• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Super Functional but Terrible Material

    • Written by Laura P from HOUSTON

    This keyboard is outstanding. Typing feels like a computer and it is very satisfying. My two complaints are that the edges of the iPad are not protected. I dropped my iPad and there is tiny dent/chip right on the edge where the glass meets the metal... this is because the case doesn’t protect the edges. Kind of necessary? In addition, the external material of this case gets INCREDIBLY dirty. I have tried cleaning it with every possible tech cleaner, water, etc. Nothing gets it clean and it looks grubby and beat up super fast. Hate that.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Many Issues, But Also Some Great Features

    • Written by Anonymous

    On my keyboard case, the spacebar has a noticeable discoloration or “wear”, right where I click on it all the time. I started noticing this after only a month after I got this product (the warranty does not cover cosmetic damage...). This is only a big deal when the lighting conditions are right, but it seems unacceptable given the price you pay for this. Another thing I don’t like is only having two viewing angles. I rarely use the angle where the iPad is almost 90 degrees, and the second angle is only good if I use the iPad on my lap, not on a desk. This case also makes the iPad Pro 12.9” noticeably heavier and inconvenient to hold for a long time while using. The color is overall boring, and I wish there were more color options. Also, why no backlit keys?

    The thing I like about this case is the keys are nicely spaced, pleasant to click on, and give a nice, quiet click. I also like how the entire case easy it is to clean (the material dries really quick!). The iPad is easy to remove from the case since it’s only attached via magnets, and I love how secure it is when it is in keyboard mode. I discovered from a YouTuber that if you flip the keyboard on your desk so that the letters are facing upside down, you can use this setup for drawing for example (although it looks ridiculous). Overall, I would not recommend this product unless you plan on using your iPad on your desk most of the time, want the convenience of having an all-in-one keyboard, case and stand, and don’t mind the questionable, low quality especially at this price. Apple seriously has a lot to learn and improve on with this product, but there are some things it does well. Hopefully future keyboard cases will be less expensive (while having better quality somehow) and address the common issues.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It Is What It Is...

    • Written by JACOBÍ M from HOUSTON

    Off the bat, yes, this product is EXTREMELY overpriced for what you’re getting.

    - look and feel of product
    - it covers the front and back of device
    - quite sturdy when using on lap, or other non-tabletop surface
    - two different viewing angles

    - of course... PRICE
    - no other color options (we could’ve at least gotten Poduct RED)
    - NOT backlit — this really baffled me, especially at this price point, and Smart Connector thruput
    - when using in portrait mode, the keyboard is exposed on the backside... I can already see this causing issues in the (near) future, and Apple will probably not be helpful, or replace with a better version
    - Apple is really touting the “Augmented Reality (AR) future”, but with this keyboard/case — when folded over — it covers the camera (which ALL AR apps require), so you only have two choices for using any type of iSight camera-required app: [A] let the keyboard dangle on the left side of the device (which is a bit ridiculous, and uncomfortable), or [B] remove the product completely, which defeats the point of it... and, is also, a bit ridiculous

    * Apple was very “smart” with their marketing by not calling this a “case”... it’s a “folio”

    This puzzling product seriously does make one wonder what was going through the engineers’ — and, marketers’ — minds when they were developing this product, especially knowing that customers would pretty have to purchase this (or, the overpriced Smart Folio) for device protection since they most likely didn’t give reputable 3rd party companies the schematics for these devices so they could prepare and offer other options for release day. For shame, Apple. For shame.

    Recently, a lot of the company’s choices have become VERY questionable...

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