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    Purchased one of these thinking it would compare to the older smart case covers. Immediately disappointed. when flipped open the magnet on the lip of the cover is not strong enough to keep the cover in line with the back face of the ipad. Makes for a very loose hold on the device. when folded into triangular kick stand, the weight of the iPad wants to cause the magnet connection to separate. it does cover the face of the iPad well enough to earn one star, but becomes a headache anytime you're using the ipad.

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    Are you kidding?

    $50 for a flimsy cover. No this is not a protective case. Not at all like the older models that were actually a case for the iPad.. This is JUST a cover. My son was shocked.

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    Terrible design. Not like the smart case.

    The smart case I had for my iPad Air was fantastic. beautiful, strong, smooth but easy to grab and go, protective, and great structure. I could flip it around and stand up my iPad effortlessly and securely. It never quit after 4 years.
    But I just got an iPad Pro. There is no smart case, just a smart cover. So I got it. It is terrible. There is nothing to it. The slippery iPad back is there slip sliding around and unprotected, with no cradle for the entire pad. The cover does not stay on. It does not work to keep the iPad supported or firmly in line with the smart-cover. I can't flip the cover on and off or flip the fold and the iPad around quickly without the iPad falling way. I'll have to find something from another company, but this is just stupid that they don't have a smart case for the iPad Pro. I don't want some plastic thing. I want the smart case.

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