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    Best Headphones I've ever had

    I'm no acclaimed audiophile but these headphones are really great. They hold a charge well and I can go days without plugging in when I listen to them most of the day at work. I charge for an hour when I take my lunch break or go to a meeting and when I come back, fully charged for the next few days. The sound quality is immersive, from classical, ambient, rock, electronic and everything in between it's perfect. No lag, no sacrifice in quality, no pairing and repairing constantly. These have it all. Also there is no inflated bass, everything is balanced nicely. When the noise cancelling is turned on I can really get lost and tune out the office or home noises. Working out is game changing, no wires getting caught on everything during the workout. My relationship is flourishing because of lack of superfluous noise coming from either one of us. They're great for guided meditations too. I've used these everyday for 9 months or so now and I'm so deeply satisfied. They are worth the price tag if you take care of them, the travel case is great. I only have one negative thing to say and that is if you have long hair it's easy to get it snagged in the crack between the ear cups and the band. Tie back your hair if that happens. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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    Don’t let the white noise/static sound scare you

    When I first got these, the white noise coming out of them made me think they were defective. Eventually I realized that, 1: the sound is part of the noise cancelling, and 2: it can be shut off by double clicking the power button. So if you’re in a quiet area, you’ll probably want to turn OFF the ANC, but in a loud environment, it’s AMAZING! The sound blocking is significant. These are fantastic, not to mention extremely comfortable and pretty to look at. I had the Solo before these, and they were great, but these put them to shame. LOVE.

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    5 Stars & Beyond!

    Let me first say that this is the second pair of Beats I have owned. My first pair was the Beats Solo 2's and they were great headphones but I wasn't throughly impressed. I ended up selling them a while back and purchasing the Apple AirPods which I also rave about. I am a lover of bass and when you can hear it so clearly your heart starts to beat along with it. These headphones deliver the most clear and crisp sound I have ever heard. Once you put these on, the world is literally just tuned out. Once the beat kicks in, it's just you and the music. The battery is incredible and with the advanced A1 chip, you turn them on and they instantly connect to your device just like the AirPods. I purchased this pair of Studio 3's for traveling as well as times when I just need to tune the world out and reconnect with myself. I would highly HIGHLY recommend.

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    It’s only you and the music with these headphones .

    When I put the beats on and put on my music , the volume is barely have way and that’s already blocking everything out . They sound so clear and they are really comfortable . I’ve had many over ear headphones and a lot of them will hurt my ear . Not these ! Very comfortable and very good sound , I’m happy I got these .

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