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    Keyboard no longer connects

    The keyboard has lost the ability to connect. This problem has been getting worst for some time. But now it is dead. Does this keyboard have the extended three year warranty?

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    Faulty product, do not buy

    It’s great until it stops working. My first one was replaced under warranty. I’m on my second one and now have the same issues as the first — won’t connect, keys sticking, etc — only now I’m out of warranty. These keyboards last roughly six months. Don’t take my word for it; do a search. Lots of people are having the same problem. Buy something else.

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    Keyboard loses the connection

    I have replaced the keyboard twice, I got my third keyboard with apple care and after a few weeks the keyboard started to fail too, after a long time (you have to restart the ipad or reset the network) you can get it to work, but this is not functional. I love the keyboard when it works, the design is great but the connection fails. I have used three of these, it cannot be random, there is something wrong with the product. I don’t have apple care any more this means that I will have to buy another. Does this happen with the other brands?

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    Truly Garbage

    1. Stiff awkward keys: if you are a very fast typer, this keyboard will infuriate you. It is very uncomfortable to type on. I was never able to wrtie more than 1000 words on it without wanting to claw my eyes out.
    2. Heavy: the iPad Pro is already clunky enough, with the keyboard it becomes downright cumbersome and far too heavy (especially if you are a long time iPad user and have become accustomed to a sleek, light device). God help you if you drop your iPad with the keyboard attached.
    3. All of the magnets are too weak: by far the most infuriating case to stand up and baaaaarely holding on to the hinge.
    4. IT L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y EXPIRES!: nope. Not kidding. When they rolled out iOS 11 it instantly became a useless $169 Dumb Cover.

    DO NOT buy this keyboard if for no other reason than #4; don’t completely waste $169. My tip? Get the normal old apple Bluetooth keyboard. I’ve had mine for about 5 years and it still works like a dream.

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    Terrible product. Has stopped working entirely, giving ‘accessory not supported’ error messages. No damage and persists with multiple restarts. Apple will not replace, they will apparently only replace 9.5 and 12.5 sizes despite this being a known issue. Avoid.

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    Short Life-span

    I've had my smart keyboard for just over a year and it has stopped working. When it's connected I get the "This accessory is not supported" error. Looking online, this seems to be a widespread issue. I've tried the apple recommended fixes (making sure contacts are clean, device is seated correctly, etc) to no avail.

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    Worked great then ‘not compatible’

    Loved this keyboard and the fact it was a cover also. Worked great for a year and a half then it started draining my battery as it wouldn’t close tightly. Now all I get are pop up messages ‘device incompatible’ and can’t type using the keyboard. Was great as I could type on my lap or table now nothing! Too expensive to quit already. Disappointed.

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    Looks good but doesn’t worth the price I paid for

    Got it less than a month and it’s started to “not working” for so many times in one day and happened just like that every single day.

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    Love this Smart Keyboard, but...

    I recently notice a small rip on the edge of the Smart Keyboard. Knowing that it was around the one year mark of making this purchase, I hurried to my nearest Apple Store. Turns out the 1 year warranty expired.... you guessed it, last month. Since at this point it is only a “cosmetic” issue, they cannot do anything about it. I’m afraid this is the beginning of the end of this expensive keyboard. I am used to better quality products from Apple.

    The technician said that if the keyboard stops working, which I’m sure it won’t be the case, then he can probably exchange it based on the quality program. I guess I’ll end up with a working, ugly looking ripped keyboard for the foreseeable future. Not a happy camper.

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    Apple failed on this one. It's sad they haven't redesigned this accessory mid cycle. This keyboard needs it.
    Apple... take a page from MSFT's playbook and create an excellent portable keyboard like the Alcantara surface keyboards - theirs even has a trackpad and illuminated keys.

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    Gets the job done

    I love this keyboard. It is easy to use and very light weight. I needed a keyboard that would sit on my lap while on the train without it falling over or feeling too clumsily. This Smart Keyboard works great on desk surfaces and on your lap.

    With the iPad being bigger this keyboard feels a lot more comfortable that then 9.7 iPad. It took me about a day to get used to the way the keyboard feels but loved using the familiar Mac shortcuts on it.

    The keyboard certainly does not feel very durable and the fiber like material attracts a lot of debris on the keyboard. I also wish there were more of a color variation than just grey.

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    Great concept but bad materials

    This product worked for me very well, but after a couple months the corner started to rip. Now there is a hole in the leather part of the case. This has really disappointed me, I thought apple made quality products.

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    Works great for about 1 year - which is when warranty expires

    The smart keyboard worked fine or the first year or so. Then it started causing "accessory not supported" messages. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would not. It would often disconnect mid-sentence. Sometimes it would reconnect and start working again mid-sentence after I switched to using the iPad software's on-screen keyboard. I read that Apple has extended the warranty on 12.9 inch and 9.7 inch smart keyboards to 3 years, but not on the 10.5 inch? The intermittent keyboard issue appears to be a fairly common problem. For a $160 device, Apple can and should do better for its customers. Maybe my friend who told me I should have purchased a Surface instead of the iPad Pro with smart keyboard was right all along. Very, very disappointed and frustrated with Apple.

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    Nice product

    Nice product

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    This is in answer to “Small But Serious Design Flaw.” Which states that the keyboard does not lie flat on a flat surface and I think the reviewer mentioned a desk or a kitchen table. My thought would be to look to that surface. I am using the Smart Keyboard on a lap desk and it is completely and comfortably stable. The keyboard is small and you must adjust to that, and I’m still challenged by three or four sections I must arrange in order to view the iPad Pro and use the keyboard, but that’s probably just a failure of dexterity rather than a design flaw. I am very happy with the whole arrangement.

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    One year later, it's a dud

    I usually never write reviews of Apple products because of their high quality, but this keyboard warranted one. I won't repeat what others have said, but in short, the keyboard fails within a year with the "device not supported" error message frequently appearing. Apple refuses to admit the manufacturing error, which is shocking considering the quality we are used to having. I loved the keyboard when it was working, but unless I see a huge sale on it, I can't imagine getting another one. Pretty awful, Apple.

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    Don’t waste your money.

    Don’t waste your money on the keyboard. I have a 12 inch IPad Pro Smart Keyboard after the year warranty started to fail. The IPad will say device not compatible or whatever is the message, Apple put a workaround of re-start the iPad and see if it recognize the keyboard, it work for awhile until this re-starting, removing, plugging gets old. You can have the IPad in your bag and all of the sudden starts making the noise that the device isn’t recognize. Wasting battery life and your patience not to mentioned when you need the Stupid keyboard the thing don’t work. Don’t get me wrong is the right keyboard for the IPad but the design is not to Apple standards, the $200.00 stupid keyboard becomes stupid after the 1 year warranty, and then you realize how such a sucker you are for buying it.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not Entirely Reliable

    I bought this keyboard for my iPad to type papers (I am an undergraduate English major.) This keyboard stopped working eight months after I purchased it; when I inquired as to why it might have stopped working, the Genius Bar employee did not give me a solid answer. Overall, I like this keyboard, but was disappointed it broke down in less than a year!

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    Stopped working within months

    I purchased the Smart Keyboard for my iPad Pro and within less than half a year it would no longer respond to keystrokes, and would constantly give me the message saying “this device is not supported”. It was never subjected to any abuse, and there’s no reason it should not be working.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It was great... for a few months - "Device NOT Supported"

    Got the iPad Pro 9.7 version of this and used it everyday... for about 3 months. Then iOS 11 came out and suddenly my Device is NOT Supported." Love all things Apple... Hate that this Smart Keyboard doesn't work like it should. Next time I put $150 out for a keyboard I will get the Apple wireless keyboard for Mac and just use Bluetooth to connect. :/

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