• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good sleep monitor that will hoepfully get better with further app updates

    • Written by Benjamin W from MALMÖ

    I’ve been tracking my sleep with the Apple Watch and Autosleep for some time, but was looking for an alternative so I don’t have to sleep with the watch on. The Beddit 3.5 hardware seems excellent is is really inobtrusive. For the first few nights I slept with both the Apple Watch (4) and Beddit running and I could compare the results, which were quite similar. Most importantly, looking at the raw data in Apple Health, Apple Watch and Beddit tracked exactly the same heartrate (max difference was 1 beat) at the same time so the Beddit seems to be very reliable for HR measurements. There are some caveats of course. I was a bit disappointed at first to learn that the snoring detection used the iPhone’s microphones to detect snoring, but as you need your phone next to the Beddit anyway, it isn’t a major issue. However, when I fall asleep with headphones, I’m not sure what mic the app is using and how that affects the results. The app seems to have been rebuilt for this hardware revision, and is quite basic but should be able to improve in future. Given all the metrics there is certainly more analysis that could be done. I was also surprised that there was no information based on movement during sleep, which the hardware should surely be able to track very well. Just like other sleep trackers (on e.g. Apple Watch) Beddit can’t really tell if you’re sleeping or lying restlessly awake, or watching television in your bed. There’s probably room for improvement here, but people who lie awake during the night probably won’t get an accurate picture of their sleep through this solution. Another drawback compared to Apple Watch sleep tracking is that any naps away from the bed will not be captured and added to your sleep “account”. The accompanying Beddit Apple Watch app could be used to captured these naps, but at the moment it seems to do nothing. Again something that could be improved over time.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works wel, not very integrated in apple ecosystem

    • Written by Martijn M from PIJNACKER

    Bought two right after the 3.5 was released and it works very well. We both have iphone6s and a Apple Watch (series 2 and series 4)

    Having a occupancy and sleep sensor on apple devices should really allow for HomeKit integration and I do not really understand why it is not there.
    It would be really nice if there would be some sort of integration like getting the status in the shortcuts app and trigger scenes “in bed” and “asleep”.

    Since apple owns Beddit I would expect that the dev team is told to support the entire Apple eco system.

    At the moment I have an esp8266 with piëzo weight sensors under the feet of the bed, and home brew HomeKit integration, this does give occupancy but not sleep.

    So 4 stars from me

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