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    Beautiful Case

    I used the Saddle leather case on my gold iPhone 7 & it was beautiful. The white bazel on that phone with the Saddle color & a soft tan wallpaper color made it the most beautiful combination of any phone I've ever had. When I got my iPhone X I again bought the Saddle leather case. It, too, is beautiful, but with the now black bazel & black screen showing when the phone is in sleep mode the Saddle color didn't pop quite as much. So, having recently purchased a beautiful dark red handbag I decided to purchase the Red leather case to go with it -- and being a big Georgia Bulldogs gal fan I'm very happy with this color combination -- Go Bulldogs!

    One extra bonus I've noticed -- this Red case has a deeper grain feel, which gives it a better grip -- it took a couple of weeks for my Saddle cases to get broken in so they were not so slippery, but this case from hour one has that broken-in feel and I expect it to get even better over time.

    I am super carefull with my iPhones -- don't walk around with them in my hands, always use a tempered glass screen protector, and with the glass back on my new iPhone X, I now place it in a quilted pouch when it's in my handbag. So -- I cannot attest to the protection the Apple leather cases provide for those prone to dropping their phone, but the reviews from customers and print media reviewers always seem to give them high marks.

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    Loved iT❤️

    Beautiful colour Amazing Quality makes mY phone mOre beautiful..��

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    First time

    Was hesitant to buy product red but it was good decision. nicely snugs in like a perfect fit. 2 main reasons why i bought this
    1. Buying $1000 plus phone you want best cover to go with it, apple does it right
    2. with wireless charging i wanted to get something that would be trial and tested and more secure by the same manufacturer
    It is expensive but worth every penny.

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    Apple Finally Got it Right!

    I've been buying Apple Leather cases for my iPhones going back years. I always buy the Product RED leather case, but within weeks it begins looking grimy (black marks, colour bleeding from my jeans) so I end up returning it and getting the black one so I don't see it. This iPhone X RED Leather case still looks great after 6 weeks of use when compared to previous versions. No jean colour bleed, no discolouration. They did darken the RED tint, so that probably helps a lot. No boring black case for me this time! Thanks Apple!

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    Fablous Leather

    First time purchasing apple leather case, Product red looks stylish and slim. Love this case because its light, smells and looks like genuine leather. It scratches really easliy, minimal protection, easy to take on and off and seems durable.

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    Just got mine, first thoughts

    I ordered the product Red leather case for my X. Looks just like advertised, surprisingly snug and light, fits the iPhone X like a glove. Really lets the phone retain its slender size & weight while covering it nicely. Just got it so I can’t really attest to overall protection (& hopefully won’t have to ��) but I’m liking the feel of the case so far.

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