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    The BEST battery case for iPhone XR

    • Written by Sebastian S from Maybee

    I'm annoyed at seeing reviews saying "This battery case makes my phone look bulky & heavy." Not sure what people are expecting- you're literally attaching an external battery to the iPhone, bound within a silicone case. It's gonna be big, it's gonna be heavier than normal cases. Others seem to be disappointed that there is no on/off switch on the battery case. This is a SMART battery case, not some third-party non-Apple-certified battery case; it will NOT deteriorate your iPhone's internal battery. In fact, research has shown that if a phone's internal battery is kept at 50% or above at all times, it will actually extend its lifespan. Also, the fewer charge cycles the phone's internal battery experiences over its lifetime, the better; the Smart Battery Case will manage this for you. If anything, the battery in the case will deteriorate faster than the phone's, since it will tend to drop below 50% more often than the phone itself.

    If you understand all of this, and are looking for something that will allow you to charge your phone once every two days (in my case, no pun intended), look no further. I purchased this directly through Apple and have been loving it since day one. My only complaint is that currently, while the Smart Battery Case integrates seamlessly with iOS, you can only see the charge status of the battery case in the Today View (Batteries section), or on the lock screen during charging. While the case is connected to the phone (and has charge), you'll see that the iPhone battery status will remain at 100% until the battery in the case is completely depleted. The battery usage chart under Settings > Battery does not seem to indicate any sort of special status, indicating that a smart case is connected. This may be fixed with a future iOS update.

    You can expect the built-in Lightning port on the case to fully support any iOS accessories (not always true with third-party cases). And the icing on the cake- the case is Qi-certified & supports wireless charging with any Qi-certified charger! Oh, one last thing that might not be evidently clear from the description- while the iPhone XR is water resistant, the Smart Battery Case is NOT. Be mindful when near water/liquids with the case on.

    For those that have the unfortunate (and rare) experience of having their Smart Battery Case die within the first year -- it comes with a 1-year warranty from Apple. Take it to any Apple Store & they'll typically replace it on the spot. Yes, it's on the more expensive side; but you're getting the peace of mind that this is a fully certified Apple product that will not damage your $700+ iPhone.

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    I’ve been living a lie...

    • Written by Thomas P from Canton

    I’ve been married to Mophie case chargers since my iPhone 6. Just picked up a new XR and immediately got the Mophie XR case. And immediately sent it back as it was overheating while charging. Decided to try the Apple charge case and I’m glad I did. The “rubbery” feel to the case makes it easy to maintain a good grip and the power provided by the case outdoes all my past Mophie products. #winning ��⚡️⚡️⚡️

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    Had one before! Love it

    • Written by Sonny S from Lakewood

    I had one battery smart case for previous iPhone and I loved it. Better than mophie! I love that my phone lasts two whole days now. Good for concerts, events, hiking, etc. it’s worth the money.

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    Working well but bulky and heavy

    • Written by Edward D from Diamond Bar

    This case feels great in your hand but does add significant weight and bulkiness. I bought this case so I wouldn't have to worry about plugging my phone in everyday. I charged the case to 100 percent along with my phone attached to it and have found that after using it all day will fully exhaust the battery case by the end of the day. I woke up and the case was at 9%. I expect to get about two days heavy use from this battery case. It definitely feels well-build and I don't worry about it or the phone breaking if it should fall out of my hands. If you can deal with your XR being heavier and bulkier, I would recommend this case. I've also noticed that the battery case recharges rather quickly. Lastly, the bulkiness is still less than if you had a Lifeproof or Otterbox type case.

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    Sleek and Stylish all while being functional!

    • Written by Matthew R from Toledo

    This case has a great deal of style and function to it. It’s very nicely designed and also supports QI enabled wireless charging!! I have been waiting for an apple case for my XR for some time! Now if only I had a leather option as well.....

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    Absolute Beauty

    • Written by Serge E from Howard beach

    Works seamlessly with iPhone Xr and feels fantastic in hands. I didn’t even need to get this because my iPhone battery lasts all day long but I got it for the cool factor....because what is cooler than charging your phone every day??? Charging your phone every OTHER day!!!! Hahahahahaah.

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