• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works, but too bulky and heavy

    • Written by GLADE S from salt lake city

    The new iPad Pro is so light and thin that it’s a shame they didn’t make a screen-side-only cover. This adds 0.49 lbs to a 1.4 lb device. Unnecessary, but I suspect it was done to address the camera bump. The keyboard folio is even worse. I hope they redesign both down the road.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    I dearly miss the old iPad Smart Cases.

    • Written by Garo Y from West Grove

    This case is very well put together and feels like it's made of the same high tech silicone material Apple uses for its watch bands. Not overly rubbery, as previous synthetic cases were.

    That being said, I miss the days of being able to purchase a full front and back genuine leather iPad "Smart Case." They retailed at less than these non-leather replacements. Those leather cases wore beautifully and developed a great patina with use. And they protected all sides of the iPad, which these new folios don't. However, I start thinking about Apple's new (and unfortunate) pricing scheme and wonder what they would have charged for a leather version today?!!!

    Aesthetically, I'm tired of the dark gray after having it on my old iPad as well. I would have gone with white but I didn't want to have to clean it all the time. Why not offer ProductRed, or simply black? I also am shocked that Apple left their iconic logo off of the back of the folio. I always thought the logo added a touch of class, and I do miss it.

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