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    A True Beauty!

    The Pink Fuchsia Classic Buckle is my second Apple leather band for my 38millimeter stainless steel watch. This shade of pink is a vibrant and saturated color. Yet the pink is not an offensive or day glow type of color. ( I ordered the ultra violet sport band at the same time but returned it due to the color being a little too harsh to be tasteful.) The pink is a tad deeper than it appears in the small website picture showing all the band colors, and it is truly pink and not at all purplish. The square buckle is different than the slender rectangular buckle on my other leather band. Although a less distinctive design, the square buckle improves the fit and control of the band and is a better compliment to the stainless watch.

    Up to now, Apple's pink bands have been pastel or muted colors--pink sand, camellia, or the pale pink initially offered on the modern buckle band. I was really hoping for a hot pink or deep pink band when this one came along. With the fuchsia band in addition to my blue band everything in my work wardrobe is now nicely coordinated.

    The pink band I received is a smoother leather than the more textured blue band I have. It is not as smooth as the modern buckle leather which is very smooth. I have a larger wrist about 6 3/4 inches but these bands fit comfortably. However, they fit up to a 195mm wrist and the larger sport band will fit up to a 200mm wrist so keep that in mind before ordering. The square buckle replaces the more slender rectangular buckle that my other leather band has. As a design this is less distinctive but it makes the band fit better.

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