• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Never expected to give 5 stars to a leather sleeve that costs $199!

    • Written by Jaffrey A from Falls Church

    This is a luxury product in that you can easily get superior protection for lower price. However, this sleeve is beautifully designed and fits the MacBook Pro like a glove. The leather is high quality and looks good even with a few scrapes etc. Top 5 things I like about it:
    1. Overall quality - leather, stitching and fit. I also like the midnight blue color.
    2. Protects Laptop from scratching the aluminum from bags with metal zippers.
    3. Comfortable to carry for short business trips
    4. Has dustinct top and bottom and you can either use it as a base when open or as a mousepad if needed.
    5. You can slide the MacBook out a bit and charge the laptop while it is still inside the case.

    I managed to drop my MacBook Pro �� while it was inside the case. The laptop did not fall out due to the good fit, there wasn’t a scratch and no damage. But it’s a sleeve so don’t expect it to offer significant protection. The sleeve does look classy.

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