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    If you want your iPhone X looks sharp and slate, go for this one without a doubt, it fits perfectly! This is a case for special nights or meetings rather than daily usage (for which I recommend the clear Speck Presidio or Tech 21) you don't want to break that precious screen or rear glass, don't you?

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    Great looking case!

    This is my second black leather Apple case (had one for my 7) and I really like them! Great rich look without the bulk of other cases. I had a Speck Presideo clear case on my new X but just too clunky. Better protection than the leather one but I can’t see wrapping a thousand dollar phone in plastic! The leather is so slim, just love it. I’ll probably another color or two.

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    The black leather case is great! It matches so well with the black front of the iPhone X making it look like your phone is completely black. The aluminum side buttons look really nice as well.

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