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    heavy and overpriced

    Way too heavy and ridiculously overpriced. Doesnt even include a wire to insult you you futher. Basically you are getting robbed buying this but since there are no other options what can you do?

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    Don't Get Ripped Off!

    This charger is Apple's worst customer ripoff ever. For $80 you get the brick, but no cable to go with it. It requires a cable with USB-C on both ends, which is not common, so don't think any old USB-C cable will do. I am sure that there are thousands of customers like me who did not read the fine print, expecting to start charging their MacBook immediately only to find that they are missing a $20 part. Instead of returning to the store to buy the requisite cable, (which raises the price of this charger to an astonishing $100!), I am returning it to the store for a refund and to buy a charger from a non-apple brand for probably half the price of this sad deception of a product. SHAME ON YOU APPLE!

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    Title says it all. As if Apple wasn't greedy enough, they now charge MORE for their new USB-C power adapters, but REFUSE TO INCLUDE A USB-C CABLE!!! As a sysadmin for a large company, I may have to switch our office of 100+ users back to PC's. As a life-long Apple user, I now feel alienated by their poor designs, lack of accountability, and complete ignorance to the needs of their customer base.

    So long Apple. I will no longer be purchasing or recommending your products.

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    Poor design and lack of product

    First off - this thing is a brick. Twice the size and weight as previous power adapters. You would think apple engineers could figure out a way to streamline it just a bit.
    Secondly, had to get a replacement power adapter and ordered this online. For $80 plus dollars it doesn't even come with a cord - only adapter?!!! Seriously apple? Of course the "new" usb c makes it impossible to use any of your other cords collecting dust in a drawer. Would like to use some other choice words - but sadly can't... Why the * would someone want only this brick of a power adapter and not the cord to plug in your computer. Major FAIL:.
    You are slowly and surely loosing my confidence that you have the consumer in mind with all your products.

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    Everything about new Macbooks is terrible

    This adapter is poorly designed and has no cable management. It also weighs a ton! On top of that it has to plug into usbc like everything else so the amazing magnetic power plug in is gone so we are back to having the cable ripped out and damaging the computer. Every part of the new Mac Design is poor. ABSOLUTELY no thought was put into users on its design. Someone who has no clue what users want decided having all usbc ports was so cool!!!! News flash no one uses them and having 15 dongles sticking out of your computer is just plain dumb. What good is a mm less thickness and a pound or so less weight when you have 15 extra cords and dongles to carry around with you to be able to use simple things like a normal USB???

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    Decent but outdated design and expensive

    I like it but like others have said, the design is outdated and this thing a heavy monstrosity which contradicts the superbly thin laptops. It is overpriced for what you get. No power cord whatsoever. What the heck is that about. That makes for a $100 laptop charger. Come on Apple.

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    A cable should be included at this price

    The packaging isn't clear that this does not come with a cable. It's in tiny letters on the side, I'll admit. Personally I didn't realize that until buying it and getting home to open it. The size of the box, the price, and the tiniest bit of common sense would suggest there would be a usb-c type cable in here, but alas there is not. It's just the brick and an empty perimeter of useless space. It honestly felt like a prank: not only was there no cable, but the cable is going to be an additional 20 dollars! It's actually so stupid that I did laugh out loud when I realized all of this during my experience.

    Here's an enhancement request for your struggling design team: Make a slick, unmistakeable icon on the package that indicates there's no cable.

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    No cord, whoever at Apple HQ had this idea should be fired!

    People buy an adapter to have it on the go, and the assumption is that there will be a cord with it. (one at home and one on the go). But no, this one doesn't.
    Now you have to chase around and buy a separate cord for it.

    This is dumb. I feel Apple just jumped the shark on this one, try to nick and dime on every dongle when you just dropped 2.3k a new computer.
    Apple, this is for convenience. You expect for something to work right out of box, and not to have to chase and find cords around.

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    Failed in 3 weeks

    Sat on my desk at home, only plugged in to high end ground fault protected power strip, and it failed within 3 weeks of opening the box. I have chargers from 10+ years ago that still work. There is zero excuse for such build quality. The charger literally sat on my desk, plugged in only to charge a brand new MacBook Pro. Seriously, no excuse.

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    Fast and Effective, Miss the Charging Light

    I do love this adapter for longevity reasons. The niceties of not having to buy an entire new power adapter when the cord eventually frays is a godsend as I will not be spending 80+ dollars on one like the old magsafe adapter. I do miss the cord management, the extension cord which had to be bought separate and the charging indicator light but otherwise it does it's job.

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    Works like a charm but you can't please everyone

    This power brick is beautiful, unlike most utilitarian devices, and works beautifully, too. It doesn't get as hot as the old 85W MacBook chargers and is compatible with Apple's old power supply extension cord, so you don't have to worry about blocking other outlets if you don't want to. For ages, people have complained about the cords being integral with the brick and susceptible to fraying, making for what's effectively a really expensive replacement cable. No longer! You can use any USB C cable capable of handling sufficient juice and you can charge a variety of devices with the same brick - if you want to. If and when the cable(s) fray, you can get a replacement for far less than buying a whole new brick with integrated cables for $79 and that's only necessary if it's been longer than a year and Apple won't warranty exchange it.

    As in the past, the electronics inside have been shown to be high quality with thoughtful engineering behind them. If there's such a thing as a charger that matches this one's quality, design and output as well as the warranty, I'd like to see it.

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    Poor value

    Overpriced, no longer includes cable management, sold separate from the required usb-c cable. Another example of overpricing from Apple to go along with their (unfortunately) eroding quality.

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    insufficient charger

    As many others have mentioned not being able to see the indicator light to check if the laptop is charging is a step back in Mac being innovative which is what they use to strive for. Where they are being innovative is coming up with ways to charge the user additional cost for an inferior product. Paying additional for peripherals that use to come with the charger? It's like buying sneakers without the shoe laces. Get it together apple, you're making windows more popular one dollar at a time.

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    Disappointing that this is less functional and more expensive

    Previously, Apple's premium price was justified by its industry-leading design and functional superiority. Competitors have closed in on the design, and now Apple's functionality takes a step backwards with this brick. $100 for the charger and cord, and no LED indicators, no cord wrap, AND you took away my MagSafe and USB ports!

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    Just buy it and love it.

    I have a new iphone x and a new ipad pro 10.5 mpf22LL/A. It allows the fast charging with the usb c to lightening cable. Yes this is a work around and it took me a few stops at different best buy stores to get the right stuff, but finally, I did. It appears to be charging my ipad way faster than with the smaller charger that comes with the ipad. I will keep this handy at work. In the past 16 minutes, my ipad pro went from 7% to 26%.

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    The good and not good

    I like that this charger came with the cable unattached so now when I travel I can separate them, and if the cable wears out I won’t have to replace the charger too.

    I don’t like the fact that Apple did not lower the price on the charger to reflect the loss of the cable with it. Paying the same for the charger and then adding the separate charge for its cable is a substantial price hike!

    It’s pretty cheap and customer-unfriendly of Apple given its customers are paying up to $4000.00 for new laptops, then paying another $300-$400 to have the device warrantied (remember the olden-days when products automatically came with warranties because consumers had the right to expect decent quality?), and all the adapters we must purchase because of the continual design changes. Eventually Apple is going to price itself out of the market, and it would already be there if it hadn’t become so rich and powerful it's one of the companies (looking at you too Google and Amazon) that new, smaller competitors can’t compete with. Apple, you should have lowered the price on this charger, if only as a gesture to your customers.

    I wish the charger didn’t get as hot as it does, but at least the new SS MB Pro doesn’t burn my lap like my old MB Pro did.

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    Miss the fold out cord wrapping clips and the additional cable extension

    The old fold out clips to wrap your cord on the adapter was super useful, as was the inclusion of the extension cable. No more. Now were paying more for a slimmer Macbook Pro but getting less of the innovative features that made the Mac such a great piece of hardware. Shame

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    Purchased a top of the line MBP and paid above $3500 about 6 months ago to have my charger plagued with issues. If I unplug my laptop and plug it back in, more than 4 times, it will stop charging until I unplug the charger from the outlet, wait for a few minutes then plug it back in. Then if I unplug my laptop more than 3-4 times, it will stop charging, until i unplug and plug it back in from the outlet.

    What a piece of junk. Going to need to bring it in to Apple. Wait a couple of hours for them to tell me it's defective, I'm sure.

    What a big disappointment, lasted 6 months.

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    Cannot replace fuse, no cable included

    The power adapter is useless as-is; a USB-C cable is required to charge your mac. Terrible value. Failed after 4 months of use, likely a blown fuse, but fuse is not replaceable.

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    A huge step back

    Previous MacBook power adapters included things like a cord to connect to the laptop (what a crazy notion!) and a power adapter extension cable. Adding these separately adds $38 to the overall price, a significantly lower value. From a functionality standpoint, the ability to detach the charging cable is nice (lets us use it to charge iPhones and iPads with a USB-C to Lightning adapter), but the inability to wrap or otherwise neatly store the charging cable adds unnecessary clutter to one's laptop bag - a rare design fail from Apple.

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