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    Major Limitations within the Apple Ecosystem

    • Written by Jeffrey C from San Antonio

    I purchased these headphones for their noise-canceling abilities because I travel frequently. As someone who exists wholly within the Apple ecosystem, I assumed — incorrectly — that they would work flawlessly with my other Apple products, chargers, etc.

    Instead, these headphones are hard-wired with a Micro-USB port for charging instead of the Lightening ports used by my Apple AirPods and iPhone 11 Pro. Moreover, the other end of this charging cable is USB-2.0, which is completely incompatible with the charger that shipped for my iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro. This is also completely incompatible with the USB-3 ports on my MacBook Pro, which was purchased nearly THREE years ago.

    In short, it is extremely disappointing that Apple — the owner of Beats — has not performed basic updates with regard to the standards that they have adopted across all of their products.

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    Quality issues

    • Written by Juergen K from Remseck

    after 12 months the ear cushions dissolve.
    after 18 months a loudspeaker breaks off after I took the headphones off my neck with only one hand.
    After 1-2 hours wearing time uncomfortable.
    Waste of money.

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    Not all that head phones

    • Written by Elie A from Brooklyn

    Horrible after like a year and half which I only started using them like 6 months ago the ear usion starts peeling and they wanna charge you 200 hundred dollars to repair the after purchasing them for over 300 close to 400 just horrible I would stick would a different brand headphones or save your money and get your self air if Sony ones for 30 which sound just as good if not better so mad at apple and beats right now waste of my money which beats we’re still Dre’s better service Apple just wants to take your money

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    I really wanted to like these

    • Written by laci a S from coeur dalene

    They seem great, controls are cool, the gold is gorgeous. They're really uncomfortable, they don't fit all the way over your ears, they don't cancel any noise, they have a high pitched tone in the left ear when music isn't playing, and the case is trash. I'm sad to return these as I have to find a better pair.

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