• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Questionable Decision for Apple to Release such a Product..

    • Written by Kyle M from Livermore

    I recently purchased this in white from Best Buy, and plan on returning it. The case feels so flimsy and cheaply made, it is ridiculous. I don't know how Apple could intentionally release this product, and I find their decision to do so, and some of the reviews above, questionable.

    This case, at best, would prevent scratches on the back while in use. At best it would prevent scratches on the front while not in use. if you were to drop your iPad or, perhaps worse, drop something on the iPad, I'd have no faith in this case preventing critical damage to the ipad. At best you would escape a drop / accident with a $500 bill to replace the screen. At best.

    Stay away. I'll try the folio keyboard, because the 10.5 smart keyboard cover has endured so well since owning that device.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Sharp edges makes it miserable to hold

    • Written by David H from Issaquah

    I purchased this smart folio at an Apple Store. I had one for my previous iPad Mini and it worked and felt great. This one works Great but feels horrible. The material is much stiffer and the edges much sharper which makes the device uncomfortable to hold. I frequently find myself taking the iPad out of the case for reading since the device itself is so much more comfortable in my hands without the case. This is something I never experienced with my previous smart folio for my iPad Mini 4.

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