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    These headphone jacks are another apple membership I’m subscribed to monthly...

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    On to #6

    I’ve bought 5 of these in the past year and every single one has failed miserably. I don’t do anything crazy with them, I just put my phone in my pocket with my headphones connected and i take it out when I’m done. I don’t pull on it or try to break it, but they break anyways. It’s truly abysmal how I have to buy one every 1 to 2 months because apple made a decision to get rid of the headphone jack and they don’t know how to make a dongle. I also like how they made it so you can’t use 3rd party dongles. All around just a terrible prouduct, but I still have to buy them because it’s the only thing I can use. Unless of course I buy expensive wireless headphones that I have to worry about charging every night. Good job apple, way to steal my money.

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    Money Pit

    Currently looking for a better 3rd party cause this one succs they break every two months. And I don’t want low quality lighting earphones. And now they won’t even include one free adapter with the new phones.

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    This is poorly designed. You will go through many of them and loath the fact Apple failed to put a simple headphone jack on the phone.

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    cheaply made

    very fragile and brakes after like second use

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    Bring back the headphone jack

    Arent phones supposed to be easy to carry and use? Whats easy about having to carry and mess with an adapter? Poor design

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    Just adding on the line of disappointment

    I have replaced this thing 3 times now, and the worst part is that Apple has stopped including them with the phone so if you don't have apple care, you don't get to replace them under warranty. They are just worse than a CD player that didn't have Anti-Skip technology. Apple wanted to be innovative but just annoyed everyone with this horrible choice. Nothing but trouble with this one and I really wanted to believe it in. But either they need to be free or just not used.

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    I regret buying an iPhone 8s due to omitted 1/8" jack

    I can't express how frustrating it is for me that Apple got rid of the 1/8" audio input for iPhone 8. These ridiculous adapters are highly impractical, always hard to find, unreliable and often break. Aftermarket adapters are often DOA and work poorly if at all. BRING THE 1/8" JACK BACK APPLE! PLEASE! (Or I'll just switch to another brand for my next phone).

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    I’m finally done with iPhone.

    I have been struggling with the dongle since I purchased an iPhone 8 plus for my wife and one for myself.
    Cannot believe that Apple would make such a horrible decision. I’m on my third one and it just started to fail.
    Wow - have to look at android phones now.

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    Wish I could give -stars, removal of 3.5mm jack made me switch to Android.

    I’ve had iPhones for years, loved them, always hated on friends with Android. Now I eat my words... how could Apple ruin such a good platform over a simple headphone jack? So stupid, angering customers off is NOT a good business strategy. The iPhone started its legacy by being both a phone and music player. I do a labor job while listening to music, I refuse to spend a ton on AirPods when I work in the rain, and need battery to last for hours. So I’m stuck buying these that keep breaking? You have with a single choice of eliminating a headphone jack rendered my iPhone pointless and obsolete for me to practically use in my day to day life. If they don’t lower the cost of the AirPods significantly or being the 3.5mm jack back I will never commit to Apple again. I was just on the verge of switching my pc to Mac but this has made me realize I can’t trust apples choices, since they do what they want not what the consumer wants. Wow... and I can’t even send this with using any words that show my displeasure with Apple.

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    Virtually useless

    This adapter is not a good solution if you’re trying to figure out how to get around the iphone’s lack of an aux port. The thing disconnects whenever it is slightly jostled, unless you are lying perfectly still while using your headphones this pos is virtually useless. You will have to spring for wireless headphones. Alternatively, just don’t buy apple phones and products, and you won’t be forced to pay out the *** for all of their exclusive hardware.

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    Poorly Designed Product

    The lightning cable is ridiculous. Every rating on this thread of 1 stars is absolutely true, as this product will cause a loss of so many customers including myself. Idk apple, maybe consider designing a durable product users would not need to replace? Makes sense to me.

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    Garbage Product

    Easily lost/a pain in the a** to carry with you everywhere you go. Not possible to charge and listen with buds at the same time unless you bought a qi charger AND used the buds, which is ridiculous to do.

    You should be paying US to have to use these or give them away for free since you charge us premium pricing for "water proof" phone when this is
    the loophole on how you make that achievable.

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    worst design ever, why cant i rate less then 1 star!

    these are the most annoying pieces of rubbish ever! Totally moving to android on my next upgrade

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    What a waste

    I replaced about three pieces in four months, everytime i listen to music it unexpectedly stops.This triggers me so hard that i want to throw my IP7 into tim cooks face. Side note: Those are to expensive!!!!. Just shows how you all be about customer service.

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    decision made. bye bye iphone

    Apple headphones dont fit my ears. now this port means i have to use an adapter that is flimsy and breaks all the time. I loved iphones and all apple products but i'm switching away from apple for my next phone, basically solely because of this.

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    Not worth it - Bad Design

    I am so very, very, very disappointed that Apple does not listen to their customers; 514 one star reviews out of 636 total reviews, Wow, terrible!! The dongle design breaks only have one month if use, we have bought several of these and I'm tired of wasting money. Our family except for one person, no longer uses the iPhone because the design.

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    So Awful..

    These headphone adapters are the worst thing Apple has “fixed” so far. The adapter is so small and tiny so it’s so easy to lose. Not only that, it doesn’t work half the time! Music is a huge part of my life, and a coping mechanism for my anxiety. My adapter broke again this morning and my parents don’t have the time and money to be able to get me a new one. I’m stuck not being able to listen to music. Thanks apple for helping me out. This is awful.

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    this is outrageous

    making this tiny adapter a necessity for audio output/input in my phone is TERRIBLE. It does NOTHING for me, the user, who now has to 1. choose between charging my phone and listening to audio, which is very frequently a huge annoyance.
    2. keep track of this tiny object when there are no good or convenient options for keeping it on my person or stashed with my things
    3. pay $9.00 for the tiny object when I inevitably lose it
    4. it does not work with audio jacks with the same consistency as the pre-iphone 8 audio input
    5. it creates more environmental waste

    I could go on, but this is a blatant move on apple's part to create an item that only benefits the company and that seriously annoys and inconveniences the user. absolutely antithetical to the apple brand and totally infuriating.

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    One of the most regressive, inconvenient and unnecessary pieces of technology I’ve ever heard of. Obviously some kind of proprietary cash grab and trying to push more people towards Bluetooth headphones even tho wired has better sound quality

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