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    Back Pain when used with Memory Foam Bed

    • Written by MARK M from Manassas

    This is my first sensor like this and unfortunately I am having to give it away since I causes severe back pain when used with a Memory Foam bed. The data from the sensor is good and I reall was hoping to make this work out so when the back pain first stated I tried to blame it on other things and tried moving the sensor up farther towards my shoulders but that didn't fix the issue. I took the sensor off the bed until the back ache went away. After a week without any back pain I tried the sensor again and the pain returned. I tried removing the cover and just using the sensor which is much thinner but that also still caused pain. My Memory foam bed is an older model and I sink into the foam when it warms up at night. The sensor is kind of like having a piece of rope under you that is holding you up instead of letting you sink into the foam. This pressure is more than my back is willing to take. For people with a regular bed or perhaps a less sensitive back the sensor may be fine.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Greg C from Meadville

    Never have I been disappointed in an Apple product until now. Beddit 3.5 isn't where it it's at. It fails to live up to Apple's intuitive features. You have to actually open the app every night before you lie down to get it to record your sleep--who is going to honestly remember to do that? Not happy with it. This is my first bad review for ANYTHING Apple.

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