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    Best case for me

    I’ve tried a lot of cases from a lot of brands, but this is the one I like best. Highest quality leather that hugs the iPhone X perfectly and feels great in the hand. I purchased the Saddle Brown color first and I’ve used it for six months. I like it so much that I bought the black too. The Saddle Brown has developed a rich, gently-worn patina that I like. And the Black one gives a great “blackout“ stealth look to the iPhone. Both are great, so I occasionally switch back and forth. If you are rough with your phone, get the Tech21 Evo Check case. It’s also a great case. But if you take care of your phone and treat it with respect, the Apple leather case is perfection.

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    Expensive, yes, but worth it!

    I've gone through a bunch of different brands since the original iPhone debuted years ago.

    On my last iPhone, I used two different cases before I ponied up the $$ for the Apple leather case. I thought twice about it before shelling out the dough because it is way more expensive for what appeared to be less overall protection. But, I'm not one to drop of abuse my phone so I finally bit the bullet and bought a leather case.

    I absolutely loved it. It's buttery smooth and does not add any bulk. The premium leather wears well over time and it still looks great despite nicks and scratches; character some call it.

    So, when I bought the iPhone X, I didn't even consider any other case and automatically opted for this black one. And it looks amazing with the black phone; black on black is an almost perfect match.

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    If you want your iPhone X looks sharp and slate, go for this one without a doubt, it fits perfectly! This is a case for special nights or meetings rather than daily usage (for which I recommend the clear Speck Presidio or Tech 21) you don't want to break that precious screen or rear glass, don't you?

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    Great looking case!

    This is my second black leather Apple case (had one for my 7) and I really like them! Great rich look without the bulk of other cases. I had a Speck Presideo clear case on my new X but just too clunky. Better protection than the leather one but I can’t see wrapping a thousand dollar phone in plastic! The leather is so slim, just love it. I’ll probably another color or two.

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    The black leather case is great! It matches so well with the black front of the iPhone X making it look like your phone is completely black. The aluminum side buttons look really nice as well.

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