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    White iPhone 8 silicone case

    • Written by Brenda C from Overland Park

    About 4 months ago I was looking for a white case for my iPhone. I reeeeeally hesitated when I saw some of these ratings. Plus I’ve seen some white cases on other ppls phones that look...well, NOT white. I purchased it anyway and anticipated that it was going to turn into some ugly shade of white. But it’s maintained it’s whiteness. And the nice coating over it has also maintained just as it was from day one. It grips the phone so well and the openings for buttons etc are all perfect. I’ve had several compliments on it. So there’s nothing negative I can offer in this review. I love it and I am so glad I got it! :)

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    great case in a great color

    • Written by Amanda H from Escondido

    i really hesitated to buy the white case based on the negative reviews, all warning of the white becoming discolored quickly and rather severely. i went ahead anyways as i really liked the look of the white, and im so glad that i took the chance. i have had the white silicone case for 6 months now and it hasnt become the least bit discolored. i do all the things previous reviewers warned NOT to do, including, but not limited to, carrying my phone in my grubby jean pockets, setting it down on a dirty or dusty surface, allowing my phone to slide around freely in my purse, rubbing up against cosmetics, greasy keys and other potential sources of dirt. this case has not ONE mark on it, its white as ever, looks brand new. Initially when i would see a mark on the case, i would immediately go back in my mind to the many reviews complaining about how quickly it becomes embarrassingly discolored, but when i would rub the mark with my finger, it always came right off. i dont understand how it is so perfect for my purposes and so not perfect for others, but if you are on the fence, like i was, worried itll be a waste of money due to showing discoloration, take the chance, youll be glad you did.

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    • Written by Darren H from Bekasi

    It was and still perfectly white for me so no problem :)

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    I love it

    • Written by Matt R from West des moines

    Sorry, but are the other reviewers here using the same case I am?? I’ve had the white case for about a year and a half now and it’s held up phenomenally. There’s only minor damage around the bottom corners (probably from my doing/unavoidable bumps and dings). The only reason I’m going to get a new one today is because I want a new color for spring. I’d definitley recommend these if you’re teetering on the fence and need help deciding.

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    Such a great case

    • Written by Nguyen Q from Kontum

    I've already bought this White Sillicon Case from Singapore Store for my beloved 8 Plus Gold , i am really really like this case .Its made me feel comfortable to hold and a good "white" looking colour .

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    • Written by Jesus V from Los Angles

    I love this it is a new phone case and nice to

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