked to a Seagate thunderbolt goflex adapter with a SSD installed. I boot from it. The other adapter goes to a OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock. From the dock I'm using 2 more Seagate goflex adapters (STAE129), one with another SSD installed and the other with a 2.5 inch hard drive, and a Buffalo ministation thunderbolt enclosure (HD-PATU3) with the hard drive removed and an SSD installed. These 3 thunderbolt 2 devices are daisy-chained from the one thunderbolt 2 dock connector. Out of the dock I also have 2 OWC firewire 800 enclosures connected. One with a Bluray drive installed and the other with a removable hard drive. The dock is also providing video to a 20 inch Samsung monitor connected via a HDMI to DVI adapter. So far I've had no problems with this setup.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works PERFECTLY!

    Don’t let the negative reviews scare you.

    I purchased this adapter at an Apple Store to use with a new (usb-c only) 2016 MacBook Pro.

    It works flawlessly with the Thunderbolt Display.

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    Works well with 2016MBP in mac and bootcamp modes

    I've been using this adapter since March 2017 to connect to a single Thunderbolt 2 display and daisy chained Thunderbolt 2 displays in both Mac native and bootcamped modes without issue. I've also been able to use it with a UAD Apollo Twin II in both OS without issue.

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    Works Just Fine.

    This adapter has worked flawlessly for me. I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews. I almost didn't get it because of that but since there aren't many options for this adapter I figured I would try it. It is connected to about a dozen device which all function normally. Despite the fact that is says it won't work with DisplayPort, it will, the display port just has to be daisy chained behind a thunderbolt device. I have it connected to a CalDigit TB2 station - Drobo - Mini Display port to HDMI. In total it drives two 1080p displays, the drobo, gigabit lan, esata and a bunch of usb devices flawlessly.

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    Works with chained Thunderbolt displays

    Yes, it's overpriced. Moving on.

    Wanted to drop a note in here as it wasn't 100% clear if this would work with chained Thunderbolt displays. I can verify that it does. I have a 15" MacBook Pro (2017 model), connected to one 27" Thunderbolt display via this adapter, and then that display is connected to a second 27" Thunderbolt display. No issues at all.

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    Works great with thunderbolt monitors (not mini-display)

    This adapter works with Thunderbolt monitors, not to be confused with mini-display port monitors. They are easily confused because the connectors are identical. If your monitor connector has a picture of a thunderbolt on it, it will work with this adapter. If it has a monitor icon on it, (rectangle with a vertical line on each side) it's actually a mini-display port and you need a different solution. (There is a good MacWorld article about that; search "macworld mini-display usb-c".)

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    Worked perfectly out-of-the-box

    I appreciate that many are having killer issues. I tried a cheaper, generic-brand USB-C-to-Thunderbolt2 converter and it didn't work.

    With pretty strong doubts I grabbed this dongle at the local Apple Store, hooked it up, and hey presto mundo! I'm driving my 27-inch Mac Thunderbolt display (purchased mid-2014) with a 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro (4xT3=USB-C ports) that's running Sierra 10.12.6, using Intel Iris Graphics 550 with 1536 MB. Audio feeds through fine (in and out); USB-B ports on the display are recognized and work fine; I don't chain T2 nor used wired Ethernet off the display so can't confirm, but suspect they work, too.

    Thunderbolt firmware versions: v22.1on the MacBook Pro busses, v26.2on the display (different numbering for different products).

    I hope this info helps, good luck!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for iMac-2017-27" and Thunderbolt Display

    I'am using this adapter for a 27" Thunderbolt Display and a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre connected to the TB Display.
    All working perfectly.

    Note: I guess some people don't know the difference between DisplayPort and Thunderbolt, or USB-C and Thb-3. This is not the adapter's fault. (Sorry.)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worsk well with Thunderbolt 1 ELGATO dock and macbook pro 15" 2017

    so, this is TB3 to TB2 adapter and TB 2 is backwords compatible with TB1, so it works with Elgato TB1 docking station well. I tried VGA external display attached to DOCK, LAN connection and USB. Not tried HDMI yet.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    does what it's SUPPOSED to do

    I have a Thunderbolt Display and had just gotten a 2017 MBP, and in trying to find out whether I could get an adapter to connect them, I came here and was initially scared off by the average two-star rating. I went so far as to almost pull the trigger on getting a USB-C display. Then I came back here once more and started actually reading the reviews -- it turns out that a ton of people here were simply angry that they wanted this adapter to do something it doesn't do, and they all gave the adapter one-star reviews.

    The adapter does what it was made to do: it adapts Thunderbolt 2 to USB-C. That's it. I connected the adapter to my Thunderbolt Display and plugged it into the new machine, and it worked perfectly the first time. (Well, almost perfectly -- the MBP needs to be plugged in to get the display to stay on.

    Is it ridiculous that Thunderbolt 2's connector is the same as Mini DisplayPort even though they're different specs? Yes, absolutely. But don't ding this adapter for not doing the thing it's not built to do.

    But if, like me, you need this more-expensive-than-it-should-be adapter to do the ONE thing it was made to do, then, like me, you'll be happy. Except for the $49 part. But hey, it's better than a $600 USB-C display. For now.

    Now, if Apple would finally get around to making a MagSafe-to-USB-C adapter, my transition to the new laptop will be complete.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works flawlessly with a good (LG, and others?) monitors, but Dell .. no.

    This adapter has worked great with LG monitors .. but have had nothing but trouble with the Dell monitors. They're just garbage .. out of 4 Dells ordered, two had flaws bad enough to need to return them .. and their customer service is just awful. Month long delays, worthless "we're not ready status" emails every day (sometimes twice a day, even though I told them to stop it), and replacing a $1500 5K monitor with a $500 4k monitor is not an option (although they think it is). The other two Dell monitors have been blinking on and off, don't wake up from sleep sometimes, and one of them refuses to do 5K with the dual DP cables .. although the other one does. I paid $6000 for 4 monitors that are basically worthless - and Dell refuses to issue a refund (since I purchased 2 of them through Amazon), and insists on swapping them with a horribly inferior model. Never, never again. All of my LG monitors, although at 4k instead of 5k, have been rock solid, and this adapter has been critical in keeping them that way!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works with Thunderbolt Display and Belkin Thunderbolt 2 hub!

    I bought a MacBook Pro 13" and I have a Thunderbolt Display at home and this adapter worked great. I was able to use USB devices from the Thunderbolt Display ports and also the Ethernet port of the Thunderbolt display worked perfectly. At work, I have a Belkin Thunderbolt 2 hub, and this adapter plugged right in and I'm able to use all the devices just like I did with my MacBook Air which my MacBook Pro replaced.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Outstanding Adapter!

    Works great with my new 27" iMac 2017. I read the adapter's description and examined the graphic on the back of its box to see what it's supposed to do, not what I might *wish* it to do. I've connected an older Drobo 5D external drive with Thunderbolt 1 ports to a new Drobo 5Dt external hard drive with Thunderbolt 2 ports, and connected the Drobo 5Dt to a Thunderbolt 3 port on the iMac 2017 through this adapter.

    Both Drobos are instantly recognized and operating far faster than they did connected to the iMac's USB 3.0 ports. plus I'm using only one of the two TB3 ports on the iMac instead of two of the four USB3 ports. Everything plugged in securely and completely to each other. There are no loose connections and nothing falling out of its plug as some reviewers have noted. And I can still daisy-chain more TB devices when needed. I highly recommend it!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great adapter

    After seeing so many negative reviews, I was skeptical about this product. Anyway, I want to try this adapter to connect my 2013 Mac Pro to LG Ultrafine 5K display. It just worked like a charm and I was glad that I ignored all the negative comments.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It's only for thuinderbolt not as a DP breakout for your DP monitor

    I use this adapter to connect my DELL XPS 15 to my Elegato and Belkin TB2 dock.
    DP out from the docks gives me 4K@60HZ on my external monitors.

    PLEASE note that this is a thunderbolt adaptor, not a DP adapter that on its own connect to an external display.
    You have to connect to a thunderbolt dock to "extract" the DP stream.

    So much complaining for nothing.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It does work!

    I mean people come one! This device it really does work!
    And I do not mean only for Mac or Apple devices
    I bought it for using it with my HP ZBook ( work PC ) , and it performs exactly as it should

    I am using this device for connecting my HP ZBook with my Thunderbolt 2 Elgato,
    After installing some drivers, the docking was recognized

    So this device does work! I am not sure why the heck it go so many bad reviews
    Are you serious people?
    Do you actually read the technical specs before buying?

    This product looks good and works well
    Thanks Apple for another great device, <3

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The only dongle I needed

    Works like a charm, no loss of speed noticed and haven't had any glitches. Thanks!

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    Works as advertised

    I have 2 thunderbolt displays daisy chained connected the MacBook Pro Retina with Touchbar via Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter. This works perfectly as expected, I am able to wake up the Mac from clamshell mode as well...

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