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    Not happy with color

    I was wrong for assuming matte gold would have some kind of gold to it, and thought hey if its peach, as it looks on the picture, Ill be fine with that too. Ive seen the color matte gold, and this is not. Its tan/beige. Very disappointed in the color. I ordered the first gold pair but realized they didnt connect to an Iphone. Sent those back and exchanged for these. When you pay an extra amount just to be able to hook up to your Iphone, you assume they will be just as nice as the android beats. Unfortunately, they werent.

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    Just got these!

    I’m so happy with my purchase! I really needed a set of earbuds that fit my (apparently) lil baby ears and would stay in when I exercise. They meet both requirements! And bonus... my son just came downstairs and had to get in front of me to get my attention - good noise canceling as far as I’m concerned! So glad I bought these!

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    Bad sound

    Thinny sound with not much base. Worse Apple product I’ve ever bought

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    The best by far product in Beats earphones!!

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    Definitely Beats

    Sadly (to me, at least) these sound exactly like most products from Beats. I do not understand the appeal of the "Beats Sound". I do not enjoy the "Beats Sound". Why is there a "Beats Sound"?

    Anyway, if you like the "Beats Sound", these are definitely the earbuds for you, amigo. They are extremely physically comfortable, and seem well made. But what is a serious flaw to me, may be a great feature to you: they sound like other stuff from Beats. I could go on at length, but anyone with healthy ears who likes to listen to music and likes it to sound like the artist intended when it was recorded - you know what I'm talking about and these are not the earbuds for you.

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    I have two pairs of these, one for school and another for home, and they are absolutely amazing and the best! They are just like the BeatsX but wired so if you don’t want to waist battery, then go with these.

    Silver is like a shiny white and the gold is similar to a rose gold color

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